( Present day, Max )

Max had streams of tears flowing down his cheeks when he heard Patricia narrate the tale of how his brother died.

He knew that the Universal queen was biased based on Kremeth and Drax's experiences but he never thought she was this corrupt.

Even when he only had a third of his HP left, Lucifer did not have the balls to attack his brother in an open fight, but the queen used her implanted A.I. to destroy Rudra's cerebral connection and make him defenceless against the devil.

It was truly despicable!

" Your brother would not have died even when Lucifer slit his throat had the queen not interfered.

Hades and Beniogre were both sitting in the audience with me, and I remember the god of death and the goddess of life working extremely hard together to preserve Rudra's soul and return him back to life but the queen did not let their spells take effect as she interfered with the spells completion.

The monarchs always knew that the queen bent the laws, that her fair rule was but a facade, but there had never been such a blatant abuse of power by her before this fight.

Nobody knows what your brother did to piss the queen off so much that she had to come out of her neutrality and force her will around like this, but it does have far reaching consequences.

The monarchs and the queen are locked in a two way alliance and if more than 70% of the monarchs want her gone they can shut down the universal queen.

With her recent antics, she has lost a lot of support ". Patricia said as Max was barely listening to her words.

Everything that Rudra ever said revolved clearly in Max's mind.

' With me here, nobody will hurt you Max '

' Without me, Earth shall fall'

' You should be less predictable when you attack, just because an attack works once doesn't mean it will work twice, don't take your enemies for fools Max '

' Your girlfriend Sophie is not good for you Max, she is using you and you are letting her use you'

' I'm proud of you, you have grown into a fine man '

Max's mind was in shambles, he was not ready to accept his brother's death as a murderous aura erupted from Max's body.

Patricia who was standing beside Max felt his surging aura and it gave her goosebumps.

Patricia's eyes widened in disbelief as she saw Max with genuine shock.

' I'm a tier 6 god, he is a tier 3 kid, how is his aura able to affect me 3 tiers apart?

The only time this has happened before is when I met his brother for the first time.... ' Patricia thought as she realised that the two brothers were more alike than she ever realised.

Shaking her head she continued " However, this is not the end of the story as in the end something extraordinary occured that not even Lucifer was expecting " Patricia said as Max looked at her with hopeful eyes.

" What happened in the end? " Max asked, his voice sounding like he had a bad flu for weeks.

" In the end your brother's body began to glow with power and instead of dissipating like all other bodies do a while after they are killed, his body began to turn into golden divine particles in the most beautiful transition you could ever see.

The queen tried to stop this process as she placed a barrier above the arena, but his golden light was too powerful for even the barrier to contain as it broke free and sped up towards the stars.

I don't know with 100% certainty if your brother is dead or alive.

On one hand, if he was alive I'm sure that not even the queen could have stopped him from being present for the birth of his child with Ruby.

He would somehow contact me and his family no matter where he would be.

On the other hand, his divine sword Excalibur that he dropped in his battle with Thor is still soul-bound to Rudra and will not pick a new master, while the Indra-Astra and his other sword and equipment are nowhere to be found.

Even Furball did not dissipate when Rudra died like a soul-pet should without its master, rather she disappeared without a trace just like Rudra's body.

We have used the treasures of the highest grade, including Ruby's magic orb to try to locate Rudra, but it comes back as blank signifying he is dead.

None of the god's have ever witnessed something post a god's death like they did with Rudra and nobody is quite sure of what to make of it.

If by some insane method your brother is still alive, he probably has means that defy the laws of the universe itself, because karmic resurrection of a god of Rudra's stature cannot be done without destroying the entire fabric of reality " Patricia said as Max's eyes sparkled with hope listening to these comments.

" Then is there a small chance he may be alive? " Max asked innocently to which Patricia shrugged her shoulders.

While she tried to keep a strong front infront of Max, internally even she cried at nights because she felt the pain of losing her brother unbearable.

However, she was the ruler of the Won Knight Kingdom and hence externally she could not display her mourning.

Max exhaled sharply as he remembered Kremeth's teachings and said " Turtle Hermit rule number 6 - An angry coward is a dead coward "

Max repeated this mantra again and again until he had a firm grip over his emotions before dusting himself off as he asked in a now clear voice " What happened to the thunder nation? "

" 70% of it was claimed by us, it's now governed by Duke Neatwit, who was appointed as the nominal leader under my command.

When either You, Jake or Kartikeya grow up, I may pass the land to one of you as your birthright, but for now it will be Won Knight property.

The rest 30% was claimed by the Hazelgroove Empire and King Cervantez for compensation for damages caused by the dark faction spies that had invaded his territory and caused terrorist attacks from the thunder nation.

In my opinion 30% was way too much concession on our part, but the patriarch Augustus conceded that much land so I had no choice but to respect his decision.

Naturally, a few rebels from the Thunder Nation tried to stage a rebellion to take the power back, but the leader of the Red-hand mercenary group and the now Infamous ' Ball- Buster ' gave the rebels punishments far worse than death.

He is solely responsible for so much fear and terror in the territory that mother's use his name to make the children obediently go to bed while making adult men pee their pants.

Thinking that the ' Ball- Buster' was this bad with only men, a few courageous women tried to take him on thinking since they had no balls, they would be safe from his attacks, but the man turned their C cups to flat A's using his Ball busting technique as the psychological trauma of the event caused one of the women to lock herself in her room and not come out for 4 months straight.

He has single handedly brought order and stability to the region ". Patricia said

" Sir Jhonny? " Max asked bewildered, as there was only one man legendary enough to pull this feat off.

" He is now God Jhonny English, The fearsome god of ' Busting Balls' '' Patricia replied as Max looked at the ball-busting skill sitting in his stat panel and wondered if it was truly this terrifying.

" So what is your plan from here on now?" Patricia asked as Max calmly responded " I have to free Asiva and Severus first while taking down the Kingsman clan.

But I know that I cannot do it alone and will probably need help, so I'll try to ask Sir Jhonny.

If he agrees, I would then formulate a plan and get my friend free from jail, if not I'll figure out something else"

Patricia was very impressed by Max's reply, the boy was clearly startled by the events of Rudra's death but even so he had maintained admirable poise and dignity while retaining his sense of judgement.

' His temperament has improved a lot, whoever taught him, has taught him really well as with such a stable mindset he is sure to go far ' Patricia thought as she smiled and said " If you need any help, feel free to contact me.

Rudra's family is my family too "

With this statement Patricia took off as a second later she vanished from the spot she was standing on, leaving Max alone in his new mansion's gardens.


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