MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God
Chapter 197 Conclusive Action

Rudra knew in his gut that it was now or never for him and hence he decided to risk it all to either win big or die trying as he gritted his teeth and activated his biggest cheat code.

[ Future Sight ]

------------- ( Reality break )

Rudra moved in on Thor, ignoring the tier 5 blasts coming his way he decided to take them all on head-on, his only goal being to close in on Thor and blast him with the Elite Blast from close range.



Rudra took two shots straight to his chest, but continued to move forward undeterred, his freakish speed allowing him to sneak-up close to Thor in a breaths time.

[ Elite Blast ]

Rudra activated one of his strongest attacks , as a large chunk of his divine energy converted into a beam of pure energy as he blasted Thor with it at point blank range.

Thor reacted quickly to this attack as he retaliated by blocking Rudra's elite Blast using his Indra-Astra as a spectacular energy explosion covered the entire arena causing the seats of all spectators to vibrate violently as both Thor and Rudra took damage from the resulting fallout.

Rudra's HP bar dropped to an orange, while Thor's entered a critical red as the two of them fought with 35% and 22% HP respectively.

Things were looking dire for both fighters, as one small mistake now would lead to death as the audience watched the fight unfold with bated breaths.

A bleeding Rudra charged against Thor once more but was caught by yet another [ Thunder Wave ] generated by the Indra-Astra as his advance was stopped in its tracks.

" It was a noble fight, but it's now time to end this " Thor said as the Thunder God gripped his divine weapon and began channelling his divine energy.

Rudra on the other hand gripped the only sword he had left his trusty ' Grim Reaper ' and unleashed a space tearing sword strike towards Thor.

Thor took the slash head-on, not bothering to even dodge as he took a good 15% damage from the attack that sliced open his guts.

With a pitiful 7% HP left however, the god unleashed his most powerful attack.

[ Ultimate Move - Wrath Of The Thunder God ]

Thor unleashed the most powerful attack of the Indra-Astra infusing 70% of his divine essence into the weapon to create the only tier9 attack he was capable of.

Rudra's complete surroundings turned white as an unbelievable amount of energy poured all around him, turning the tier7 god's body to dust.

The attack was so powerful, Rudra did not even feel like he was fighting a lightning attack but rather felt like he was in the middle of a sun's core and being melted by incredible amounts of heat and pressure.

The indestructible rocks making the immortal arena cracked and cratered by this attack, as even the strongest gods with the best eyes had to look away from the strike, fearing that they would be blinded if they did not do it.

Either way, the sensation only lasted for a split second for him before he died.

-------------( Reality Resume )

Rudra was a little rattled by the true power that Thor was capable of, this fight was way closer to its completion than he had imagined and he needed to tread carefully if he wanted to win.

Charging at Thor just like he saw in his vision, Rudra took two lightning bolts straight to his chest before using the [ Elite Blast ] attack just like his vision.

Thor responded exactly like Rudra wanted him too, by using the Indra-Astra to negate the attack as the resulting explosion created 0.5 second powerful explosion where both Thor and Rudra were blasted backwards taking immense amounts of damage.

Unlike the last time however, this time around Rudra used a slight trickery when he was repelled backwards as he summoned his trusted pet ' Furball ' and through their soul-link asked her to transform into himself while he activated his skill [ Doppelganger ] to create 7 clones of himself.

When Thor got back up to his feet with only 22% of his HP bar intact, he was confused to see 8 identical Rudra's standing before himself.

' Furball, you know what to do ' Rudra said in his mind to Furball through soul link, as tier 6 divine nine tailed beast that looked exactly like Rudra opened its human sized mouth and used her strongest attack

[ Divine Fireblast ]

Unlike his previous vision, this time Thor was forced to block the incoming attack with mjolnir as he was pushed significantly backwards in the process.

" It doesn't matter if you are one or eight, in front of absolute power you are nothing!

It was a noble fight, but it's time to end this charade " Thor said as he began to unleash his strongest attack, but had to stop mid-way as his eyes widened in disbelief as he looked at the skies above.

[ Asteroid Rain ]

" IMPOSSIBLE ". Thor said in disbelief as he looked at the fifteen massive asteroids that were coming towards him with terminal velocity.

While Furball was attacking Thor, Rudra was preparing his only ( cosmic ) grade attack, Asteroid Rain, as he wanted to force Thor to use his ultimate move for defence rather than offence.

Thor was under a peril now, had his HP bar been higher he could have ignored the threat of the Asteroid Rain and chosen to attack Rudra to end the fight but with his HP bar being at such low levels he was forced to make an unfavourable choice.

The temperature in the arena increased significantly and while the audience was shielded from any attack damage that might come, they were not spared from the scorching heat as some minor god's even began to take nominal burn damage.

Gritting his teeth, Thor decided to obliterate the incoming threat using his strongest move as he was forced to neutralise the Asteroid Rain using [ Wrath Of The Thunder God ]

A blinding energy covered the stadium, as nobody was able to see Thor's attack but everyone felt their bodies tingle and the hair on their skin burn from the radiation of the attack.

It took a whole 45 seconds before light returned to vision supporting levels as the audience were greeted to a very shocking scene of an armless Thor bleeding profusely with only 2% of his total HP left under Rudra's feet.

The arm which was initially holding the Indra-Astra cut clean from Thor's body and kicked far away from himself while mjolnir laid a few metres beside Thor, on whose neck the Grim Reaper rested.

The entire arena was enveloped in absolute silence seeing this scene as goosebumps arised on the skin of every monarch watching this fight who could not believe what they were seeing.

Satan was trembling in his boots, while Lucifer was grinning madly.

The devil was the only one who witnessed Rudra locking on Thor's location before he used the attack as if knowing full well that the god of thunder would use this attack and it would result in a blinding light covering the arena.

Rudra patiently waited for his chance and waited till he felt the humming radiation coming from Thor's side subside, meaning that the attack was finally over.

The second he felt that, he went in for the attack on a Thor who was also unable to see at that very instance.

Rudra with his perfect angelic memory managed to slice Thor's arm holding the Indra-Astra clean off his body as he reflexively dodged Thor's counter swing using mjolnir before kicking the weapon off Thor's hands and sweeping him off his feet to pin him on the ground under his sword.

While the others only witnessed this end result when their visions returned the devil could simulate in his mind precisely what went down as he licked his lips and said " Well played ".


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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God Chapter 197 Conclusive Action