Misty World: Start with SSS skill
Chapter 319 Tsuraguki And Hikaru...

Amdoc sighed and said, "I just want to try the food here. It's just… that I didn't think that people wouldn't make room for me."

Shala smiled and said: "Village chief, in this place, no one will give up their place because everyone enjoys fairness. Those who come will receive the food first, and those who come later will receive it later…"

"Everybody has to follow the rules. If everyone can change positions, there's no point in queuing."

Amdoc felt that it was very accurate.

That's right, if everyone could squeeze in and take a place like him, everything would be chaotic. Thus… the rules will be broken, and chaos will be replaced.

Amdoc nodded and said: "Sorry, I didn't think carefully."

Shala smiled and replied, "It's okay, this is the first time people are exposed to issues like this. However, you are the chief of the village, you need to take it seriously, so that you can advise and teach others."

"Yes… I understand." Amdoc was a little embarrassed after saying that, fortunately nothing major happened. Besides, Shala did not scold him.

This was a wonderful place, a paradise. But even heaven had its own rules, and this was the same.

Amdoc didn't want to be kicked out of heaven, and go to hell.

After that, Shala took out a meal from her space pocket and gave it to Amdoc and said, "This is your meal."

Amdoc saw the tray of hot food that Shala put on the table, and his face beamed like a child: "Thank you, Shala, you are an angel."

"Hahaha… don't exaggerate… as long as you work hard and be loyal to your master, these are just the basics that you can enjoy."

"I don't know what the future holds, but food and shelter are things you will surely have if you work hard."

Amdoc nodded: "I know, master has given us the most wonderful things that we would never have dared to think about in our whole life."

"I will definitely work hard and be loyal to my master. If any Dwarf dares to betray him, I will be the first to kill him."

Shala smiled and nodded: "U hope you can do what you said. All right, I have a lot of work to do, the jobs for you will be posted on the notice at the community house."

After Shala left, Amdoc looked at the tray on the table that contained some soup and two sandwiches.

He didn't know how to eat and didn't know what the dishes were on the table. However, the aroma of the food caused his saliva to overflow at the corner of his mouth.

Amdoc wiped his saliva with his sleeve, then picked up a piece of bread and brought it to his mouth and took a bite.

"Um…" Amdoc rolled his eyes, he couldn't believe there was such a wonderful thing in this world.

The outside was crispy, while the inside was soft, and the taste was so fragrant that he couldn't stop eating.

After finishing a piece of bread, he looked towards the soup plate. He used the spoon that Shala had prepared, and used it to awkwardly scoop up a spoonful of soup and put it in his mouth.


The taste was like a bomb as it exploded inside his mouth. The hot soup made his body feel warm, the taste stimulated his tongue so he couldn't help but lick his lips.

After that, Amdoc immediately ate all the food in the tray, he was even so greedy that he licked the tray to the point of making it clean.

Amdoc put down the tray, then used magic to clean it. Before leaving, Shala told him that after eating, he should keep his tray, and wait till the next time they deliver food, then bring the tray with him to collect food.

Amdoc carefully put the tray in the cupboard as if it were his treasure and then went out.

He told himself not to be lazy, and not to indulge in enjoying his present life.

Although he was now over 300 years old, he was still very healthy.

Amdoc was confident that he could work no less than other young men.

Amdoc went around to where the Dwarves lived, and tried to record the location of each household, and the number of people in each family.

Besides, he also specifically advised them not to go around, and to temporarily stay in the house or only move within the Dwarves' residence.

Amdoc also carefully advised the adults that they should take care of the children and not let them cause any trouble.

He did this because in the village, these children often played strange games and these games could cause trouble for people.

If they were in the Dwarf village, he could just scold the kids a little, but this place was different, as this was not the Dwarven village.

This place was a castle, this place had clear rules, and if the children caused any trouble, the person who would admonish them would not be the village chief but the guards.

At that time, he would be unable to protect the children, and all the Dwarves would be in a dangerous situation.

Therefore, Amdoc had to manage this group of Dwarves closely, so that nothing troublesome would happen.

The Dwarves also agreed and strictly followed Amdoc's instructions. Anyway, life was wonderful right now.

They had a nice and safe home to live in, a soft and warm bed to sleep in. They even had delicious food that they never thought that they would eat in their lives.

They didn't want to lose those things, so they would try their best to stay here.

Of course, what Amdoc did was being monitored and recorded by the Lizards.

This had nothing to do with Hikaru's suspicion that the Dwarves would betray him, he just wanted to see if they had any difficulties in life.

Even though these Dwarves wouldn't betray him, they wouldn't complain about the living conditions in this place either. Anyway, compared to living in the fog, the living conditions here were still excellent.

What Hikaru wanted to know was their living habits and whether they could coexist with other races.

At this time, Hikaru had just left the Void Space, so he felt extremely tired.

That's right, he spent almost 7 months in the Void Space just to learn about Runes.

Anyway, the time inside the Void Space moved much slower than the actual time. Therefore, he used the Void Space to shorten his study time.

However, things were not as simple as he thought. Even if it took 7 months inside Void Space, he could only learn the basics of Runes.

Hikaru felt like he was back in his school days, when he had to study so many things and do so much homework that it made him feel stressed.

Although he had mastered the concept of Runes, as he proceeded to study, he felt as though he had to learn a strange language and learn how to control them.

This was worse than learning to code.

Even though Hikaru had slept in the Void Space, he still had a headache right now.

In his heart he thought that if it took him this long to only learn the basics of Runes, how much time would it take for other people?

Of course Rika could be ruled out from this. She only needed a few hours to learn about Runes, and even develop Runes to a new level.

Hikaru thought that maybe other people needed 6 months to 1 year to master the basics of Rune.

As for Selvih, Anno and Darnag, maybe they would need 3-4 months to learn this.

Hikaru then took the translation of the Rune theory that Rika finished translating and made 10 copies. After that, he immediately used his teleportation skill to meet Tsuraguki first.

Hikaru appeared in Tsuraguki's office at the military barracks.

Right now, she was sitting and thinking about something. As soon as she saw Hikaru appear, Tsuraguki was overjoyed, and she immediately stood up and rushed into his lap.

"Ah! Aren't you afraid of being seen by others?"

"Huh!" Tsuraguki pouted: "This place is only for me. Besides… the moment you appeared, I created a barrier around this room."

"If someone comes, they will be blocked from outside, and will be unable to enter this room."

Hikaru sighed, Tsuraguki seemed to have everything ready to 'eat' him.

Even though Tsuraguki was 5 cm taller than Hikaru, she still crouched down, rested her head on his chest, and hugged him tightly with both hands.

It seemed that the Tsuraguki that everyone saw in the army barracks and the Tsuraguki now were two completely different people.

Hikaru didn't feel uncomfortable either, he patted her head and said, "How's it going? We just did that last night, haven't you had enough?"

Tsuraguki shook his head: "It's not enough! It won't be enough if we do it forever!"

Hikaru panicked, if doing it forever was not enough, how much was enough?

He shook his head and said: "Yesterday you shouted that you couldn't stand it anymore, now you are saying that it isn't enough."

"Hehehe… Yesterday was yesterday, today is today. Master…" said Tsuraguki, drawing a circle on his chest with his index finger: "We haven't done anything today, have we?"

Hikaru wiped his sweat, he felt that Tsuraguki was more of a Succubus than Saraya, but Saraya was no longer a Succubus but a Fallen Loving Angel.

He sighed and then held her tightly with one hand, while he rested her other hand on her soft yet huge mountain.

His hand was constantly moving as if he was kneading dough, Tsuraguki's soft mountain was constantly morphing into various shapes because of Hikaru's hand.

Tsuraguki panted, her eyes glazed over, and her legs shook as if he couldn't stand. As this was happening her whole body was leaning on his.

"Um… master…"

"What's wrong... You just said that you want more..." Hikaru said with a smile, as if he thought Tsuraguki would be shy...

However, he was wrong.

Her eyes seemed to have turned into a heart shape, her face was also filled with excitement as she said: "No! More… Master… I want more.."

Hikaru: "..."

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Misty World: Start with SSS skill Chapter 319 Tsuraguki And Hikaru...