Misty World: Start with SSS skill
Chapter 25 Vuni’s Initiative... The First Time

After Saraya happily left, Vuni suddenly appeared. She always has a mysterious smile, like she knows everything about him.

Seeing Vuni enter and close the door, Hikaru felt strange. Then, Vuni raised her hand, creating an invisible wall, separating all the images and sounds of this room.

Hikaru frowned and asked: "Is there something important?"

He thought there must be something very important, so Vuni was so careful. However, Hikaru also found it challenging to understand because he used Talent The King to monitor Vuni during his hibernation and did not notice anything strange.

"Master, aren't you always peeking at me?" Vuni said while smiling, her voice full of charm.

"Pks!" Hikaru almost spat out a mouthful of blood. He asked Rika in his mind: "How can Vuni know that I'm spying on her?"

[I don't know either the Talent - The King can help you keep track of every monster you summon, and they probably won't notice it.]

Hearing Rika's explanation, Hikaru felt even more strange. Rika was sure Saraya and Vuni wouldn't notice Hikaru was watching them, so why would Vuni notice?

Vuni approached Hikaru,and used her soft hand to touch His shoulder, and then stroked his face. She said: "Master, don't worry. Only I know about this. Saraya or any monster you summon won't know."

At this point, Hikaru felt tense, but he wasn't too worried because he had the Teleport skill. As soon as Vuni showed a suspicious expression, He would immediately teleport to the cave below.

Hikaru felt the heat and smoothness coming from Vuni's hand. Accompanied by a seductive fragrance that made Him just want to smell it more.

Seeing that Hikaru didn't stop her, her hand greedily moved to his chest. Hikaru frowned, thinking in his heart, "What's going on here? Could it be that Vuni wants to…"

Just as Hikaru thought, Vuni suddenly knelt, reaching to touch underneath him. Even though there was a layer of fabric, Hikaru still felt the warmth of Vuni's hand touching 'that place'.

The feeling of euphoria spread through His body like an electric current that stimulated every nerve cell in him.

He looked at Vuni's greedy eyes like a cat seeing a mouse. He asked, "Why?"

Vuni didn't answer Hikaru but instead asked him: "Master, don't you like it~"

Hikaru honestly replied: "Of course I do. I'm also a man, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't like it. Honestly, I've had that thought since I met you, but…"

Vuni smiled, rested her head on Hikaru's thigh, and said, "Don't think about anything. Master, let go of your troubles and have fun with me."

Then, her hand gently took out 'that thing'. Hikaru began to feel the wetness coming from Vuni's soft tongue, then the warmth of her mouth.

The blissful feeling made Him want to forget everything and indulge in endless lust. Hikaru didn't think that Vuni was so good at this.

Vuni's tongue like a wet snake wrapped around 'that thing' and continuously stimulated sensitive places.

What Vuni was doing made Hikaru - a virgin man, feel so blissful that he could drown in pleasure. Hikaru's pleasure rose and fell with each nod of Vuni.

About 30 minutes later, Hikaru suddenly shivered. Vuni immediately swallows the milky liquid. Her face showed a satisfied smile. Vuni used water magic to wash her mouth, then she licked her lips greedily as if that wasn't enough and said: "Thanks for the meal, Master~"

Hikaru let out a refreshing sigh, and of course, Hikaru wasn't satisfied. Ordinary people can do it once or twice, but the current Hikaru is not an ordinary person. With a Strength attribute of more than 60,000, He was a true monster.

Vuni smiled and replied: "Of course, I hope our fun will last."

After that, the two entwined each other like two snakes. Hikaru let lust completely take over his mind and completely threw his doubts about Vuni out of his head.

Who is Vuni?

Why does she know Him so well?

Why would Vuni do this to him?


Who cares?

Hikaru and Vuni were engulfed in the flames of pleasure and lust. Contrary to Vuni's calm, gentle appearance, now, she is like a volcano that has just exploded and burnt fiercely, unable to be extinguished.

At first, Hikaru was clumsy as it was his first time. But Vuni like an adept fox, lead Hikaru from one bliss to another...

Hikaru didn't know how much time had passed, how many times he and Vuni had combined. And didn't care about those things.

Even if he were interested, it would be impossible to determine the time because the outside was covered with fog, and it was impossible to tell whether it was day or night.

The only thing Hikaru relied on to tell the time was a large clock in his private room. He looked up and saw that the clock showed 19:30, meaning that He and Vuni had "fun" together from morning to night, for about 10 hours.

Despite being 'active' for a long time, Hikaru was not tired. He estimated that he and Vuni probably did it at least 10 times.

Hikaru looked at a red flower on the bed and was startled, thinking in his heart: "First time? So, this is the first time for both of us. I thought my first time would be with Saraya, but now Vuni has taken the initiative. Nothing is indeed predictable."

He smiled and hugged Vuni in his arms, enjoying the heat and softness of her naked body.

Suddenly,she woke up. When she saw Hikaru, she just smiled happily and hugged him tightly as if he was going to disappear. The two lay lazily on the bed, and after a while, Vuni pulled away from Hikaru's warm embrace in a nostalgic manner.

Vuni waved her hand, and a piece of clothing immediately appeared, covering her body. Vuni went to the room's door, but without forgetting to turn her head, she smiled and said to Hikaru: "Perhaps, you have a lot of things to ask, but now is not the right time. Master just needs to know that I will never betray you."

After saying that, Vuni went out and closed the door. Hikaru sighed, resting his hand on his forehead and recalling what happened today.

"Prepare yourself. I will often come to 'annoy' you~…" Vuni suddenly spoke to Hikaru in his mind.

That sentence made him laugh, of course. He immediately replied provocatively: "Hopefully, you can make me happier next time."

"Next time, I'll surprise you~"

Hikaru settled his thoughts, then asked Rika: "Is Vuni still loyal to me?"

[Why do you ask that, Master? Didn't Vuni just give you her first time?]

Hikaru replied, "Rika, it seems you don't understand what I'm thinking. I am not the main character of this world. I also never thought of myself as the main character like in a manga or anime. I am just an ordinary person with lust, fear, and greed. I'm scared of death and don't want to die either."

"The Main characters in a manga or anime are all surrounded by luck and women. They are loyal to the main character unconditionally. I don't think of myself as the main character, so I must be careful and suspect unusual things."

"Even though Vuni is a monster I summoned, and she also gave me her first time, that is not enough for me to trust her. Vuni's actions are weird; she knows a lot of things but doesn't say it."

After that, Hikaru's gaze turned cold.

"Rika, I am a person who is very afraid of death, so I am willing to sacrifice one chess piece to secure the entire board. You may think I'm an asshole, but that's who I am."

Rika was silent for a while, then she replied.

[As I said at the beginning, I will still be by your side even if the monsters you summoned betray you. You and I have the same life. If you die, I will also disappear.]

Hikaru nodded and asked, "So… is there anything unusual with Vuni?"

[Currently, there's nothing unusual about her . Everything that she has done comes from her will.]

Hikaru rubbed his chin thoughtfully, then used Talent to check what Vuni was doing himself. He saw Vuni in the bathroom, soaking in the tub, the steam around him as thick as a mist. Vuni just soaked and hummed a certain tune. It seems that she was very happy right now, like she was in heaven.

He withdrew his vision and continued to ask Rika: "Is there a skill that can hypnotize Vuni and change her mind?"

[Master suspects that someone hypnotized Vuni to turn her into a chess piece?]

Hikaru didn't answer but just nodded. Rika pondered for a moment and then said.

[I'm not seeing any behavior uncommon from Vuni at the moment, but I'll continue to monitor her. If there is anything strange, I will notify you immediately.]

Hikaru rested for a while, lying on the bed,and closing his eyes to relax.

Right now, Vuni is soaking in the bathtub. The flawless white skin hidden in the steam makes anyone looking at it unable to control the beast called 'lust'.

She seemed very happy. It was evident on her face. 3 giggled and mumbled, "Master is so strong today. Hopefully, next time both of us will be more blissful. I am really…really…really looking forward to it~"

[Your initiative has already made Master suspicious!]

A voice resounded in Vuni's head. However, she wasn't surprised or scared. Vuni still kept a mysterious smile on her lips and replied thoughtfully: "Ah~ is that you, Rika?"

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Misty World: Start with SSS skill Chapter 25 Vuni’s Initiative... The First Time