Misty World: Start with SSS skill
Chapter 236 God Item - Lucky Dice

Hikaru felt amused, he found Anno too cute. He knew that Anno had a few soul points that she had saved for later, it was saved for emergencies like incase she got married or built a secret organization for herself or if she took over Selvih's position as queen.

He patted Anno's head and said teasingly: "Really? I remember that those soulpoint are very important to you, right?"

Anno nodded, then shook her head again and said, "Actually those soul points are very important to me, but right now, you are more important."

When Hikaru heard that, he felt extremely happy in his heart, he smiled and said: "Hahaha… don't worry, I don't lack soul points, on the contrary, what I wanted to say was that I feel 20 billion is too little."

"Too little?" Anno looked at him in surprise.

It must be known that a middle-class kingdom that collects taxes for a year would only have 2-3 billion soul points. So 20 billion soul points was equal to their 10 years taxes.

However, Hikaru said that 20 billion soul points was too little.

"Kiki, do you have more than 20 billion soul points?"

Hikaru didn't answer immediately but said, "If there are more soul points, will the territory building be faster?"

Anno nodded: "Yes, the more soul points you have in reserve, the faster the operation and construction of the territory will be. Besides, financial activities or activities that need to use soul points will also be performed better."

"Will there be no inflation?"

"Inflation?" Anno asked, confused, this was the first time she had heard of this phrase.

Hikaru frowned, perhaps in this world there was no concept of inflation. Also this could be due to the limited ability of the barter system.

The Goods and resources were also controlled and distributed by the royal family, so the concept of inflation was almost non-existent in this world.

Even though the concept didn't exist, that didn't mean that inflation didn't exist. Hikaru felt that inflation existed in this world, it was just that the people of this world didn't understand what it was or its nature.

"Inflation is the continuous increase in the general price level of a commodity over time and the devaluation of a certain currency," Hikaru explained.

Hearing that, Anno tilted her head to look at Hikaru, then she showed a wistful expression. She thought for a long time, then smiled and said, "Ah! So that's it, I understand."

"Heh?" Hikaru was startled, he hadn't explained it well, in fact, he just vaguely told Anno the concept of inflation.

He thought that Anno would ask him many questions, however, he did not think that she would easily understand the concept of inflation.

Anno seemed to know what Hikaru was thinking, she smiled and said: "Hehehe… don't look down on me. Have you forgotten what I said? I'm the best in the royal academy, I'm not as stupid as you think."

"Ack!" Hikaru felt a little embarrassed, so he hastily justified himself: "No, I don't think you're stupid."

"Hm!" Anno snorted: "Your face clearly shows what you are thinking, so don't try to fool me."

"Hahaha… okay, I'm sorry, my princess."

Anno smiled when she heard that, she thought about the concept of inflation that Hikaru just mentioned and then said: "the inflation you talked about is not necessarily bad, inflation also has its advantages, right? "

Hikaru was scared right now, he didn't think that it would only take a few seconds for Anno to understand the so-called inflation.

He felt extremely ashamed. When he was still living on Earth, he didn't know about inflation until he was 22 years old. It wasn't until he was 25 years old that he understood what inflation was and how it would affect him.

However, Anno only took a few seconds to understand the concept of inflation. Hikaru felt that Anno was too smart, in other areas, she might not be as good, but in finance, Anno was a genius.

"That's right." Hikaru nodded: "However, in this world, everything is blocked by fog, so trading and exchange of goods is very limited, so the concept of inflation in this world is not necessarily correct. as you think."

"I understand. It's okay, I already know what to do. So… how many soul points are you going to spend on our territory."

Hikaru thought for a long time, then he checked the amount of resource bags that he had gotten in the past few days.

There were indeed very few soulpoint bags, it seemed that the players didn't have a lot of resource bags.

He frowned and said: "Anno, I will give you the soulpoint bags, try using that dice to open them, okay?"

Anno nodded.

In fact, Hikaru also wanted to see if Anno's hidden buff would give her 100 times the number of soul points inside the bag.

He used his Maximum Evolution skill to evolve all those soul point bags into giant soul point bags, which he then gave to Anno.

There were 150 huge soul point bags in total. Even though they were called giant soulpoint bags, they were just purple bags, about the size of a hand.

150 huge bags of soul points immediately appeared in the middle of the office, Anno sat on Hikaru's lap, and pulled out a 12-sided die.

The dice was emitting a golden light as it floated in Anno's hand. At this moment, she took a deep breath, and closed her eyes as if she was praying.

Hikaru also watched silently, he wanted to see if Anno's luck was the same as Rika's advice.

It must be known that he would always get 100 times the resources thanks to Rika's guidance. However, Anno was different, as she was relying entirely on her own luck.

Hikaru nervously watched Anno. At this moment, Anno, like Hikaru, was extremely nervous.

When Anno saw Hikaru's dice, she didn't understand why she liked it so much. Anno even felt that the dice was made for her and that she could use it very well.

That was Anno's intuition, even though she didn't understand it, her intuition was never wrong. That's why she asked to borrow the dice from Hikaru.

A dice that could increase resources many times over was a priceless treasure. If other kingdoms or organizations knew of this dice's existence, Anno feared that the entire world would unite to attack Hikaru because of this dice.

However, when she asked to borrow it, Hikaru gave it to her without hesitation. At that time, Anno knew how much Hikaru trusted her.

That was also why she was nervous. She was worried that she wouldn't be able to use this dice as well as Hikaru, which would make Him frustrated.

If she didn't make good use of the dice, it was a small matter, but disappointing Hikaru was a big deal.

Anno didn't want the person she loved to be disappointed in her. She didn't want to be useless to Hikaru.

Anno took a deep breath, then tossed the dice onto Hikaru's desk.

The dice fell on the table and rolled a few times. Hikaru and Anno both held their breath, as they watched the dice and wondered which side it would land on.

There was a red face on the dice, if the dice landed on that face it would make all the 150 huge soul point bags in this place disappear.

Anno was worried, she was afraid that the dice would show a red face, in her heart she kept praying: "Please, not a red face, please… please..."

Hikaru saw the dice roll a few times and then it rolled to the 100 times face and he was overjoyed. Anno was also very happy to see that, she wanted to say something, but her eyes widened when she saw the dice shaking slightly.

That's right, it trembled a little, then rolled into the red face and stood still.


Anno felt like she had been struck by lightning, her eyes were filled with disbelief when she saw the dice showed a red face.

Suddenly, tears welled up in her eyes like a stream, Anno sat quietly as she looked at the dice and started crying. Hikaru also didn't know what to say, so he just silently hugged Anno.

He even felt Anno's tears falling on the hand that he was using to hold her.

Hikaru felt extremely hurt, he thought that with Anno's luck, at least the dice would roll to the x20 face. However, no one thought that the dice would roll to the red side.

Hikaru didn't care that the other 150 bags of soul points would disappear, for him, those soulpoint bags could be purchased from other players.

Anyway, Rika said that the current Treasure Chest was almost infinite, as long as the players worked hard, they would have more resource bags for him to buy.

However, the important thing is Anno.

That's right, he knew that Anno's confidence came from her luck. But now it was different, when the dice showed a red face, the dice also smashed Anno's confidence.

Anno whimpered and said, "Kiki, sorry, I'm useless, aren't I?"

Hikaru felt Anno shaking, he shook his head and said, "No, don't say that. You are helping me a lot, you are also very smart. Did you know that it took me a long time to understand what inflation is, but you only needed a few seconds to understand it."

"But… that dice landed on the red face even when I had a hidden buff. All the soulpoint bags that you have will disappear. Sorry, Kiki…sorry…"

Hikaru sighed, he knew that Anno's emotions were in turmoil right now, no matter what he said she wouldn't listen. He also felt extremely confused, did Anno's hidden buff not affect this legendary item?

"Anno, everything will be fine. Maybe there is a problem, I still have a lot of resource bags, you can continue to use that dice to experiment." Hikaru comforted.

However, Anno just shook her head and said nothing, as tears continued falling like two waterfalls.

He was about to ask Rika what the reason for this was when suddenly he was startled when he saw the dice shaking.

"Anno! Look!"

Hearing Hikaru's sudden shout, Anno opened her eyes to see the dice suddenly swaying. At this moment, hope appeared in Anno's heart again, she stared at the dice as if trying to use her will to roll the dice into the x100 face.

Suddenly, Anno felt her chest aching a little, she seemed to feel a thread connecting her and the dice.

At this moment, Hikaru was also startled when he saw a bulletin board appear in front of him.

[Ding! Congratulations, the Legendary - 12-faced Dice item has gained special effects and evolved into the God - Lucky Dice item.]

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Misty World: Start with SSS skill Chapter 236 God Item - Lucky Dice