Misty World: Start with SSS skill
Chapter 229 Bryen Thinking...

Duraxi looked at Hikaru with hatred, even though he was just thinking of getting revenge, the expression in his eyes was enough to tell Hikaru what Duraxi was thinking about.

That's right, hate me, Hikaru thought. Try and find as many good items as possible, the more treasures you have, the richer I am.

Duranka could only sigh, he bowed his head to Hikaru to express his gratitude for not killing them, after that Savuo controlled the glass ball and flew away. Of course, Raven's headless body was still inside the crystal ball.

Savuo turned his head to stare at Selvih and Hikaru, his eyes filled with complex emotions like Fear, and envy, but also hatred.

When he saw the group of people disappear into the mists, Hikaru turned his head and looked at Bryen.

Hikaru's gaze startled her: "I..."


Bryen wanted to say something, but Hikaru slapped her. Even though he didn't use much force, the slap made her entire face tremble, and a few teeth fell out from her mouth.

Bryen felt pain, as blood continuously flowed out from her mouth and nose, she felt that everything around her was turning upside down, and for a moment she couldn't hear any sounds.

Selvih who was standing next to her was also a bit surprised, she didn't think that Hikaru would slap Bryen, however, Selvih didn't make any move to help her either.

At this moment, Hikaru's cold voice resounded: "I don't care who you are. Because you used curse magic on my woman, this is just a little punishment for you."

Bryen looked up at Hikaru, there was no hatred in her eyes, only fear. She didn't seem to care about the pain, as she constantly said: "Sorry… sorry… don't be angry, okay? Don't hate me, please don't hate me."

When Hikaru heard that, he sighed, knowing that the [Taming] effect had already taken effect on Bryen. After all, Bryen was also a married person, so the success rate of triggering the [Taming] effect was around 80%.

However, what surprised Hikaru was Bryen's beauty. That's right, she was very fat on the outside, and if someone said that she was a monster they would not be wrong.

But it should be remembered that the [Taming] effect only activates when the person's beauty was around 90 points or more, which made Hikaru extremely confused.

Suddenly, Rika's voice resounded: [Master, Bryen is indeed very beautiful, however, because she uses curse magic, when the curse succeeds or fails, her weight is also affected. so the increase of her weight is the price she pays.]

Hikaru frowned at Bryen upon hearing that, he felt that she had some use. Anyway the [Taming] effect had already been activated, so he would use her.

Bryen saw Hikaru's gaze change, he was looking at her like she was an unearthed treasure and this made Bryen overjoyed.

Bryen cried in his heart: "He looked at me, there was no contempt or disgust in his eyes. Maybe… he didn't notice my appearance."

It seemed that Bryen had forgotten about the pain from Hikaru's slap that caused her face to slightly deform.

Now, Bryen's head was filled with love and happiness. She quickly said: "I… I am still clean, although I have been married for a long time, Raven has never touched me. I…"


Hikaru's voice interrupted Bryen's words, she immediately fell silent, her face filled with nervousness staring at Hikaru.

He sat down in front of her, as he silently asked Rika: "Is there a way to solve Bryen's problem?"

[It's simple, just use your void energy. It has the ability to devour all the bad effects of curse magic, so Bryen will quickly return to her original form.]

"But why isn't Selvih's void energy able to withstand Bryen's curse magic?"

[The Curse magic Bryen uses is very special, she seems to be born for this kind of magic. Her curse magic was not a blast of energy that attacked the enemy from the outside but a kind of soul attack. Besides, Selvih can only use low level void energy, which is not as pure as the void energy you are using.]

[To be more precise, the people you allow to use void energy have only 1/20th of your void energy's effect. Even so, compared to the mana in this world, 1/20 of void energy is really powerful.]

Hearing that, Hikaru realized why Selvih was affected by Bryen's curse magic. For comparison, Selvih's Void Energy was like an Iphone 8, and his void energy was like an iphone 15 super pro max.

Hikaru was also thinking about how to deal with Bryen, after all, Bryen's curse ability was also very special, it would be very useful to him in the future.

He said coldly: "Do you know why I slapped you?"

Bryen nodded, her hands covering the spot where Hikaru slapped her because it was too painful. A red hand-shaped mark appeared on her face but she didn't care, as Bryen excitedly said: "I know! Because I cursed Selvih, and caused her to almost die."

Hikaru nodded: "Selvih is my woman, whoever harms her, would be killed."

Hearing that, Bryen was desperate, she thought: 'So in the end, he only cares about Selvih. That's right, after all, Selvih is so pretty, and I'm just a fat monster.'

"However, your ability intrigues me."

Hikaru's words startled Bryen, she looked into his eyes in surprise: "Really?"

"Of course. Don't worry, I won't kill you if you're loyal to me." Hikaru said while smiling, since Bryen was already affected by the [Taming] effect, he didn't need to convince her much.

At this moment, he felt like the [Taming] effect was too great, with it, he could easily convince the other party and not worry about the opponent betraying him.

When Bryen heard that she immediately nodded, she happily said: "Okay! Whatever you want, I'll give it to you."

"From now on you will obey Selvih's orders, okay?"

Hearing Hikaru's words, Bryen looked towards Selvih, her eyes filled with displeasure, but she still nodded her head: "Okay, but I have one condition."

"Hm?" Hikaru raised his eyebrows, scaring Bryen.

She stammered: "I… I… I know I am not qualified to make conditions with you, but I hope you will agree."


"I… I just want you to be able to spend some time with me… not much, one day a year is enough… please…"

Looking at the frightened Bryen, Hikaru felt a little amused. He said, "Okay, if you do what I want, I will reward you and this is the first reward."

As soon as Hikaru said that, he snapped his fingers. At this moment, Bryen suddenly felt every wound on her body quickly heal.

The bleeding stopped, and her teeth grew back as usual, it was like a blessing from the gods. However, what made Bryen even more amazed was that her weight had decreased.

That's right, Bryen felt that her body was 10kg lighter. Bryen was obsessed with losing weight, even in her dreams she dreamt of losing weight.

No matter how many ways she tried, and all the kinds of magic and herbs she used, she couldn't lose weight, and no one could find the reason. But now Hikaru had easily helped her lose 10kg, which means that he could easily help her lose weight.

Bryen happily bowed to Hikaru, and kissed his feet in a humble manner, like a slave who was kneeling at the feet of a noble. Hikaru frowned, because he hadn't asked Bryen to do this.

"Enough! There is no need to do that."

"No please!" Bryen said: "This is what we should do. You have given me hope to live on, this is my way of expressing my love and loyalty."

"May I know your name?"

"You can call me Hikaru."

"Hikaru… Thank you. You want me to hide the fact that Raven was killed? It's a bit difficult because Savuo took Raven's body, so he'll definitely find Raven's father and report it."

Hikaru shook his head on hearing that: "No need, I just need you to help me buy time."

"You mean…"

"Selvih will make it clear to you." After Hikaru finished speaking, he glanced at Selvih and said, "Selvih, you deal with this, then quickly come back."

Selvih smiled and replied, "Yes, Kiki."

Just then, Selvih approached him and kissed him on the lips, their tongues entwined as They did not pay any attention to Bryen.

Bryen watched this scene before her with both lust and envy. However, she knew her current situation, she was still not qualified to have his love.

Hikaru and Selvih kissed for a long time then parted, after that he left, Selvih stayed, she smiled mysteriously as she looked at Bryen. Bryen was sweating profusely, she felt like she was being watched by a venomous snake.

Selvih sat in front of Bryen, looking at Bryen's face after she had lost 10kg. Selvih noticed that she was indeed a little beautiful, then she immediately said: "I did not think that the queen of an ancient kingdom would fall in my hands. ."

Bryen glanced at Selvih, her eyes filled with jealousy and anger, however, she dared not say anything. Bryen was afraid that if she angered Selvih, Selvih would speak ill of her to Hikaru.

Bryen knew that Hikaru loved Selvih very much, as long as Selvih spoke badly of her to Hikaru, her life would be over.

Selvih covered her face with both hands, as she spoke in a teasing voice: "Ah! Are you thinking that I will speak ill of you to Kiki?"

"Heh? No, I am not." Bryen said hastily.

"Don't worry, I'm not stingy enough to not share my man with another woman."

Bryen was startled when she heard this, she stared at Selvih like a monster and said: "You… are you telling the truth?"

"Of course I am. Besides me, Kiki has many other women, their beauty and strength are also not inferior to mine."

Bryen lowered her head when she heard that, it seemed that when it came to her appearance, she felt a little sad and depressed.

Selvih seemed to realize something, she smiled and said: "I have a way to make Kiki spoil you the way he spoils me."

"Really? You…"

"However… you must obey me, like a pet ."

Bryen shivered, however, at the thought of being pampered by Hikaru like Selvih, Bryen couldn't help it.

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Misty World: Start with SSS skill Chapter 229 Bryen Thinking...