Misty World: Start with SSS skill
Chapter 227 I Will Be Your Ally..

Contrary to Selvih's peace of mind and happiness, Duraxi was suffering and frightened. He yelled at Guhi: "Isn't there a way for me to escape?"

Guhi sighed: "Haizzz, there is only one way, and that is to forfeit the Fire Lotus."

"What? No way, I worked so hard to get the Fire Lotus, how can I give it up?"

"Then you will have to die." Guhi said angrily. She didn't think that in this current situation Duraxi still valued his possessions more than his life.

Duraxi hesitated, he asked: "If I give him the Fire Lotus, will he let me go?"

"Don't worry, I will deal with that young man."

Duraxi was a little excited when he heard that: "Okay, then you should convince him."

Guhi: "…"

Guhi was completely desperate, in fact she no longer had any hope in Duraxi so she wasn't too disappointed. Duraxi didn't care about her safety, he didn't even consider the possibility that she would be in danger.

Duraxi only cared about himself, to him, she was just a tool he could take advantage of. Guhi felt like separating from Duraxi, however, he was protected by the will of the world, and whether she could come back to life depended on him. 𝒾𝒏n𝗿𝒆а𝑑. 𝘤𝘰m

Therefore, Guhi had to endure this kind of thing.

At this moment, Hikaru suddenly saw a plume of smoke coming out of Duraxi's forehead and flying towards him. That smoke turned into a woman in a gray dress, she had black hair, and purple eyes. Her beautiful face was only a little bit inferior to Selvih, however, the beauty of the woman in front of him evoked the feelings of erudition and wisdom.

The woman looked at Hikaru and sighed then said, "Can you forgive Duraxi?"

Hikaru smiled contemptuously, although the woman was beautiful, he wasn't the kind of person who became stupid when he saw a beautiful woman.

It must be known that the women around him all had the same allure of beauty as this woman, some were even more beautiful than her.

Hikaru said coldly, "Who are you?"

Hearing that, Guhi raised her hand, and a cage of soundproof magic wrapped around Hikaru and Guhi. After doing this, Guhi said, "I am Guhi, a UR+ Pharmacist Enchanter from ancient times."

"Pharmacist Enchanter?" Hearing this, Hikaru glanced at Duraxi who was looking at Guhi with expectant eyes. He realized that Guhi was Duraxi's golden finger.

Most of the characters in novels had similar motifs like this. They would be reincarnated in another world, into a body that is inhabited by a spirit that has existed since ancient times. The spirit would then help the character in becoming the new lord of the world.

In this scenario, the spirit from ancient times was definitely Guhi.

Hikaru frowned and said, "So… are you trying to order me?"

Guhi suddenly felt that the space around her was locked, even if she wanted to return to the space inside Duraxi's body, she couldn't.

At this moment, Guhi felt that her life was in danger, it was as if the young man who was standing in front of her would kill her at any moment.

Guhi took a deep breath, and tried to calm down, then said, "I don't give orders, I just..."

Hikaru frowned, he immediately interrupted Guhi's words: "Down with your arrogance, Guhi. In front of me, you are not the same Pharmacist Enchanter that is revered by everyone."

"You are helping my enemies, that's reason enough for me to kill you in an instant. You must know that I am giving you the opportunity to negotiate with me, you should cherish this opportunity."

Guhi nodded at that, then, she slightly lowered her head. In fact, Guhi was used to being worshiped by others, she was a UR+ Pharmacist Enchanter after all, her ability was even higher than that of Pharmacodi.

Whether in ancient times or the present, Guhi's role was revered. That's why it was normal for Guhi to have an arrogant attitude.

However, Hikaru didn't like it because he currently held Duraxi's life and even Guhi's life in his hands. As long as he wanted to, he could instantly destroy Guhi.

What about Duraxi? Perhaps the will of the world might save him, but Hikaru would make him lose half of his life.

Guhi frowned, however, she knew that now she was no longer what she used to be, besides, Hikaru had the ability to destroy her. Because of this, Guhi could only lower his head.

"Sorry, my attitude made you angry."

Seeing Guhi immediately change his attitude, Hikaru was a bit surprised, he thought that Guhi would not give in. However, he smiled and said: "So... what do you want to exchange for Duraxi's life?"

Guhi immediately took out the Fire Lotus and brought it in front of Hikaru. He glanced at the Fire Lotus then back at Guhi: "Not enough."

Guhi frowned upon hearing that: "Young man, don't be too greedy. I think the Fire Lotus is enough to raise your power to the next level."

Hikaru didn't listen to Guhi, anyway he possessed an SSS level skill, he could evolve anything, if he wanted to get stronger, he could just rely on his Maximum Evolution skill.

As if to show that he didn't like the bargain, Hikaru reinforced the space around Guhi, and a huge pressure pressed down on her causing her to feel the scythe of death against her neck.

"It seems… you don't understand your current situation." Hikaru's cold voice resounded: "Guhi… you now have two choices, obey me or die."

"You're dreaming!" Without thinking, Guhi immediately shouted, the atmosphere was suddenly filled with the smell of gunpowder.


At this time, Selvih's voice resounded, she took his hand, her face adorned with a smile: "Kiki, don't be too impulsive. Can you let me talk to her for a while?"

Hikaru glanced at Guhi and said to Selvih: "Okay, but be careful."

Selvih felt extremely happy hearing that, so she gently placed her hands on Hikaru's chest and said: "Don't worry, with you here, she won't dare to do anything too extreme."

Hikaru nodded and went to the side, Selvih suddenly turned her head and looked at him, she placed her index finger between her lips and said: "Don't eavesdrop."

Hikaru sighed, he nodded again, and withdrew his soundproof magic, and allowed Selvih to use her own soundproof magic.

Selvih walked in front of Guhi, when she saw that Guhi's face was as beautiful as her own, She smiled and said: "You are Guhi right?"

Guhi nodded.

"What a beautiful face, but it's a pity that you followed the wrong person."

When Guhi heard that she frowned: "Don't speak about nonsense, what do you want?"

Selvih smiled: "Let me guess why you are following and helping Duraxi. It seems that you want to resurrect in a new body, however, you think that the only person who can help you is the one chosen by the will of the world, right?"

When Guhi heard Selvih mention the 'World's Will' she was startled, she immediately asked: "Who told you about the will of the world?"

Selvih smiled: "Hahaha… you don't need to know that. I just wanted to tell you that it's not only Duraxi who can help you."

Guhi frowned and stared at Selvih, after a long while, she said: "explain it to me."

"Look at my man, he is very strong. He is so strong that even an existence from ancient times is no match for him."

"Besides, my man is very gentle, and he treats me very well. Has Duraxi ever treated you the way my man is treating me?"

Selvih said confidently, Guhi of course saw how formidable Hikaru's power was.

She thought that even in ancient times it would be difficult for anyone to defeat Hikaru.

However, Selvih's boastful way of speaking made Guhi feel a little uncomfortable.

At first, Guhi thought that Duraxi who was protected by the will of the world would have a lot of luck, and that he might even quickly become an existence that many people would admire.

However, things were completely different from what Guhi had imagined.

Duraxi was not only a fool but he was also extremely unlucky, besides, Duraxi's attitude also made Guhi extremely uncomfortable, it seemed that he did not respect her even though she was trying to help him. .

Because of that, Guhi felt both angry at Selvih's boastful way of speaking and also envious of her.

Guhi was extremely jealous. Hikaru was very strong but the way he behaved showed that he respected Selvih.

When Selvih saw that Guhi was starting to hesitate she continued: "I won't hide it from you either. My current strength is also given to me by him. If I hadn't been cursed by Bryen, my strength would have been reduced. I can also defeat Silutop."

"This is the truth. If you don't believe it we can try fighting. Now that I've recovered about 50% of my strength, you can try to fight me."

Guhi's brow furrowed even more when she heard this, but inside her heart it was like a flood was sweeping away all her arrogance.

That's right, she couldn't believe what Selvih just said. However, Guhi knew Selvih was telling the truth.

"No need, what do you need me to do?" Guhi let out a sigh and said.

Selvih smiled and replied, "It's really easy to talk to intelligent people. I only have one request and that is to become our ally."


"That's right. Become mine and my man."

"So… what will we get?"

"Exactly what you want, we will regenerate a body, and you can live again."

When Guhi heard that she took a deep breath, and lowered her head, she thought for a long time, then asked: "What do you have that will convince me that you can do it?"

"Hahaha… Guhi, do you have any other choice?" Selvih smiled and said: "If you have no use, then you will die right now, do you have the right to bargain with me?"

Guhi was silent after hearing that, that's right, her life was in the hands of the young man and Selvih, she was not in a position to bargain.

"So… what is your choice? Continue to help that idiot or become my ally."

Guhi glanced at Duraxi who was looking at her worriedly. Guhi knew that he was not worried about her, he was just worried that she failed the negotiation.

Guhi sighed: "Okay, I will be your ally."

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Misty World: Start with SSS skill Chapter 227 I Will Be Your Ally..