Misty World: Start with SSS skill
Chapter 216 I Want To Save Her...

That's right; similar to the doll inside the glass sphere, Selvih felt countless chains bind her.

At this moment, Savuo suddenly shouted: "Attack!"



The people sitting on the square immediately shouted; they stood up, their weapons already in their hands. All of the people sitting here were representatives of a clan, kingdom, or organization, and although they were not very powerful, their combined power was enough to wipe out the entire Dark Elf Kingdom.

They took up arms and charged, and like warriors who had no fear of death, they quickly used countless skills to attack Selvih in an instant.

Countless magic circles appeared, and light from the magic circles covered the sky above the square.

Duraxi also frowned when he saw this scene; he felt a little scared. He really wanted to be a hero and save the beauty; however, when he saw the countless magic spells flying in the sky, he felt a little scared.

He didn't know if the Fire Lotus could help him stop everything. At this time, he remembered Guhi, and Duraxi immediately asked: "Guhi, can you help me stop those spells from reaching Selvih?"

"You're pushing your luck. I've only just recovered a little of my power, let alone blocking those spells; I'm not even sure that I can protect you. If you don't want to die, don't be a hero."

As Duraxi listened to Guhi, he frowned; he felt extremely uncomfortable. He secretly hoped that Selvih wouldn't be hurt too badly; at least none of the spells should hurt her beautiful face.

Savuo smiled as she looked at the magic that was like a tsunami that was heading towards Selvih. He knew Selvih would use magic to check the chest; that's why he didn't put any trap magic in the chest.

That's right; instead of using trap magic, Savuo used curse magic. Curse magic was a very special type of magic; it was not really magic, which is why it was impossible to use other magic to check for its existence.

Of course, Selvih was no exception; no matter how much she checked, she couldn't detect the curse magic that was placed inside the chest.

To create such a spell, Savuo spent a lot of effort collecting a lot of items and even Selvih's hair.

It must be known that Selvih was not the type of person who easily interacted with people other than those she trusted. Therefore, in order to collect all the things that satisfied the conditions to activate the curse magic, Savuo had to associate with Selvih's servants, including Noroly.

Back to Selvih: although she was cursed and she was unable to move, she wasn't as weak as she was in the past. Thanks to Hikaru, she has become much stronger.

A black mist instantly enveloped Selvih's body. Now, thanks to that black mist, the invisible chains that bound her were also revealed, and of course, the black mist was also consuming those chains.

In just 2 seconds, the chains were devoured, and all of them were broken. That's right, that black mist was void energy. When the maidservant saw the chains disappearing, she got scared, and she immediately started chanting faster.

But everything was too late.

Selvih angrily waved her hands, and all the chains on her body immediately shattered. She reached out and grabbed the maid's neck and raised it like a chicken.

"It seems… Savuo used a lot of effort to place this curse magic on me."

Selvih wasn't in a hurry to deal with the maid but looking at the colourful spells that were heading towards her like a tide, Selvih smiled proudly.

She waved her hand, and four huge magic circles appeared in front of her like four protective shields that emitted intense light.


The magic that collided with Selvih's magic circle caused countless ear-piercing explosions as they reverberated throughout the kingdom. Even people outside the royal palace could feel the ground shaking like an earthquake.

The shockwaves caused by the explosion swept around, and when the tremor stopped, dust was already covering the entire kingdom.

Savuo frowned and waved his hand; a gust of wind blew the dust away. After the dust disappeared, Selvih appeared; there were no wounds on her body, and not even a speck of dust was on her clothes.

It was as if there was a protective membrane around her that prevented anything from touching her.

Just as Savuo thought, that protective barrier was empty energy. It not only blocked all the magic but also devoured all the excess energy, preventing it from hurting her.

Selvih suddenly spoke, her voice as cold as ice: "Do you think this little power can kill me?"

As Selvih spoke, she wrapped void energy around the other maid, who quickly disintegrated; it was as if acid had been poured on her.

All of the people who attacked Selvih were startled by this; they didn't think that all of them combined would not be able to kill Selvih; no, they couldn't even make her clothes dirty.

Duranka, who stood beside Savuo, immediately asked, "Savuo, didn't the curse spell work?"

Savuo shook his head: "No, I'm sure it worked. That curse magic can seal a person whose stat total is 15 million."

"Why?" Duranka asked, confused.

Savuo frowned and explained, "According to the intelligence we have, Selvih's total stats are not higher than 10 million; however, she probably hid her information very carefully."

"It's okay; even though she can break the seal of the curse magic, its effects will continue to work. After the curse spell is destroyed, the cursed person will lose 30% of all their stats for 2 hours. In the meantime, we still have a chance to win."

Duranka breathed a sigh of relief when he heard that; however, Savuo was not as relieved as Duranka. Selvih's stats were so much higher than he imagined that he was a little worried.

At the same time, Savuo also knew that Selvih was probably not injured by Number 3. In his heart he thought, "Selvih, you are such a poisonous snake; although you deceived me, it does not mean that I will lose."

However, when he remembered that Raven had arranged 20 assassins around the palace, his worries disappeared.

When the crowd on the square heard Selvih's voice and began to worry, Savuo's voice resounded: "Don't be afraid. You have completely become Selvih's enemies; if you stop now, you will end up like the maid. If you continue to fight, there will surely be a small chance of survival."

Hearing that, the crowd fell into confusion. Just like Savuo said, when they attacked Selvih, they sided with him, and they had become Selvih's enemies.

Now, even if they stopped, it wouldn't change the fact that they had become Selvih's enemies. Of course, Selvih certainly wouldn't let her enemies survive; she would even torture them horribly.

It is not by chance that people gave Selvih the nickname "Black Queen."

If they continued fighting, they may still win; if they win, they could survive and enjoy the victory benefits that Savuo had promised.

"That's right, fight!"

"We have no way back; kill Selvih."

"Kill Selvih."

"I don't believe Selvih alone can defeat us."

Selvih frowned at Savuo, and her cold voice continued: "Savuo, do you know what the consequences of rebellion are?"

Savuo laughed loudly: "Hahaha... Selvih, you know what kind of person I am, right? If I'm not sure of the victory, do you think I would do this?"

Savuo was extremely calm, his hands clasped behind his back as if he were walking in the garden.

Selvih looked at Savuo as if she wanted to cut him into a hundred pieces. She took a deep breath and shouted, "Where is the royal army?"

No one responded.

Savuo continued to laugh: "Hahaha... Selvih, do you think I will let you continue to use the royal army?"

As soon as Savuo finished speaking, he waved his hand, and right after that, a group of soldiers wearing leather armor and holding all kinds of weapons burst into the palace from all sides.

The special thing is that they all have a black mark on their chest, which is the signature mark of the Royal Army. They were all in a state of combat readiness, with their weapons and magic directed towards Selvih, their queen.

Savuo then smiled and said, "Selvih, more than 5,000 soldiers of the royal army are in my hands; the other vassal kingdoms and clans also listen to me; even the inhabitants of this kingdom want me to overthrow you."

"Selvih, who is supporting you? No one! You're just a lonely venomous snake. You won't be able to leave this place alive today."

Savuo's words angered Raven, who wanted to shout that he wanted Selvih to live. But before Raven could speak, a rope was wrapped around his neck.

Raven immediately recognised that this was Bryen's whip; he shook his head as he looked at Bryen; Bryen was also looking at him with murderous eyes; her cold voice echoed in her ears: "If you want to save that viper, I will kill you."

Raven: "…"

Duraxi was also scared when he heard that and secretly said to Guhi, "I won't allow that, Guhi; can you help me save Selvih?"

Guhi sighed: "Haizzz, are there only women in your head?"

"What the hell are you talking about? Selvih is my woman; I must save her."

Guhi didn't know how to answer him; she felt that Duraxi was like a paranoid mental patient: "Are you stupid? Since when is she your woman?"

Duraxi angrily shouted, "Huh! What do you know? My intuition is definitely correct."

Guhi: "…"

She was completely disappointed with Duraxi; she didn't think he was just using his second head to think. Guhi said, "See how the situation develops; don't be impulsive."


At this moment, Selvih frowned at the royal army, the senate, and the representatives of the vassal kingdoms and clans who were all opposing her.

Just like Savuo said, at this moment, Selvih was completely alone, and she faced tens of thousands of enemies.

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Misty World: Start with SSS skill Chapter 216 I Want To Save Her...