Chapter 13: Chapter 13. All of his rationality went out of control

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The girl’s breath was so familiar, like a daughter’s red that had been carefully brewed for 18 years.

All of his rationality went out of control.

The man who did not move was obedient like a harmless baby.

“You really want to be my woman? ”

Qin Sheng’s head was dizzy. His voice was a little hoarse, and it was even more exciting than the piano in D Major. It made her breath quicken, and she really wanted to be pregnant.

“Yes, yes! ” She nodded her little head.

For eighteen years, the only goal she had set for herself was to become Gong Mochen’s wife

Gong Mochen’s big hand touched the girl’s messy bangs, revealing her red face, which was surging with emotions. The girl’s fragrance gushed out on his face, causing his heart to palpitate.

Qin Sheng closed her eyes tightly, and her brows furrowed into a knot. What she feared the most was pain. She had been sick since she was young, and the injections were done in the midst of a world-destroying Wail.

The girl’s torture made Gong Mochen’s brows press down. He was so scared that he wanted to be his woman?

Gong Mochen pinched Qin Sheng’s chin. “Don’t think about such nonsense in the future! You’re still young. You’ll think about these things when you grow up. I don’t like women taking the initiative. ”

Qin Sheng got up aggrievedly. She didn’t dare to do anything that Gong Mochen didn’t like and walked out of Gong Mochen’s room.

At the end of the corridor, a woman’s figure flashed past and watched Qin Sheng run into her own room from Gong Mochen’s room.

Her hands were clenched into fists. She woke up from the shock of being scared by the hamster and felt that things were not that simple. She ran to Qin Sheng’s guest room. Just as she had guessed, there was no one in the room!

She stood in the corridor as if she was possessed and waited. Sure enough, she saw Qin Sheng running out.

“Zixian, if your father sees you standing here dressed like this, he will scold you! ” He Fen came over and saw her daughter in pajamas. She was shocked.

“What’s wrong with dressing like this? ” Qin Zixian said in annoyance.

“Are you crazy? When did our Qin family’s miss become so uneducated? ” He fen was speechless by her daughter’s anger.

“What’s the use of being educated? It’s better to be liked by a slut! Just now, Qin Sheng came out of Gong Mochen’s room. The little vixen is as good at seducing men as her mother, ” Qin Zixian said angrily.

“Don’t mention her mother anymore. Your father said that the family is not allowed to mention it anymore. ” He Fen stopped her daughter.

“I told you to tell your father to marry me to Gong Mochen. Did you tell him? ” Qin Zixian asked.

He Fen looked around to see that there was no one around and pulled her daughter into her bedroom.

“How can I not tell him? However, your father said that it would be best if it could be like this, but it still depends on Gong Mochen’s opinion. ” She said Qin Ze’s original words.

“depends on Gong Mochen’s opinion? Didn’t you tell him that Qin Sheng and he are not clear about each other? If Qin Sheng Really Seduces Gong Mochen and marries her own uncle, our Qin family will be laughed to death by the powerful people of H Nation! ” Qin Zixian said anxiously.

He Fen shook her head, “I’ve said everything I need to say. I also reminded master not to make such a scandal. But Master said that Gong Mochen knows his limits. ”

Qin Zixian’s sharp eyes flashed, “just send Qin Sheng Away! Isn’t it bad for her to study? Tell her that she can’t go to university anyway. Our family gave her tuition fees to let her go on account of her surname Qin. ”

He Fen frowned, “we need to discuss this with your father. If he doesn’t agree, it’s useless for us to say anything. ”

“Why would father not agree? Didn’t he hate Qin Sheng to death? If Qin Sheng hadn’t been born, big brother wouldn’t have died, ” Qin Zixian said.

He Fen’s face turned gloomy. “This is what I can’t see through the most. Your father and Qin Sheng... ”

“What did my father do to Qin Sheng? ” Qin Zixian asked.

“Nothing. I’ll think of a way to talk to the old man about what you said. You’d better hurry up. After all, you graduated from university and are still pure and beautiful. How can you not be better than a little girl? ” He Fen reminded her daughter.

Qin Ze couldn’t get along well with Qin Sheng, but she didn’t know. She had a feeling that Qin ze wasn’t as resolute as he seemed.

“I know. I’ll definitely get Gong Mochen! ” Qin Zixian turned around and walked up the stairs to her bedroom.

Qin Sheng lay in bed for the first time in eighteen years. When she fell asleep, the sky was already bright.

“Qin Sheng! Get up! ” Gong Mochen pushed the sleeping girl on the bed. 𝓲𝑛𝗻𝗿𝘦𝒶𝐝. ᴄo𝗺

Qin Sheng slapped the man’s handsome face with all her strength. “Get lost. ”

The crisp sound of the slap made Qin Yunting jump. When had her insufferably arrogant uncle ever been hit by someone?

“Tingting, get out! ” Gong Mochen Sen’s cold voice was heard.

Qin Yunting ran out obediently. Hahaha, her uncle was furious. She wanted to see how her uncle would deal with Qin Sheng!

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