May Death Do Us Part
Chapter 31

31 Chapter 31 : Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife

The silver haired prince watched Ella in awe as she lightly dubbed her lip after she had finished her meal.

“What is it?” She questioned the man who looked like he’d been hypothesized, “why are you looking at me like that?”

“You’re just so beautiful Ella,” he responded. Nathan gently placed his hand on Ella’s and stared at her like she was some valuable piece of jewelry, “the color blue really brings out your eyes, I adore it on you.”

[so I’m told]

“Would you like to take a walk with me through the garden?” Nathan got up and stretched his arm out to her

Ella accepted his invitation in a heartbeat, she took Nathan’s hand and walked with him towards the large glass doors that led to the massive palace gardens. As the two beautiful humans walked along the stone paved paths of the botanical wonderland, many maids were stealing little glances at them and chattering happily among themselves.

“I wonder what their babies will look like.”

“I’m sure they’ll be so adorable, I mean look at them, they’re so perfect together.”

“They look like characters out of a fantasy novel, so beautiful.”


“Our prince is one lucky man indeed.”

“I think our lady is the lucky one, look at that tall glass of-”

“Hey that’s your prince you’re talking about, hush up!”

“But he’s hot-”

“Shut it!”

Ella’s grip around Nathan’s arm tightened, catching the handsome man’s attention. “What’s wrong Ella?”

“It just feels like everyone is staring at us,” Ella responded meekly.

“Well of course they are, you’re very beautiful love. And besides, everyone always stares at you.”

Ella pouted her lips when she heard Nathan chuckle at his own statement. Well it was true that every time her and Nathan were together most of the people around the castle would stop and stare, but it felt a little too exaggerated this time around.

“Maybe it’s because they know that today is a special day,” Nathan whispered, a grin painting his andsome face.

The prince was incredibly nervous about proposing to Ella but luckily he didn’t let it show, being calm and collected even in times where others would be losing their mind was his specialty.

Ella looked up at Nathan with narrowed eyes, “a special day? Am I missing something?”

Ella suddenly halted in place, she released Nathan’s arm and covered her mouth with both hands, “oh my gosh don’t tell me I forgot your birthday or something?!”

Nathan chuckled in amusement, oh how cute Ella was, did she have any idea what her expressions and gestures did to him? The man had to take a deep breath as he walked towards the adorable blue eyed beauty, so as to stop himself from grabbing her and kissing that adorable pout off her face.

He pulled her close to him and tucked a lock of hair behind her ear, “of course not Ella, my birthday is still months away.”

“Then why is this day so special?”

Nathan nibbled the inside of his lower lip, clearly this woman did not know the extent of the control she had on him. Just merely watching her lips move when she spoke was enough to get him whirled up.

“Come on, I’ll show you.” He led Ella to a bench by a little swan lake that was now completely surrounded by beautiful purple wild mirines.

Ella felt her heart flutter at the site of the flowers, “it’s so funny,” she spoke, “back when I was in Mirine I barely paid any mind to these flowers, and now they’re the only connection I have to the place.”

Ella bent down and picked one of the flowers, twirling it gently in her fingers, “they now hold so many memories.”

Nathan took the flower from Ella’s hand and placed it in her red hair, “I told you, you don’t have to bare those sad memories all on your own,” the prince held her hands in his and smiled tenderly, “I’m here now, and I always will be. And that’s why-”

Nathan pulled out a small white box from his pocket and presented it to Ella, “Ella Morrell,” he opened the box, revealing the beautiful necklace within.

“N- Nathan is that...?”

The handsome prince got off the bench and got down on one knee.

Ella’s eyes circled and she instinctively covered her mouth with her hands.

“I love you Ella, will you please do me the honor of becoming my wife?”


Adam jolted upright in a panic, his breath was heavy and he was sweating profusely.

“Your majesty are you okay?”

The prince scanned his environment and sighed in relief when he saw that he was still in the wagon. Now that the road was a lot smoother, Adam had managed to nod off a bit, but unfortunately the little nap had not been pleasant.

Adam had had a terrible nightmare about Guinevere, she was being led away by some men towards a room that was barricaded with steal bars, and in that room prince Nathaniel Aldos was standing in the shadows with a menacing grin on his face and glowing red eyes. Guinevere kept screaming his name but he could not reach her.

Adam wiped the sweat from his forehead and leaned back on the wagon walls, “We have to move quickly Ivan,” Adam spoke, “I have a bad feeling that something terrible is about to happen.”

“Is it about your lady your majesty, do you think she’s in trouble?”

“I do, I think Nathan may be keeping her against her will,” Adam added on, “I need to save her and I feel like I’m running out of time.”

Ivan nodded in understanding, when the prince had explained how in love he was with this woman,he was so passionate and sure that it made Ivan’s heart melt. Was she the reason he had not shown any interest in any woman all these years? Wow, how could he not help his prince, his good friend take back the love of his life.

“No need to worry your grace,” Ivan responded, “We will bring lady Guinevere home.”


“I can’t believe him!” King Burchard roared, “your son actually took off to.. to see that woman!”

“Is he only my son when he crosses you?!” the Queen spat back, “when he was the perfect little prince he was your son as well, or have you forgotten?!”

King Burchard took a seat and ran his hands through his hair, “Adam will surely be the death of me, why does he want to stir up a war over a woman?! We have to send the knights after him before it’s too late.”

Adam’s mother sat down besides her husband and spoke to him sternly and clearly, “no, war is already inevitable.”

“What?! Are you saying you want to take on Meria in battle?”

“I’m saying that our son is bewitched James!” The queen blurted out, “there’s no other explanation, this isn’t the Adam we know and you know it. That Merian woman must have done something to him at the knighting ceremony I just know it. That’s a direct attack to the throne!”

“If there will be war between Meria and Gavaria,” the queen spoke as she inched closer to her husband, “it will be for the right reason. And Gavaria will have the upper hand.”


Julia halted in her tracks and ducked behind the door. War? What war where the king and queen talking about?

“Our son is not himself James, they probably sent that little redheaded witch to curse him so he wouldn’t be fit to rule our kingdom, without him as heir Gavaria will crumble.”

“You have a point,” King Burchard responded, “the Merian empire must have been planning this all along, this must be the war the wizard Ronald was talking about. Those bustards!”

“We need to strike them down before they kill our son.”


The king and queen all turned to look at the young woman who was standing at the doorway.

“Pardon me for eavesdropping your grace but please allow me to go and fetch Adam!” Julia begged, “if Adam truly is under a spell, and war breaks out while he’s still in Meria he may not survive.”

Julia made her way to where the king and queen were sitting and bowed her head respectfully, “I will bring him home your grace, and I will personally kill that little wench who cast a ratchet love spell on my Adam.”

Julia strangely felt happy after hearing this new development. It all made perfect sense now, there’s no way Adam could not be interest in her, of course it had to be a spell. That red haired woman was a witch and that must be the only explanation. That would also explain her little performance at the knighting ceremony and why Adam had been so rude to her afterwards, it was probably the consequence of her dark magic.


Ella looked at the little necklace in the box, her lungs trying their hardest to pump air into her body. Nathan was asking her to marry him? I mean she had made up her mind to return his love but she didn’t expect that he would take it this far.

But was it so bad though? I mean Nathan was the perfect man, handsome, kind, brave and honest. He made her feel safe and protected and every time she was with him she actually felt like she wasn’t so alone in the world. Wouldn’t it make sense for them to be married?

Ella lowered her hands from her mouth and nodded her head up and down.

Nathan watched her movements with much attention but he still couldn’t believe that she had agreed, “is... is that a yes?”

“It is..” Ella spoke with a sweet smile

“Oh my gods Ella!” Nathan fidgeted with the little box so he could remove the necklace. Why in god’s name where his hands so damn shaky today?!

The prince suddenly felt Ella’s soft hands hold his, her blue eyes urging him to relax.

[Calm down Nathan, I won’t change my mind]

Nathan took a deep breath and gently removed the necklace from the box.

*May I?*

Ella lifted her red hair to one side and the prince secured the necklace around her beautiful long neck. My gods it looked absolutely stunning on her.

“Do you like it?” Nathan asked the blue eyed woman, he could do very little to hide the excitement in his voice. He felt like a little boy who had just gotten a new toy on Christmas.

Ella shifted the necklace a bit and nodded, “it’s a little itchy but I love it.”

“Itchy?” Nathan started to panic, was the silver fake?

“It’s alright Nathan it’s probably because I’m not big on wearing necklaces,” she leaned in to him and planted a kiss on his soft lips, “it’s perfect.”

Nathan held Ella’s face firmly between his palms and reeled her in for a long passionate kiss, the kind of kiss that would turn any decent woman shameless in mere seconds. Good lord why was this man so alluring.

“You’re the one that’s perfect Ella,” Nathan whispered in soft sexy voice, his bad boy side smile didn’t do much to help Ella out of her daze from their kiss, “or should I say, the future Mrs Aldos.”


Nathaniel pulled the redhead in for another kiss, hungrily exploring all the corners of her mouth as if marking his territory. Finally Ella completely belonged to him and him alone, prince Adam could suck it.

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