May Death Do Us Part
Chapter 29

29 Chapter 29 : Priorities

King James Burchard sat down at the large dining table and cleared his thought in an attempt to get the attention of his son, who seemed like he was lost in thought.

“Adam!” The king blurted out having noticed that his subtle attempts were futile.

“Oh good morning father, how did you sleep?” Adam questioned the king. His mind was a mess, he had so much he wanted to do but had no idea how he could execute it.

“How did YOU sleep? You look like you were up all night.” The king poured himself a cup of tea and brought it to his lips as he eyed his son. Adam’s hooded brown eyes were even more hooded than usual this particular morning.

“I’m fine father just those blasted nightmares.”

Adam indeed had not slept at all, but not because of his nightmares, in fact, he hadn’t experienced the nightmares for a few days now, he had concluded that it was because he’d finally met the woman who frequented his dreams. But damn it he hadn’t even gotten the chance to talk to her, he had so many questions, did she also experience the same dreams? Is that why she was so startled when they first laid eyes on each other? Adam needed to know.


The prince awoke from his reverie, gosh he had been zoning out so much lately. “Yes father good morning.”

The king face palmed, “Son should I call Ronald the wizard? Maybe he can help with a stronger sleeping potion.”


“No need father I’m quite alright,” the prince responded as he brought his own cup to his lips. He immediately gagged, but steeled his heart hard enough to swallow the tea that had long gone cold. How long had he zoned out exactly?

“Alright?” The king added on, “you didn’t even hear what I just said.”

Adam straightened his posture and focused on his father’s face like a little boy in a classroom trying hard to pay attention to his boring teacher. “I’m sorry father, what is it?”

The king clicked his tongue and lay back on his chair, “My boy I’m growing old,” the man spoke, “I have spent over three quarters of my life already ruling over Gavaria. I think it’s high time I took a rest.”

Adam was more than attentive now, was his father saying what he thought he was saying?

“I wish to step down as king Adam, I want you to take over.”

Adam’s eyes went wide, from the time he was a little boy he’d dreamed of the day he’d finally take over from his father. He had literally spent his whole life preparing for this very moment, and it didn’t help that he was his father’s only child. This was supposed to be the happiest day of his life.

But now his priorities had changed, he had new information that had peaked his interest. If his assumptions were right, Adam had lived another life before this one. And in that life, he was in love, in love with red haired girl, in love with Guinevere. Meeting her in this life was definitely not a coincidence, he was convinced without any reasonable doubt that it was destiny. He needed to travel to Meria and meet with her, so what if she was someone’s wife? So what if she was with child? Adam would gladly take the child and raise it as his own, with her by his side as his queen.

But if he ascended to the throne now, he’d never have the time to travel to Meria. All the royal duties would take up all of his time and he would lose his love forever, he couldn’t let that happen.

“Father, you’re still a very capable king,” Adam commented in hopes of postponing his father’s decision, “the kingdom trusts you greatly, and it would take time for them to get used to a new ruler. This is so abrupt, I think we should ease the people into the transition.”

“Nonsense my boy, which Gavarian doesn’t know the great and capable prince Adam Burchard, conquer of Baiviles.”

Damn, his father was right. Even though Adam was merely a prince, the citizens already respected him greatly. In fact, if Adam was being honest, he had gained even more popularity than his own father. Curse his hard work and charm, who knew they’d one day work against him. Luckily, Adam had one more strategy, his last trump card.

“I understand father,” the prince responded, “but I would like to travel the continent before I ascend to the throne. You promised me years ago that you would let me travel to my heart’s content when the alliance with Meria was finalized. But because of all the royal duties, I haven’t had the time, it’s only fair to let me go now.”

King Burchard stroked his chin thoughtfully, his son was right, he had promised him the freedom to travel, and the king was known to be a man of his word, even to his own family.

The king opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted by the queen who had slammed her hand on the dining table.

“Adam Alexander Burchard what on earth is wrong with you!” The queen yelled

This was the first time any of the two men had seen the queen this upset, she was usually a calm, sweet and composed woman. So whatever had infuriated her must have been really bad indeed.

“Lord Boleyn was here and he told me you disgraced her daughter!” The queen yelled, “why would you do that to such a nice girl Adam? She cares deeply for you and you sent her home crying! Lord Boleyn says Julia has been locked up in her room since yesterday.”

Adam sighed heavily, Julia was proving to be a real problem, why on earth was she being so dramatic about the whole thing? She was not the first woman to be rejected and neither would she be the last.

“Mother with all due respect,” Adam spoke, “I told you I do not have feelings for Julia and you need to stop forcing her on me.”

“Forcing her on you?!” The queen dragged out a chair, sat down and glared at her son.

The king just sat and watched from the other side of the table, he didn’t want to get involved and also earn a scolding from his wife, no thank you, he’d rather focus on his breakfast.

“What about you Adam huh? Aren’t you plotting to force yourself onto another man’s wife?!”

King Burchard coughed hysterically, he choked on his tea when his wife mentioned Adam wanting another man’s wife.

“What is this I’m hearing?!” The king question his son between his coughs, “have we run short of women In Gavaria? Adam is what your mother saying true?!”

Adam pinched the skin between his brows in frustration, why did his mother have to show up now? Just before his father was about to give him permission to go see the woman he loved.

“And you’ll never guess who the woman is your grace,” his mother continued

~please don’t~

“The wife to the crowned prince of Meria, prince Nathaniel Aldos.”

The king furrowed his brows, the blue eyed woman with the red hair? The man honestly couldn’t blame his son for being smitten by the girl, she looked like a goddess, but the repercussions of pursuing that woman would be dire.

“My son, there are many women in our kingdom just pick one, any one.” The king was now a little desperate, the conflict that would arise if he allowed his son to cultivate those feelings might spark a war.

Suddenly, a thought crossed the kings mind, “Is that why you want to travel? You want to go after prince Nathan’s wife? I cannot allow that!”

Adam suddenly stood up and glared at his father, “that’s not fair! You promised me father, what kind of king goes against his word?!”

King Burchard equally stood up, the two men’s angry faces only inches apart. “I will not allow you to sever the alliance between our two kingdoms Adam, don’t be foolish!”

“I don’t need your permission!” Adam fired back, “I can leave whenever I deem fit!”

“Not if I tell every soldier in Gavaria to stop you! I’m still the king, and my word is law!”

“You’re a selfish king!” Adam roared

It took every ounce of control in the king’s body to stop himself from smacking the insolence off his son’s face

“You married the woman you love, why can’t I do what I want?!” Adam added on

“You want to travel so badly?! Well fine, you’re free to go!” The king roared, “But you can only leave this kingdom a married man Adam!”

Adam’s eyes widened, had it really come to this? His father was going to force him to marry someone? This was low, especially for a king.

Adam pushed his plates and cups of the table in anger, sending them crushing on the floor. His blood was boiling so much he felt like passing out. The young prince didn’t even know he was capable of such anger, it actually scared him a little.

Adam kicked back his chair and stormed out of the dining room. So his father wanted to play dirty? Fine, two could play at that game.

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