Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion
Chapter 600 Instructor Lin’s Sword Sect (3)

Ke Zhenyue nodded.

Offending the Gongsun family would bring great trouble to the sect.

If he stayed in the Imperial City, the sect would definitely not show mercy.

The two of them quickly turned around and ran out of the city.

They had made the right choice.

Because at this moment, the Gathering Sword Sect was already in a mess.

A middle-aged man wearing red armor and holding a huge sword could shatter a building with every slash.

Whether it was the Earth Realm deacon or the Heaven Realm elder, no one could stop this sword cultivator.

It was not until he broke through the hall and shattered the plaque of the Sword Gathering Sect that the sword cultivator dragged the sect master of the Sword Gathering Sect, who had fallen to the ground and vomited blood, away with large strides.

The sect master was captured?

The group of Sword Gathering Sect disciples were at a loss.

As they fell from afar, someone hurriedly went to find the Patrol Battalion.

In the Imperial City, private fights were prohibited in the Patrol Battalion.

The Gathering Sword Sect didn't offend anyone and was beaten up just like that. Of course, they had to seek justice from the Patrol Battalion.

In just a moment, the sect master of the Sword Gathering Sect was thrown onto the road leading to the upper city.

In front, a convoy stopped.

Gongsun Zhi, who was riding on his horse, looked ahead, his fighting spirit surging.

He could feel the sword intent coming from the man with the sword on his back.

It was an extremely powerful force.

When did such an expert in the Sword Dao appear in the Imperial City's Red Flame Army?

"General, why are you blocking the way of my Gongsun family's convoy?"

When Gongsun Zhi saw that the burly man in front of him did not have any killing intent, his voice softened slightly.

The burly man raised his head and nodded at Gongsun Zhi. Then his gaze landed on Bi Wuhe.

"This is the sect master of the Sword Gathering Sect. I'll help you choose the Sword Gathering Sect."

The large sword in his hand pressed against the neck of the sect master of the Gathering Sword Sect, and then he said coldly, "The Gathering Sword Sect will join the Qiyang Sword Sect in the future. You will be an elder, understand?"

The huge sword was filled with a cold sword intent. As long as he answered no, the sword would stab out.

The sect master of Sword Gathering Sect nodded with difficulty.

He didn't want to die. 𝓃𝚗𝘳𝙚а𝐝.c𝚘m.

Bi Wuhe and Jin Yunmei widened their eyes.

Qiyang Sword Sect was the name of their former sect.

Jin Yunmei's father was the sect master back then.

The Qiyang Sword Sect was annihilated. No one mentioned this name anymore.

Who was this burly man in front of them?

"Fellow Daoist, you are…" Bi Wuhe jumped off his horse and cupped his hands.

"My name is Lin Shen. I'm now a lieutenant in the Red Flame Army."

The burly man replied in a deep voice.

Lin Shen.

Instructor Lin.

Lin Shen's gaze landed on the carriage behind the convoy and met the eyes of the two boys who stuck their heads out.

"Haha, you guys have to cultivate well. When I come back from the outside world, I will return what should be returned to you."

Lin Shen laughed and suppressed the tears in his eyes. He turned around and left.

"Where's the patrol battalion?

"I offended the Gathering Sword Sect and am willing to be punished. You can report this to the battalion."

Lin Shen strode away.

Several experts of the Patrol Battalion quietly followed.

Gongsun Zhi's expression changed as he watched Lin Shen leave.

Bi Wuhe and Jin Yunmei looked at each other and turned to look at their children in the carriage.

For some reason, the two children looked excited, as if they had known this burly man for many years.

The carriage continued forward, followed by a few people from the Gathering Sword Sect.

Now they were members of the Qiyang Sword Sect.

Not to mention Lin Shen's threat, just because the Bi brothers had been taken in as disciples by Gongsun Shu, it was also the wisest choice for them to join the Qiyang Sword Sect.

What was the Gathering Sword Sect that lived in the lower city?

With the support of the Gongsun family, they could go further!

Bi Wuhe discussed with Jin Yunmei for a while before accepting these people.

Revitalizing the Qiyang Sword Sect was something that they did not dare to think about in the past. It was also something that they had suppressed in their hearts and could not forget.

Now that their children were under Senior Gongsun Invincible, some things were different!

Wasn't this how things worked in the cultivation world?


Middle city, Floating Spirit Town.

There was a small academy called the Shang Academy.

There were a total of five Confucianists and hundreds of students in Shang Academy.

After all, there were too few people who could enter the Imperial City Academy. Most of the students were studying in various academies.

There were hundreds of academies in the city.

At this moment, a short and fat young man in a brocade robe rushed to the hall of the Academy with an invitation in his hand.

"Dean Qiu, Dean Qiu, something big has happened!"

The young man shouted loudly, attracting the attention of the students sitting in the hall.

This young man's name was Murong Tui, and he was the legitimate son of a large merchant family in Floating Spirit Town.

This fellow was forced into the academy. He was ignorant and incompetent.

Upon hearing Murong Tui's shout, the black-bearded elder sitting at the head of the table frowned. He raised his hand and a spiritual light descended.

"Murong Tui, you're here to disturb the order of the school again!"

The old man shouted. The golden Great Spirit turned into a chain and pressed down on Murong Tui's head.

"Dean, Dean, I really have something big!"

The chained Murong Tui waved an invitation in his hand.

"I have an invitation to the flower boat. I'm here to deliver it to the dean!"

Flower boat invitation.

The surrounding students lowered their heads and chuckled.

The old man's face turned cold and he shouted in a deep voice, "Ignorant and incompetent thing, how can I, Qiu Chuqi, be a womanizer like you?

"Today, this old man will teach you a good lesson. I will let you know that we Confucianists should cultivate our hearts diligently."

As the old man spoke, the jade ruler in his hand flashed with spiritual light and was about to smash down on Murong Tui.

Murong Tui shrunk his head and shouted, "Dean, this is an invitation to the Jade Epiphyllum Literary Conference. I spent 100,000 spiritual rocks to buy it. If you don't want it, I'll go myself!"

Jade Epiphyllum Literary Conference?

Qiu Chuqi was stunned. In a flash, he landed in front of Murong Tui and took the invitation.

"Is it really an invitation to the legendary Jade Epiphyllum Literary Conference?

"However, can we participate in the literary conference using this replica?"

Muttering to himself, Qiu Chuqi strode out of the classroom.

"I'm going to see a great cultivator of Confucianism. You guys study by yourselves."


The students in the hall agreed.

"Dean, let me go…"

Murong Tui cried out in pain.

In less than half a day, news of Gongsun Invincible taking in new disciples after hundreds of years had spread throughout half of the Imperial City.

The sword cultivators in the Imperial City were all curious about what kind of talented person could obtain Gongsun Invincible's favor.

With Gongsun Shu's status as a great sword cultivator, as long as he said that he wanted to take in a disciple, those who were willing to be his disciple could line up from the upper city to the outside of the Imperial City.

Even many elites of the royal family could not move Gongsun Shu.

But today, Gongsun Shu suddenly announced that he was taking in disciples. Who wouldn't be curious?

Many great sword cultivators went around trying to find out more.

However, compared to the news that Gongsun Shu had accepted a disciple, the Imperial City was even more clamorous at this moment. It was the Jade Epiphyllum Literary Conference in two days.

Not many people knew about this.

All along, only those at the peak of Confucianism were qualified to participate in the literary conference.

Originally, this was just a private literary conference organized by some Confucian cultivators. For some reason, it spread throughout the Imperial City overnight.

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Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion Chapter 600 Instructor Lin’s Sword Sect (3)