Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion
Chapter 565 The Tiny Mortal World Is A Beautiful Place (2)

A trace of joy, shyness, and smugness flashed across Mu Wan's eyes.

Their breaths merged and their lips touched.

The tiny mortal world is a beautiful place.

Today's cauldron of pills took a day to refine.

Zuo Yuting, who was receiving customers in the shop, felt a little uneasy.

In the past, her Lady Boss was very fast at refining pills.

Can it be that this custom-made pill is so difficult to refine?

The expression of the middle-aged man in the green-gray robe who was waiting in the shop didn't change at first. He was even interested in the paintings hanging on the wall.

By afternoon, he started to feel restless.

Zuo Yuting had already refilled seven to eight pots of tea.

Fortunately, before sunset, Han Muye came out with a jade bottle.

"Mr. Gu, I didn't disappoint you." Han Muye handed over the jade bottle and chuckled.

The middle-aged man with the surname Gu took the jade bottle and looked at it with joy.

"They're really pills formed from clouds. The medicinal power of this pill is gentle. The patriarch will definitely be able to…"

Those who needed to consume the Blood Jade Immortal Spiritual Pill were mostly Out of Body Realm cultivators whose physical bodies had decayed to the point where it was difficult to enhance.

For such a grand cultivator, the Blood Jade Immortal Spirit Pill in the cloud state was the most suitable.

Seeing the middle-aged man surnamed Gu leave happily, Han Muye waved his hand and asked Zuo Yuting to close the shop with Zuo Lin and go home.

After they left the shop, Han Muye returned to the small courtyard and looked at the closed Mu Wan's room. He chuckled and shook his head.

Today, he fulfilled a mission by refining two furnaces of Blood Jade Immortal Spiritual Pills.

A total of four pills were produced.

This meant that he had earned at least tens of millions of spiritual rocks.

Refining two furnaces of pills did not need more than half a day. The delay was mainly because Han Muye and Mu Wan could not help spending a lot of time in the quiet room.

This kind of human love, just embracing and rubbing against each other, was better than thousands of beautiful things.

Han Muye smiled and walked back to his room.

At this point, will the next step be far away?

When he saw Mu Wan the next day, Han Muye felt that this girl was a little different.

The smiles on her face have increased.

Is it because her intimacy with me makes her happy?

"Senior Sister Baili?"

Zuo Yulong's exclamation could be heard at the door.

Han Muye looked from behind the counter. It was Baili Tongyun from the Imperial City Academy.

She was the one who gave him the plaque with the inscription personally written by Grandmaster Huang Tingshu.

"Miss Baili." Han Muye stood up.

Baili Tongyun bowed slightly to Han Muye, then looked around and smiled. "Mr. Mu, is Fairy Mu Wan here?"

Han Muye was slightly taken aback.

Not looking for me?

Seeing his expression, Baili Tongyun smiled and said, "My grandmother wants to invite Fairy Mu Wan to our house. Mr. Mu won't forbid it, right?"

Baili Tongyun's grandmother?

Is it that Alchemy Daoist Half-Sage, Baili Xinglin, who's in charge of the Imperial City's Alchemy Division?

Such a big shot is inviting Mu Wan to her house?

Although Han Muye was curious, he smiled.

He went to the quiet room to call Mu Wan, who had just refined the medicinal pills.

Baili Tongyun went forward and muttered something in Mu Wan's ear. Mu Wan nodded and turned to tell Han Muye that Baili Xinglin had invited her to her house.

Han Muye naturally would not disagree.

Seeing the two women leave, he revealed a strange expression.

Aunt Mu Wan? Baili Tongyun called Junior Sister 'Aunt'?

What the hell is going on?

After a moment of silence, Han Muye looked at Zuo Yulong at the door.

"Zuo Yulong, take care of the shop. I'm going out for a while."

Zuo Yulong quickly responded.

Without asking Zuo Lin to drive, Han Muye walked straight onto the main road.

After coming to the Imperial City for so long, he had never really walked on the main road.

At most, he had strolled around Imperial Garden Street with Mu Wan a while ago.

At this moment, he was sprinting on the road as if he was flying.

The avenue of Imperial Garden Street was wide, and pedestrians on both sides could walk slowly. In the middle, horses pulling carriages galloped. If one wanted to move quickly, one could also walk on the carriage path.

An hour later, Han Muye arrived at the upper city.

He stopped in front of an ancient and magnificent mansion.


There was a large Qin character on the mansion.

This was the residence of the Confucian Dao Half-Sage, Alchemy Grandmaster Qin Suyang.

It was also the Qin family's mansion in the Imperial City.

Standing at the door, Han Muye hesitated.

Should he reveal his aura immediately and let the Qin family know that he was here, or should he write a business card to inform them?

Also, he did not know if Qin Suyang was at home.

"M-Mr. Mu?"

A voice suddenly came from the door.

Han Muye looked up. It was Qin Siyu, the fifth daughter of the Qin family, calling out in surprise.

"Mr. Mu, are you also here to watch Third Uncle refine pills?"

Qin Siyu walked forward and whispered.

Refine pills?

Is Qin Wuyuan going to refine pills?

Han Muye nodded noncommittally.

"Mr. Mu, come with me. Third Uncle is in the alchemy room. The furnace is about to open."

Qin Siyu quickly led him into the mansion.

When he walked into the courtyard, he was greeted by the smell of pills and plants.

The potted plants and trees along the path were all long-lived spiritual herbs.

Looking around, Han Muye saw that several spiritual trees had reached the realm of transforming.

Only the alchemists in the Imperial City are qualified to turn a half-transformed Wood Demon into a viewing object, right? he thought.

"Those patriarchs all cultivated with Grandpa. They didn't want to transform, so they stayed in the residence."

Seeing Han Muye look over, Qin Siyu quickly explained.

He nodded.

This was probably equivalent to Lu Yuzhou's small pine trees.

After going past a few halls, they arrived at the Qin family's alchemy room.

The Qin family was a family of alchemists, and their alchemy rooms were connected.

At this moment, there were close to a hundred alchemists standing outside the alchemy room.

Most of the people in front had white hair and dense auras.

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Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion Chapter 565 The Tiny Mortal World Is A Beautiful Place (2)