Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion
Chapter 556 - 556 I’m Not Good at Chess, I’ve Practiced Swinging My Sword Millions of Times (2)

556 I’m Not Good at Chess, I’ve Practiced Swinging My Sword Millions of Times (2)

Unknowingly, Mu Wan had begun to sympathize with Xiaobai. She turned the resentment in her heart on Wen Mosheng.

Han Muye smiled and did not reply.

At this time, he did not wish to get involved.

“By the way, the gift from the Prince of Qi seems to be very expensive.” Mu Wan’s voice sounded again.

Am I getting involved? he wondered.


He chuckled and turned to look at Mu Wan.

“How many gifts did you receive today? Shall we take stock?”

Take stock of the gifts!

Mu Wan’s eyes lit up.

Han Muye raised his hand, and small jade boxes, various weapons, and spiritual herbs filled the table.

Mu Wan forgot to pursue the matter. She walked to the table and started to calculate the value of the gifts.

“Is this long saber a spiritual weapon? It’s worth 200,000 spiritual rocks, right?

“Is this Frost Grass? That’s at least 500,000.

“This long wooden land is not bad. I wonder how much it is worth.”

Mu Wan put the gifts from those people she knew on one side and the ones from those she did not know on another side.

Seeing how serious she was, Han Muye was a little amused.

“This Hundred Birds Facing the Phoenix painting is by the Great Confucian Wu Zidao. It’s worth at least three million. If it’s activated with the Great Spirit, it can form the Hundred Birds Great Formation.

“This calligraphy is written by Grandmaster Yu Zhennan. The poem contains the power of the Great Spirit. It can protect one’s residence. It will fetch 800,000 spiritual rocks no matter what.”

Even if it was not nurtured, the value of a grandmaster’s literary treasure was not small.

Of course, if one really became a sect grandmaster, one would not lack spiritual rocks. Moreover, no one would use their precious literary treasures to exchange for ordinary things like spiritual rocks.

Cultivation refined the mind. If one’s state of mind was tainted with the vulgarity of the mundane world, one’s cultivation would stagnate.

“Eh, this Spring Palace painting is the authentic work of Grandmaster Tang Yi from a thousand years ago. If it’s sold, its price will be at least five million spiritual rocks.”

Hearing Han Muye mention a huge sum of money, Mu Wan quickly looked up.

Then she blushed.

“What, what is this…”

Han Muye did not seem to see her shy look. He rolled up the painting and handed it to Mu Wan. “Junior Sister, this painting is precious. You have to keep it well.”

Before she could speak, Han Muye had already carried the other scrolls to the room in the backyard.

Mu Wan held the painting in her hand. She bit her lip and blushed. In the end, she snorted and took the painting to the room.

The opening of a medicinal pill shop on Imperial Garden Street in Moon Viewing Town attracted many important figures.

This matter spread for a few days.

In the beginning, many people specially came to take a look.

It was just that the pills in the Pill Destiny Pavilion were not cheap and there were not many varieties. There were even fewer people who actually bought them.

Zuo Yuting and Zuo Yulong were able to handle the situation.

On the other hand, because of the popularity of the pill store, the Southern Wasteland Snack Shop next door sold many buns and snacks.

Shao Datian had been grinning from ear to ear for the past few days.

In contrast, Cuicui was much more tired.

The memories of the mortal world were extremely short. Half a month later, when people passed by the Moon Viewing Town, they would at most give the plaque of the Pill Destiny Pavilion a second look. They would not even be interested in entering the shop.

The Imperial City did not lack important people, nor did it lack major events.

Marquis Wu had recruited a million soldiers and attacked the outer world, attracting everyone’s attention. Many men from the Imperial City went to the military camp to enlist.

For a moment, the entire city was covered in golden armor, and its killing intent soared into the sky.

In the world of cultivators, the waves brought about by the opening of the Pill Destiny Pavilion slowly gathered.

Only the cultivation world would remember the names of those experts.

Mr. Green Vine had returned. He did not return to the Imperial City Academy. Instead, he stayed in a cruise ship outside the city every day.

Many old people went to visit Mr. Green Vine. The literary conventions on the cruise ship continued day after day. It was said that many good poems appeared.

On the first day of Mr. Green Vine’s return, he went to the Pill Destiny Pavilion.

The new alchemy grandmaster of the Qin family, Qin Wuyuan, introduced a new Bone Binding Pill that could be consumed by those below the Heaven Realm to refine the jade bones in advance.

This Bone Binding Pill almost caused an uproar in the Imperial City’s cultivation world.

Countless sects fought over it. In the end, they were exchanged for three magic treasures and ten million spiritual rocks by a mysterious person.

How could there be a mysterious person in the Imperial City?

Since it was said that he was a mysterious person, it meant that his status was unspeakable.

Where did Qin Wuyuan go after becoming a grandmaster?

He even gave the Pill Destiny Pavilion Master a disciple bow.

On the day of the opening of the Pill Destiny Pavilion, the Prince of Qi sent a gift.

On the day of the opening of the Pill Destiny Pavilion, many scholars from the Imperial City Academy arrived.

On the opening day of the Pill Destiny Pavilion, something unspeakable seemed to have happened. No one mentioned it.

This made countless people curious about the background of the Pill Destiny Pavilion.

Regardless of the chaos outside, business in the Pill Destiny Pavilion and the Southern Wasteland Snack Shop beside it was steady.

Han Muye put away the treasure of the Pill Destiny Pavilion, the Spirit Stabilizing Pill. When people asked, he said that it was sold.

He had kept this Spirit Stabilizing Pill for himself after refining it and was not prepared to sell it.

There was still one Blood Jade Immortal Spiritual Pill left. Those who came to ask for the price would sit down and talk about the customized pills.

Those who asked about the price of the Blood Jade Immortal Spiritual Pill did not lack spiritual rocks.

In the past half a month, Han Muye had negotiated the mission of refining three Blood Jade Immortal Spiritual Pills.

After the investor collected the spiritual herbs, he paid two to one spiritual herbs. After they were refined into pills, he would pay another two million spiritual rocks.

This price was probably the lowest in the entire Imperial City.

Moreover, the pills refined in the Pill Destiny Pavilion were created using the most popular Cloud Pill technique.

The so-called Cloud Pill was formed when the pill qi formed into clouds but did not condense. It was about entering the body to refine and create pills.

With this alchemy technique, Great Grandmaster Qin Wuyuan had become popular in the Imperial City.

Of course, many people also knew that the Pill Destiny Pavilion Master was the creator of such alchemy.

However, all those who knew would not come to the Pill Destiny Pavilion.

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Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion Chapter 556 - 556 I’m Not Good at Chess, I’ve Practiced Swinging My Sword Millions of Times (2)