Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO!
Chapter 6: Blind Date IV

Chapter 6: Blind Date IV

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Nobody knew of the existence of her mother throughout these twenty-one years. In the eyes of the outsiders, she and her mother were non-existent.


Zuo Weiyi did not feel inferior with this identity of hers.

To her, her mother was a victim and she was totally innocent!

She had thought of having a happy family but in reality, although she had changed her surname to Jiang, she couldn’t even set foot in the Jiang family home.

To the outsiders, she and her mother would always be someone’s mistress and illegitimate child.

Looking at herself in the mirror, Zuo Weiyi inner worries subsided.

Anyway, it was just lunch. After lunch and solving the crisis of Jiang Group, it would be none of her business anymore!

She turned and walk towards Room 999.

She really didn’t understand why the mother and daughter of the Jiang family were the ones enjoying all luxuries while her mother had to help him to pull through this difficult period without getting any benefits in return!

When she was at the door of Room 999, Zuo Weiyi entered without second thoughts.

It was 15 minutes after the agreed time. Mr. Lin should be there, shouldn’t he?

When she entered the room, Zuo Weiyi saw a man sitting upright at the large table.

As his back was facing her, Zuo Weiyi couldn’t see his face. 𝗶𝚗𝙣𝘳𝐞𝑎𝒅. 𝐜om

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However, since this room was reserved by Mr. Lin, the person sitting here would undoubtedly be him?

When she thought of this, Zuo Weiyi walked over to the table without hesitation. She walked past the man and sat right in front of him.

The sight of the man shocked her. She was taken aback and her eyes widened!


Isn’t this man...

Goodness! Could it be such a coincidence?

Shi Yuting halted for half a second looking at the person who sat in front of him. When he looked clearly at that face, he narrowed his eyes and a glare of danger shot out.

The appearance of this woman in front of him was one he couldn’t forget.

One who plotted against him and fled!

With a glance at the man’s cold and stern look, Zuo Weiyi gulped. The person she was facing was not merely a man but felt rather like the King of Hell!

“Zuo Weiyi?” Shi Yuting smirked while he looked at the woman opposite him.

He didn’t look for her and she delivered herself to him?

Zuo Weiyi was not surprised hearing him call her name.

It was a blind date and she bet her father had told him everything about her.

She wished he didn’t remember what happened last night.

“Cough!” Zuo Weiyi lowered her eyes and cleared her throat unnaturally. “Let me make it clear that I’m here to only have lunch with you today. I hope you keep your promise. After this meal, you will help my father’s company overcome its crisis. What happens after this meal would be between us, I hope you won’t involve my father’s company. I’m very easy to get along with. If we do get along, we can continue but if we don’t, we go our separate ways.”

Zuo Weiyi plucked up the courage to say everything in one breath!

Shi Yuting, from the opposite side, narrowed his eyes.

If we do get along, we can continue but if we don’t, we go our separate ways?

So, the woman whom his mother wanted to introduce to him was Zuo Weiyi?

Through the phone, he did not listen attentively to his mother and did not even hear the woman’s name. He merely answered briefly and ended the call.

So, it was her?

Shi Yuting was silent. A pair of eyes as sharp as a night hawk stared at the woman in front of him. His elegance was like the king of the dark whom everyone submitted to.

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Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO! Chapter 6: Blind Date IV