Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO!
Chapter 1824 - 1824 Chapter 1825 had not appeared for more than two months

1824 Chapter 1825 had not appeared for more than two months

Compared to the worried expressions on Shi Mo and Shi Lian’s faces, Zuo Weiyi was overjoyed.

She looked at Zuo Weiyi and asked very carefully, “Beibei, mommy wants to ask you a few questions?”

Yin bei turned her head and was a little surprised by Zuo Weiyi’s smiling expression.



“Have you been feeling nauseous lately?”Looking at Yin bei before her, Zuo Weiyi could not help but recall the time when she was pregnant. It was also her first experience and she did not know that she was pregnant at all.

Presumably, the current Yin bei was the same as her back then.

Yin bei was stunned for a moment, then she nodded. “Yes, but it wasn’t as intense as today.”

“Then… When did you get your period last month?”She asked again.

Yin bei lowered her eyes and counted the time.

Ever since she was with Shi Mo, she didn’t seem to have counted the time of her period, because he always tortured her to the point of exhaustion, causing her to be completely confused about the time of her period.

“It seems like…”she wanted to say it for a long time, but she could not quite remember.

That’s right, she had marked it on her phone!

As she spoke, she took out her phone and looked at her monthly period.

When she looked at it, she was a little shocked!

She had not had her period for more than two months!

“What’s Wrong?”Seeing her frightened expression, Shi Lian thought that something had happened to her.

Yin bei turned to look at Shi Lian, then at Zuo Weiyi. “I… Haven’t been here for more than two months.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Zuo Weiyi burst into laughter!

“That’s right!”

That’s right?

“Mommy, what did you say is right? Little Sister-in-law hasn’t had her period for two months. Could she be sick?”Shi Lian still had a worried expression on her face.

Zuo Weiyi could not help but glance at her. “She’s not sick, she has –”

“Go to the hospital!”

Before she could finish her sentence, Shi Mo, who was holding Yin bei’s coat, had already gone downstairs. He pulled her up from the sofa and walked quickly to the door!

Perhaps because he was anxious, he pulled her up a little quickly. However, when Zuo Weiyi saw him, she slapped her son’s arm away!

“Can’t you be gentler and slower! ?”

Shi Mo turned his head and frowned slightly. He looked at his mother in confusion.

However, Zuo Weiyi shot him an annoyed glance. “You men are really thinking about that matter all day long. Didn’t you notice that Bei bei hasn’t had her period for two months?”

Shi Mo was slightly stunned by his mother’s question.

Indeed, he didn’t notice when her period came. Could it be..

His gaze turned towards Yin bei. His worried heart was beating slightly at this moment.


Yin bei was dumbfounded. Although she was a little suspicious, this was her first time experiencing something like this. She wasn’t sure. What if it was like what Lian Lian had said, that she had some gynecological disease?

“From all the signs, our Bei bei is definitely pregnant!”Zuo Weiyi smiled. She was almost certain in her heart!


Shi Lian’s eyes were wide open. She had never been in a relationship before. To her, pregnancy was a sacred and delicate matter!

“However, we do need to go to the hospital for this!”Zuo Weiyi said as she fell into deep thought. She then turned around and said, “Wait for me to get some clothes, I’ll go to the hospital with you guys!”

It was February and it was very cold. If they were to go out, they would naturally need to put on a coat!

“Wait for me, I want to go too!”

Shi Lian snapped out of her daze and quickly got up from the sofa and rushed upstairs!

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Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO! Chapter 1824 - 1824 Chapter 1825 had not appeared for more than two months