I've Activated The Hidden Path of Beast Evolution
Chapter 130 - 130 Ignoring Restraint

130 Ignoring Restraint

The surroundings were extremely quiet.

The spectators were collectively stunned.

The skill of the Frost Beast belonged to the ice element. How could it not work on fire pets?

Wasn’t the ice attribute supposed to counter the fire attribute?

What was going on?

Could it be that Ye Fan’s Battle Pet wasn’t of the fire attribute?

That was unlikely.

Seeing that its entire body was burning with flames, it must be of the fire attribute.

Everyone had many doubts.

Especially Xu Gang. He was starting to doubt his life.

“That’s impossible! Absolutely not!”

Xu Gang looked like he couldn’t accept this. Ye Fan lightly glanced at him, a hint of a smile in his eyes.

Although its resistance was not immune to all of ice elements, *

it was not a big problem to resist a pet of the fifth rank.

After all, he had spent a lot of evolution points.

He had spent a total of 900 evolution points to unlock the resistance.

He would need to spend 1000 evolution points to obtain a higher level of ice element immunity.

However, he did not have many evolution points on hand. It was not enough, so he did not unlock the resistance.

Otherwise, *

The Frost Beast’s skill could not reach the Scorching Fire at all.


The spear was pulled out of the Frost Beast’s body by the Scorching Fire. It turned around and stabbed it into the body of the other fifth-rank pet.

By the time Xu Gang reacted, it was already too late.

He could only watch as the Scorching Fire killed his pets one by one.

Not long after.

Only the last pet had not been killed by the Scorching Fire.

Xu Gang’s face instantly turned pale, and his lips trembled. He could not make a sound at all.

After a while.

He lowered his head and walked down the arena with difficulty.

At this moment.

Xiao Tianming wanted to say something but hesitated. The other participants were all stunned.

They did not expect Xu Gang to lose so quickly.

Two fifth rank Battle Pets and three fourth rank ones had died without even touching a single strand of Ye Fan’s hair.

This time…

The pressure was all on Green Pine Academy.

The entire place was so quiet that no one dared to breathe loudly.

Unlike them, the West Eagle Academy was happy.

The frustration from before was completely gone.

“Truly amazing! Ye Fan!”

Shen Yi’s eyes were filled with envy and worship, looking up at Ye Fan like a fan.

The other three people beside him nodded repeatedly.

They knew that Ye Fan couldn’t possibly lose.

But this victory was too smooth.

They were mentally prepared, but they were still shocked.

Because up until now, Ye Fan had only summoned one Battle Pet.

He did not even use half of his true strength.

It was too unbelievable.

The people watching the battle instantly changed their view of Ye Fan. They completely felt that the West Eagle Academy was very impressive.

“This first-year student is terrifyingly strong!”

“It’s like cheating.”

“So this West Eagle Academy dug a trap for the Green Pine Academy to jump into. This first-year student is much stronger than the fourth-year students.”

“Green Pine Academy is going to lose this time.”

“How could it lose? Unless Ye Fan defeats five people at once. There are still three people in the Green Pine Academy!”

“Let’s wait and see!”


The discussion reached Xiao Tianming’s ears. His face was heavy and ashen.

He had thought that he would definitely win this round.

He hadn’t expected a dark horse like Ye Fan to suddenly appear.

It was hard to tell who would win and who would lose.

However, he could not come to a conclusion until the end.

After thinking for a long time, Xiao Tianming finally came up with a plan. In the blink of an eye, his gaze landed on a thin boy.

“Next, Zhang Yuan!”

“Ye Fan’s Battle Pet was probably specially trained. Its innate talent and techniques have all been awakened, so it’s comparable to the sixth rank.”

“However, such a pet is hard to come by. He must have trained it with all his might. It’s the only one.”

“The mission I’m giving you is not to win, but to wear him down. It doesn’t matter even if you lose in the end.”

“As long as you try your best to exhaust his pets, the next two rounds will be much easier.”


Zhang Yuan thought about it. It was a good idea.

He was no longer flustered as he strode towards the arena.

Next was the third round.

As soon as the match started, *

Zhang Yuan summoned his five pets.

However, to everyone’s surprise…

All five pets were only at the fourth rank.

This made Ye Fan a bit surprised. He had originally thought that the Green Pine Academy would send a fifth rank Beast Tamer.

“Looks like you only want to persist as long as possible.”

Ye Fan indifferently turned to look at Zhang Yuan.

Zhang Yuan was a bit afraid, not daring to meet Ye Fan’s eyes.

“Devour,” Zhang Yuan ordered.

The ant pet near him went to another pet and opened its mouth.


Blood splattered.

Everyone was discussing fervently.

The spectators were all stunned by his actions. They had not even started fighting, and his pets were already killing each other?

But Ye Fan understood. He raised his eyebrows, feeling that this person was a bit creative.


He did not attack immediately and looked at the scene in front of him with interest.

The other three pets seemed to know what was going on. They were willing to be eaten by the giant ant, without resistance.

The ant’s surface began to emit a red light, and then its aura soared, instantly reaching Rank 5.

After that.

It raised its tail and spat out an egg with mucus. When the egg touched the ground, it scattered, and countless ant monsters the size of dogs crawled out.

Seeing this, *

Ye Fan seemed to remember something.

This ant at the peak of the fourth rank was a very rare nest-type pet.

It could devour other pets and upgrade temporarily, and the way it fought was unusual.

The combat power of the giant ants was very ordinary, but these eggs hatched in groups and in huge numbers.

In an instant.

The arena was surrounded.

Zhang Yuan sighed and prepared to attack.

The ants charged at Ye Fan one after another.

The Scorching Fire moved the spear in its hand and defeated the ants. After the ants were pierced, they were quickly stopped moving.

From the looks of it, Ye Fan seemed to know that these ants were all at the third rank.

Moreover, there were hundreds of ants now. With Zhang Yuan’s strength, he could indeed fight a Rank 5.

Green Pine Academy seemed to be filled with talents.

Seeing this, *

Ye Fan was still very calm, not panicking at all.

He could see that *

Green Pine Academy had sent Zhang Yuan this time, not another Rank-5. This meant that they wanted to exhaust the Scorching Fire.

It would be easier for the other two Beast Tamers to fight him.

“This plan is worth a try.”

Ye Fan was somewhat amazed by this person’s scheming ability.

In the arena.

The sound of a spear piercing through an ant’s shell was heard, mixed with the sound of flames burning.

Each attack could take away an ant.

Each ant could not survive for more than five seconds under the scorching heat of the fire.

It was quickly burned to death by the high temperature, and its corpse quickly burned.

Zhang Yuan was a little frightened by the incomparably ferocious power of the Scorching Fire.

Originally, he thought…

He still had a chance of beating Ye Fan.

He didn’t dare to think that way anymore.

“This first-year student is so terrifying that he doesn’t look human!”

Zhang Yuan had fought many Rank 5 opponents before, but none of them were like this.

The ants that he was originally proud of were easily killed by the Scorching Fire.

The ants could not hurt the other party at all.

Moreover, this battle of attrition had only lasted for three minutes.

The swarm of ants that had come one after another just now had all died.

However, the Scorching Fire was also a little tired, and the flames around it weakened.

They had been waiting for this moment.

Xiao Tianming’s other participants had achieved their goal.

The audience also felt that Ye Fan’s side wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer.

“I don’t think it’s working.”

“Not everyone can defeat five people alone!”

“He’s a first-year student after all, but he’s already very good after fighting for so long.”

“He can only blame his teammates. They’re so weak that they can’t withstand a single blow!”

Zou Gen and the others instantly fell silent.

“Ding Liying, you go next.”

Zhang Yuan admitted defeat readily.

Xiao Tianming said to a girl behind him.

“I’m afraid that pet can’t do it anymore. You can deal with it when you go on stage.”

“No problem, Teacher. Let me do it!”

Ding Liying replied with a smile. She was very confident.

As the last fifth-rank participant of the Green Pine Academy, *

If it was the Scorching Fire from the beginning, she knew very well that she could not defeat it.

However, the Scorching Fire was already exhausted and could be easily defeated.

Therefore, she was confident.

A competitor beside her said proudly, “Looks like I don’t even have to go on stage.”

Ding Liying also smiled and turned to leave her seat.

After reaching the arena, she politely said to Ye Fan, *

“You’re really good. You shocked us.”

“But you’re still young and have room to grow. In another two to three years, you’ll definitely be the strongest.”

“It’s just too early for you.”

“It seems that your pet is already tired. Don’t blame me for being merciless in the competition later.”

Ye Fan was a bit amused.

There was a slight pause.

He smiled and said, “That’s right. In that case, let it rest. I’ll use another one!”

As soon as he finished speaking.

With a flash of white light, another fifth-rank pet appeared in front of him.

This was a vampire. Everyone was dumbfounded.

Ding Liying’s confident smile froze at this moment. She was speechless.

Ye Fan faintly smiled.

“Your worries are a little unnecessary, so you don’t have to worry about me when you fight later.”

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I've Activated The Hidden Path of Beast Evolution Chapter 130 - 130 Ignoring Restraint