Is this really a Game?!
Chapter 510 Taking Care Of The Demoness

Even Reign had seen the silver light that shone across the whole world.

He curiously looked at it, whilst stepping on the head of the demoness that he had pummeled into the ground. Her limbs had two swords stabbed inside of them each and his rank SS sword was stabbed into the stomach of the demoness.

The swords conducted Reign's lightning and continuously shocked the demoness as she tried to move, but failed to do so with each attempt.

"Give it up already, you're finished." Reign said as he removed his foot from her face.

The horns of the demoness that had grown out of the forehead during the battle were all gone, cut off by Reign. Her limbs were not only penetrated by the swords but were also broken and the current threat she posed to Reign was almost zero.

"You bastard, how dare you, how dare you to hurt me like this!" The demoness yelled out as she stared at Reign in anger.

"I will skin you alive, you may kill me now, but I will be back, my older brother will kill you, and I swear that I will be there to see it."

"Kill me now, you will only destroy this body and the soul of that woman you loved, hahahahahaha!"

"Even in victory, you still lose!"

"I will make sure to later … aaaaaa!" The demoness suddenly started screaming in pain as Reign used his ability to slowly inflict damage and great pain on her soul.

Her body started convulsing as he made sure to not severely damage the soul, but inflict as much pain as he could.

"That's better, your voice sounds much nicer when you're screaming in pain, although I still detest the fact that your face is the same as hers." Reign said in a cold voice as he looked down at the demoness before stopping his attack.

"I'm currently more interested in whatever the hell that was, but I guess it'll have to wait a bit, I'll check it out after dealing with you." Reign squatted down next to the head of the demoness and observed her face before grabbing her cheeks.

"So, are you going to talk, or do I need to do that again?"

"What, what the hell was that, how are you able to touch my soul, that should be impossible, to actually do something like that, what in the world are – Argh!"

Reign once again used his ability to hurt her soul for a brief moment before looking at her calmly.

"No, no, no."

"I ask the questions, not you." Reign waved his finger left and right in front of the demoness before letting go of her face.

"So, question number one, is there any way to save Lieara?"

'What do you think Aethion, do tell me if you believe she is lying about anything.'

"Will do lad."

"Hahahahah, save her?!" The demoness laughed loudly after repeating the question.

"I have already devoured most of her soul, devoured it, do you understand?!"

"There is absolutely no way for you to do anything about it, your little girlfriend is gone, boy!"


"I have to agree with her lad, once a soul has been devoured, you can only take the remains of the soul, there is hope for the fragments to one day heal up, but to completely heal such a soul, I'm afraid that I have no idea if it's even possible, if it is, then only those that are in the realm of gods can do it."

"Alright, next question." Reign coldly stated as the demoness stared at him in confusion.


"It seems that you didn't care that much about the girl after all, how interesting."

"You're wrong." Reign suddenly said.

"I did care, she was a person that I called a friend, you may believe that we were romantically involved, but it was purely physical, and as I can see now, the only thing I can do for her is to get revenge, and I am planning on doing so."

"Hahahahahaha, well, well, isn't somebody acting all high and mighty?"

"Next question."

"How many of you are there?"

"How many of us?"

"Well, trillions, probably even more boy." The demoness said as she feigned ignorance, before once again being attacked by Reign.

"You know what I mean, how many of you are here, in this region?"

"Since the leaders of the two kingdoms have suddenly improved their strength so much, I assume they have been possessed as well?"

"Hahahahah, you certainly do have a sharp mind, well, in a way, they have."

"In a way?"

"Ah, I think I know what she means!" Aethion suddenly spoke.

"Demons can actually possess people in two ways, one is the hostile way where they hijack the body and either slowly take over the soul, or devour it, but the other way is by merging their soul to the body and allowing the previous owner full reign over it."

'Something like that exists?'

"Yes, that way is less beneficial to the demons as they are merely observers at that point, pretty much how I am right now."

"And both the demon and the person they are merging with have to do it without any qualms or second thoughts, for the two rulers to gain power in that way, seems like they had fallen quite deep and were very loyal worshippers."

'Got it.'

"And how many of you are there exactly?"

"Oh, you don't want to hear more about the two kings?"

"No, I already know the answer, now speak."

The demoness had a slight change in her expression after hearing Reign's words, but didn't comment anything further and spoke.


"So the fourth person is the one you called older brother?"


"And he will kill you, human."

"So he is Tier IV?"


"That's a lie, boy."

'I know, she spoke way too fast and didn't even think about it, just as if she was already preparing herself for such an answer.'

"I see, so peak Tier III combatant."

"Yes, exac- wait, how did you know that?"

"I didn't, you just told me," Reign told the demoness with a cold voice as the latter hatefully stared at him.

"It doesn't matter, you will still die, you and all of those that go against him."

"Well, I guess I'll have to find that out by myself, you won't be there to see it happen, however."

"Hahahaha, won't be there, human, you truly do amaze me with your arrogance."

"When you kill me, all that will be left here is the body of this poor girl whose soul I have devoured, while my own will go back and join with my brother."

"I will be able to not only tell him all of this but also find a new body."

"And then the two of us will hunt you down, we will find you and skin you alive before hanging you by using your guts."

"We shall inflict such pain on you that you will beg us to kill you."

"I see, unfortunately, that will not happen demon, as you will be dying today."

"Tch, again with this arrogance, don't think because you have a way to harm my soul that you can destroy it, for someone like you, such a feat is impossible." The demoness said before flashing a smile.

An enormous amount of demonic energy suddenly started being drawn over to her as she was planning on destroying the body she had possessed.

"And with this, you won't even have a body that you can bury!"

"Insignificant tricks of a lowly being." The demoness suddenly opened her eyes wide as Reign's palm was stuck on her face.

Aethion's face suddenly showed up in front of her eyes, his cold eyes staring at her coldly before an enormous amount of pain was felt from her very soul.

"I said that you will be dying today." Reign spoke as the pain became greater for the demoness.

'Aethion, can we take the whole soul and salvage what remains of Lieara's soul?"

"Yes, it will take time to divide the souls, but I can do it."

'Great.' Reign said before using his ability to its fullest and suddenly tearing out the soul of the demoness from Lieara's body.

The surge of demonic energy disappeared and her body started returning back to normal while Reign took the soul inside him, letting Aethion imprison it and start working on dividing the two.

"What, what is this, where is this?!" The demoness angrily screamed out as Aethionn observed her.

"Truly an interesting specimen, I will have fun dealing with you, but first, let's make sure you can't do anything to that poor soul before I divide you two," Aethion said before pointing his finger at the demoness and sending a ray of eerie green light to it, immobilizing it completely and not allowing the demoness to do a single thing.

"The biggest mistake you made was believing that the boy is a normal human, and well, you shall find out how low your thinking was, especially since you are a normal demon that belongs near the bottom of your race."

"Well now, let us start, this will hurt you, it will hurt a lot." Aethion said before starting his 'operation'.

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Is this really a Game?! Chapter 510 Taking Care Of The Demoness