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Chapter 2317 - Side Story - Wu Xiao Dao Edition (7) Bored

Chapter 2317: Side Story – Wu Xiao Dao Edition (7) Bored


Wu Xiao Dao felt that it would be good if Fu Ming Shao could go back with her. His spirit roots were very good, and if he cultivates, he will definitely have a pretty good life. Although he was in his twenties now, and a few years late, but there is the Underworld. There was nothing to be afraid of, he’ll be able to make up for it in the next few years!

Water flows to lower place, man goes to higher position. If he could go to that world, it would be better for him.

She subconsciously ignored the premise that he said to go to that world.

But she still felt that he would not go with her. She can’t bear her relatives, and he must be the same. But she had forgotten that the royal family was ruthless, even if he had a high status now, it didn’t mean that he had a really good life before.

As long as he passes by, she will be responsible to him?

“This is what you said. As long as I pass, you will be responsible for me.” Fu Ming Shao’s smile deepened, his aura sprayed on her face, and he didn’t dislike her being dark and ugly now.

After all the words were said, Wu Xiao Dao calmed down, saw the smile in his eyes, and blinked: “That’s right.”

You won’t go with me anyway. She added in her mind.

Fu Ming Shao knew what she was thinking, so he smiled and said nothing. Whether to go or not, he still needed to consider.

Wu Xiao Dao raised her wounds on the mountain for more than ten days. These days, Fu Ming Shao was by her side, witnessing how her wounds recovered so quickly. Seeing that there was no scar on her skin, she was amazed at that world of medicine pills. the magic.


Wu Xiao Dao has also told him a lot about that world in the past ten days. Such a bizarre world really makes people yearn for it.

He also asked about Mu Si, and Wu Xiao Dao told him everything he knew, so that he could spend a lot of time. So when Mu Si brought Wan’er to see Wu Xiao Dao, he stared at Mu Si several times.

What a poor fellow. Fortunately, he forgot what happened in the past and met another person.

When she returned to the imperial capital, Mu Si and Wan’er could not hide the shock in their eyes when they saw her again.

“Xiao Dao, you have fully recovered?” Wan’er excitedly took her hand and looked at it again and again, and when she saw that there was really no scar on her body, she felt relieved and pulled her to sit down on her chair. “I also said that I will go to the mountain to see you tomorrow. I didn’t expect you to come back today. Your medicinal pills are simply amazing!”

“I’ll take your pulse.” Wu Xiao Dao held her wrist took her pulse.

Mu Si stood beside Wan’er and looked at the two nervously.

Wan’er’s condition has indeed improved in the past few days, but since then they have seen Wu Xiao Dao once. At that time, she was still unable to move, so this was the first time she had taken her pulse after treatment.

They wanted to know what happened to Wan’er.

After Wu Xiao Dao checked her pulse, she smiled and said, “The situation is similar to what I said before, and the connection with the Heavenly Dao has been cut off, so it will not continue to be weak. However, this body still needs to be well conditioned, it will take a year or two. Don’t worry, you can still have children.”

Wan’er’s face turned red, and she gave her a coquettish look: “What nonsense are you talking about!”

“What nonsense is this? You have to believe in my medical skills. Although I’m not as strong as my mother, I still have some confidence.” Wu Xiao Dao said confidently.

Wan’er looked at Wu Xiao Dao with a serious look on her face, thinking that she really didn’t know what she meant. When she was about to say something, she noticed the smile in Wu Xiao Dao’s eyes, and immediately understood that she was doing it on purpose. Suddenly she reached out to scratch the itch of Wu Xiao Dao.

Wu Xiao Dao was ticklish since she was a child, and immediately fled back, but at this time she forgot that her strength was completely sealed during the lightning tribulation.

“Be careful.” Fu Ming Shao’s voice sounded from behind. He held her body in his hands and looked down at her with a smile in his eyes.

She told him that she could not use spirit power for the time being, and would be similar to ordinary people, but he didn’t expect her to be so stupid.

Wu Xiao Dao sat up calmly, Wan’er looked at her apologetically and said, “I’m sorry, it’s all because of my carelessness...”

“It’s alright.” Wu Xiao Dao waved her hand, “I can’t give you medicinal pills now, your body is too weak, you need to take care of it slowly, I’ll give you some conditioning medicine, and give you some tonic prescriptions, you let the people around you to learn to brew it for you to drink.”

After all, she waved her hand, and the brush, ink, paper and inkstone appeared on the stone table. She wrote two prescriptions, and then wrote a few more prescriptions for food supplements, and gave them to Mu Si: “Take the first prescription for the first six months, and the second prescription for the next year. You can take the supplements all the time, and if you are pregnant, don’t eat it.”

Mu Si carefully put away these recipes, Wan’er lost the smile she had just now, and there was some worry on her face: “Are you leaving?”

“Not yet, but I don’t know when it might happen. In the event I leave suddenly, I better write this for you first.” Wu Xiao Dao put away her things and said casually.

Mu Si and the others knew that she was going to leave, so when she said that, they had nothing but reluctance. But Fu Ming Shao took a deep breath and stared at her with deep eyes.

She might leave at any time. As soon as the idea flashed in his mind, he felt a little dizzy.

“Although you are better now, your body is still very weak, so don’t work too hard.” Wu Xiao Dao saw Wan’er’s face a little bad, got up and said, “We will go back first, you have a good rest.”

“You just arrived in the imperial capital, do you have a place to go? Why don’t you stay in in the little courtyard?” Wan’er asked.

“No need, you need to rest here, and I can’t be quiet, so I won’t disturb you. Otherwise, I’m afraid that Mu Si will glare at me every day.” Wu Xiao Dao laughed and teased.

Mu Si didn’t speak, didn’t keep her, not because of this, but because he knew that he didn’t have to arrange her lodging at all.

He glanced at Wan’er, and she understood what he meant and did not keep Wu Xiao Dao.

Fu Ming Shao took Wu Xiao Dao to the Prince Manor. This was the first time he brought a woman back. The people in the Prince Manor immediately became excited, and everyone privately wondered whether she would become their Princess. Later, seeing Fu Ming Shao taking care of her everywhere and doting on her very much, they felt that this guess was true.

Wu Xiao Dao stayed in the Prince Manor for two days. After being cooped up in the Prince Manor, she couldn’t be idle anymore. She took Fu Ming Shao to go shopping. After walking around for a few days, everyone in the capital knew that there was a beloved woman beside the Prince.

On this day, Wu Xiao Dao went to Fu Ming Shao again, saying that she wanted to go out to play. For the first time, Fu Ming Shao said that he had something to do and would accompany her out in a few days. But Wu Xiao Dao was bored in the manor, so she said why not he do his work and she’ll go out by herself. Fu Ming Shao couldn’t win her in arguments so he had to agree. Soon, he regretted the decision.

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Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss Chapter 2317 - Side Story - Wu Xiao Dao Edition (7) Bored