Inhuman Warlock
952 Chapter 952

Huang felt fearless. There was no person here who could stop him! This city was his domain, where no one could go against the Royal Family, especially these outsiders.

Whenever they tried to stop them, they were going to be held back as the girl was dragged inside the castle.

In the outsiders, there was also one special person who hadn't tried stopping the Prince. Even though the Prince was intrigued about the identity of the person who had blocked his attack before, he didn't place much attention on Lucifer since he saw Lucifer standing back like a good boy all this time.

It was clear to him that Lucifer was scared and wasn't going to intervene.

He reached out his hand toward Yui, completely fearless.

"Arghhh!" His fingers were barely inches away from touching Yui's shoulders when the man stepped back, yelling in pain. His right hand was detached from the rest of his arm, falling to the ground, bloodied.

Even the guards with the Prince were stunned that their prince was hurt. Even at their speed, they hadn't seen just who attacked him. Lucifer was still standing in his place in the distance. It was as if he hadn't even moved a finger. As for Yui, she was a Snow Wolf, so she couldn't even use an attack like this.

Other family members were also captured, so they couldn't have attacked. That left only one question. Who actually dared to attack a Prince in the open? And where was that person hiding?

Seeing their Prince get hurt, the guards quickly surrounded him, preventing other similar attacks from harming him.

They even pushed Yui back to create some distance. The other guards also took control of the crowd, telling them that no one was allowed to move.

The Prince was still roaring in pain, watching his hand bleed. "Who did it!"

"Step aside!" He moved the other guards aside and stepped out in the open.

"Whoever attacked me, come out this instant! Stop being a coward! If you have the courage to attack, then you better have the courage to take the responsibility for the attack!"

The young Prince glared at everyone around him, trying to see just who could've attacked him. His bleeding had already stopped by now, and even his hand had started regenerating, which was the specialty of his clan. They could hear from most of the attacks. They could even regrow their limbs.

"If the attackers don't come out themselves within the next five minutes, all of you are going to be killed here! Either you give me the attacker, or you all die trying to protect him!"

Seeing the regrowth of the man's hands, Lucifer was intrigued as well. This kind of healing was similar to his own healing, just a slightly limited version.

He was sure that if he sliced their heads, even this healing couldn't bring them back, but he didn't. He wanted to see just how far they were going to go to find him.

He wanted to see if these people were really that stupid.

"You!" Huang glared at Lucifer, making him wonder if they had found out. He was waiting for it.

" You were looking at me! Did you see where the attack came from?" The Prince asked, disappointing Lucifer.

Lucifer let out a sigh. "You really are an idiot, aren't you?"

"What did you say?" Huang couldn't believe the way Lucifer was talking to him. He hated being disrespected, especially by outsiders. Even Hun's father didn't dare be so disrespectful.

"I said you are an idiot and not just for coming here." Since these people were stupider than he expected, he decided to just go with it and fast forward the process.

If he wanted, he could get the Prince to kill his own men using the stupidity of the man, but he needed to be the one to kill them, and what better time to start?

"Lucifer, don't!" Hun's father called out to stop Lucifer, not wanting him to be dragged into this. "Take Yui and leave!"

Lucifer glanced at the middle-aged man. "I am not taking her with me to leave. You'll be the one leaving and not alone. As if you didn't have enough reason to leave before, let me give you more reasons now!"

He wanted to make them leave this world to go to earth, and what better way than by using this enmity with the Royal Clan? After that, they had no option but to leave. They couldn't live in this world while carrying an enmity with the Royal Clan.

That way, he could give them an excuse to leave this world without having to tell them that the world was going to be destroyed.

"You have a really big mouth, don't you!" Huang exclaimed before commanding his men to kill Lucifer while he waited for his hand to be fully healed first.

"Huh?" As soon as he finished giving the command, his jaws dropped, noticing his men fall to the ground.

It wasn't just one person who had died... Every single guard that he brought with him had been killed, and he could only watch.

He didn't even know how to react as he saw the headless bodies of his guards fall on the ground, rolling around like fruits.

Even the guards who were holding onto Hun and his father had been killed, and it all happened in the blink of an eye.

"Since this already happened, I might as well go all the way."

Lucifer spread his arms, sending even more wind blades, killing even the spectators. The goal to send him here was for him to kill as many people as he could, and the shock factor helped him kill everyone who was there right away.

Even Hun's father couldn't believe it. This guy... Did he just kill the Royal Guards? He had made an enemy of the Royal Family, which was much stronger than these guards.

Unfortunately, it was too late now. Even if he stopped Lucifer now, it was still useless.

Fortunately, the Prince was still left alive!

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Inhuman Warlock 952 Chapter 952