Inhuman Warlock
Chapter 26 - 26: Facts And Numbers

Chapter 26 - 26: Facts And Numbers

A heavily guarded research facility existed in an unknown place.

The facility was a government facility under the control of one of the highest-ranking generals in the government.

At the moment, the guards of the facilities were running towards a newly arrived helicopter that was soon about to land on the helipad.

The guards reached the unknown helicopter. Their weapons remained in their hands as they stood alert. Even though it was a military helicopter, this wasn’t from the army. They needed to be alert.

The green helicopter belonged to the APF, which soon landed on the helipad. The door of the helicopter slid open as a few men stepped out of the helicopter.

A red-haired man was the one who seemed to be leading the small group.

The Chief of security was amongst the guards. At the sight of the red-haired man, he stepped forward.

"Calim Naders, the chief of security. May I know who you are?" The Security head reached out his hand towards the red-haired man.

"Xander Blake, APF," Xander let out as he showed his badge that proved his identity. 𝒊𝒏nr𝐞𝘢𝐝. 𝒄𝒐𝗺

Even though he introduced himself, he didn’t shake the hands of Calim. He ignored it entirely.

Calim retracted his hand, seemingly embarrassed. It was somewhat insulting, but the man was from APF. He couldn’t complain.

"I’m here to meet the incharge here. Take me to him," Xander told Calim.

"That would be Doctor Rao. You don’t seem to have an appointment, do you?" Calim inquired. It was evident from the man’s words. The man who didn’t know about the incharge of this place could certainly not have an appointment.

"I don’t have an appointment," Xander answered. His eyes squinted as the temperature near him started getting warmer.

"And I don’t need it anyway. Take me to him now," he added.

" Ah, You don’t have an appointment. But you’re from APF, so I’m sure he’ll meet you. Just wait a moment; I’ll inform him now."

Calim turned back as he brought his satellite phone out.

"Doctor Rao, Mr. Xander from the APF is here to meet you. It seems urgent," Calim informed Doctor Rao.


A frown engulfed the face of Doctor Rao, who wondered why the APF was here? This facility was outside their jurisdiction. What could have brought them here?

"Alright. Bring him to me."


Calim brought Xander inside the facility.

"Not a bad place. I guess they’re spending a lot here. Research is really a field of the wealthy indeed," Someone from Xander’s team commented as he saw how the facility was.

It couldn’t be compared to the APF headquarters, but it was not any lackluster either.

"Meh, You need a brain to work here. We are the ones who use brawns more than brains," another Delta Squad Member replied to the man as he shook his head.

"Right. In any case, our place is much better. As for money, it’s only a fleeting thing. Stop thinking about it. You already get more money than you can spend," another voice chimed in, belonging to Flourance, who was the second in command after Xander.

Xander didn’t comment on this discussion and continued following Calim.

They soon reached a room where Doctor Rao was present with another man.

Doctor Rao was sitting on a chair behind a table while Doctor Layman stood beside him.

As soon as Xander entered the room, Doctor Rao stood up to welcome him.

"Welcome to my little facility. How may I help you?’

Doctor Rao also reached out his hand to shake the hand of Xander just like Calim had done previously. Just like last time, Xander again ignored the hand of Doctor Rao.

Instead, he sat in the chair in front of Doctor Rao.

"Doctor Rao, You’re the In-Charge of this facility. I’m Xander Blake. I lead the Delta Team of the APF. I need you to answer a few questions of ours and as honestly as you can," Xander informed Doctor Rao.

"Sure. I’ll try to be as helpful as I can," Doctor Rao smiled as he replied while retracting his hand.

Inside his heart, he was amazed at the arrogance of Xander.

He also sat down.

"Tell me about Lucifer Azarel. He was in your facility for five years, right?" Xander inquired calmly.

"That’s right. He was here for five years. What about him?" Doctor Rao asked in return. They were here for Lucifer? Why now?

"I’m the one asking questions here. Tell me how he died?" Xander interrogated Doctor Rao as he squinted his eyes.

’Why did his death concern the APF? He wasn’t a Variant. APF should only be concerned with Variants. Is there something I don’t know about?’ Doctor Rao thought as he rubbed his chin.

"What happened? Answer me," Xander asked again as he snapped his fingers to bring Doctor Rao out of his daze.

"He died in an accident. We were testing a medicine to help him awaken his powers, but his body had a negative reaction, and he died," Doctor Rao lied without a change in his expressions.

"Are you sure that he died? Did you check it?" Xander asked, frowning.

He knew that the database said that Lucifer had died in the facility, but that should be impossible. A dead boy can’t go around killing people.

That could only mean that the data of his death was faked. The only question that remained was why? Why did this facility lie about Lucifer’s death?

"Mr. Xander, I’m a scientist. We work on numbers and facts. Of course, I’ll be sure before making a claim like that," Doctor Rao replied confidently.

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Inhuman Warlock Chapter 26 - 26: Facts And Numbers