617 Chapter 637, heading straight for the Treasury

Finally, when a dazzling speck of light drew near, this beautiful and desolate figure raised her hand and slit her own throat.

Her delicate body sank down, turning into specks of light and returning to Heaven and earth. Only her soul entered the spatial domain.

The specks of light transformed into a burly figure. He vented his anger in this world and left.

The Treasures of the Mystic Yellow Realm Lord weren’t attractive to Tian. It was the same for Kui.


After a short moment of Daze, Meng Jingtian woke up and pushed open the door.

After that, he didn’t enter directly. Instead, he turned around and let Jiang Ruxue into his palm, bringing her into the main hall.

There was a throne in the main hall. It was the throne of the Mystic Yellow Realm Lord. Behind the throne was the control core of the entire mystic yellow palace.

A rhombus-shaped crystal with various colors of light flowing within.

Meng Jingtian taught Jiang Ruxue a technique, allowing her to use this crystal to control the mystic yellow mansion.

Jiang Ruxue was skeptical, but since it was Meng Jingtian who said it, she still did as he said.

“Rumble!”A muffled sound resounded throughout the entire mystic yellow mansion. It was like an old house welcoming its owner who had not returned for a long time.

Along with this sound, everything within the Xuan Huang Residence was reflected in Jiang Ruxue’s mind.

Everything within the Xuan Huang Residence was under her control.

“Xue’er, how many treasures are left in the Treasury?”Meng Jingtian saw that she was able to control the central control and could not help but ask.

“There’s still... 100% left!”Jiang Ruxue replied.

Back then, when Tian stayed in the mystic yellow world and discussed dao with the Mystic Yellow World Lord, he hadn’t created that top-tier world yet.

However, he already had some ideas.

Hence, the control center of the Mystic Yellow Mansion was also created by the Mystic Yellow World Lord who once discussed Dao with Tian as a ‘system’. It could materialize everything in the mystic yellow mansion and display it in the form of data.


Hearing Jiang Ruxue’s reply, Meng Jingtian was stunned.

Only 100% left?

It Can’t be? When he discovered that this place had become a treasure hunting ruin, he had a bad feeling. After so many years, who knew how many treasures had been looted from the mysterious yellow mansion.

Now that Jiang Ruxue said 100% , it truly left him speechless.

In other words, these guys didn’t even manage to touch Xuanhuang Manor’s treasure vault?

Meng Jingtian couldn’t help but sigh for these treasure hunters. With the treasure in front of them, why couldn’t they get it?

“No! 99.9% , someone is there!”Soon, Jiang Ruxue spoke again, interrupting Meng Jingtian’s sigh.

“Let me see, which Lucky Person is it? It’s one in a million!”Meng Jingtian laughed out loud.

In the next moment, the two of them were sent into the treasure vault by Jiang Ruxue.

A white-browed old man was holding a horsetail whisk in his hand, his face full of joy.

Seeing the two of them suddenly appear, the old man took a step back and swung the horsetail whisk in his hand, immediately attacking the two of them.

In front of treasures, it was either you die or I Live!

The horsetail whisk in the old man’s hand seemed to have a life of its own as it flew towards the two of them.

Meng Xingchen’s voice rang in Meng Jingtian’s ears, reminding him that this old man was not ordinary. His average individual attribute value was at least 10 million!

However, before Meng Jingtian could make a move, this old man was directly thrown out of the Xuanhuang Mansion by Jiang Ruxue.

The horsetail whisk in his hand, however, slipped out of his grasp and flew into Jiang Ruxue’s hand.

As the Master of the Xuanhuang Palace, Jiang Ruxue had the entire Xuanhuang Palace, which was the strength of the entire Apocalypse world.

Not to mention that there were many traps set up by the old Xuanhuang realmlord, which could be used by her.

Even the peak experts of the upper-tier worlds wouldn’t be her match in her territory.

Unless, it was someone like Kui.

Apart from the first cultivator to break into the treasury in the past thousands of years, there were also other cultivators who had yet to reach the treasury and were fighting with arrays and traps outside the Xuanhuang Manor, they were all thrown out of the Xuanhuang Manor.

In the Xuanhuang great world, all the cultivators who had come to search for treasures were thrown out and thrown into a ball.

Curses and shouts rang out incessantly.

However, they could only helplessly watch as the entrance to the mystic yellow manor slowly disappeared into the sky.

Those who wanted to continue barging into the entrance that had yet to completely close were sent flying by the sudden appearance of a powerful strength at the entrance.

Within the Treasury of the Mystic Yellow Manor, Meng Jingtian looked at the treasures within and said to Jiang ruxue, “I want to take these things from you.”

“How can I borrow them? What I have is yours.”Jiang Ruxue looked at Meng Jingtian and slowly said.

Her eyes were filled with a complicated and hopeful look.

Meng Jingtian did not say anything else. He sat down cross-legged and began to cultivate the supreme cultivation technique.

Countless treasures flew towards him. They turned into the purest energy around him and were absorbed by him.

Jiang Ruxue paused for a moment before she turned around and walked out of the Treasury.


The two of them naturally didn’t know how angry the cultivators who had come to snatch the treasures were that they had been thrown out of the Xuanhuang Manor.


But no matter how angry they were, they couldn’t even find the entrance to the Xuanhuang Manor.

Meng Jingtian’s cultivation lasted for three days and three nights. When he finished cultivating, his supreme cultivation technique had also risen by one level, reaching level two.

His basic attributes had also reached around ten million.

After losing an entire treasure trove, Xuanhuang Manor had lost much of its luster.

However, Jiang Ruxue didn’t say anything. When Meng Jingtian finished his cultivation, she leaned against the wall and fell asleep.

Meng Jingtian squatted down and picked her up. Next to him, Meng Xingchen suddenly appeared.

Meng Xingchen’s true form had always been on Meng Jingtian’s body. It wasn’t strange for it to suddenly appear next to Meng Jingtian.

“The Karma has been found.”As soon as Meng Xingchen appeared, there was indeed a serious matter. He directly said to Meng Jingtian.

“Where is it?”Meng Jingtian asked.

“In the heavenly fire great world,”Meng Xingchen replied.

“Got it!”Meng Jingtian replied indifferently.


He placed Jiang Ruxue in the Xuanhuang Manor, in her own room, and then left.

But of course, he wouldn’t just leave Jiang Ruxue here. Hence, he wanted to bring the entire Xuanhuang great world with him.

Hence, the cultivators who were thrown back to the Xuanhuang great world saw a scene that they would never see again.

The clouds in the sky of the Xuanhuang great world stirred. It was as if there were faint reflections of other worlds appearing in the sky.

And that world was slowly being stripped out of the mystic yellow great world.

In the space outside the mystic yellow great world, the Mystic Yellow Mansion was stripped out of the mystic yellow great world by Meng Jingtian.

The entire mansion that was constructed from the micro-apocalyptic world turned into a thumb-sized earthen yellow bead that landed in Meng Jingtian’s hand.

However, the space within the mansion did not change in size.

Such a huge commotion had alarmed the current world overlord of the mystic yellow great world.

The entire eschatology world that belonged to the mystic yellow great world was also a relic with rich resources. After being taken out of the mystic yellow great world, he naturally couldn’t just sit by and watch.

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