Chapter 162: High-Elf’s suggestion

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“This is the first time I’ve spoken leisurely with Ruti like this.”


Ruti sat beside me and was conversing with Yarandorara.

We had finished our main dishes and were now having dessert, cupcakes and café au lait.

We spent our time after the meal comfortably.

“When I was a 『Hero』, I didn’t want to be bothered with anything unnecessary. I didn’t feel a need to know about my companions and I didn’t see a reason to talk about myself either. At that time, apart from Onii-chan, everyone else didn’t matter.”

“I see ... but it is different now?”

“Yup, Tise is my important friend. Ugeuge-san is a reliable spider. Lit is kind and understands the good points of Onii-chan.”

Ruti spoke like an ordinary girl stuffing her cheeks with a cupcake, without her sword or armor on.

Ruti’s expression relaxed, showing that she found it delicious.

Yarandorara looked over her with smiling eyes.

“So that is your true self. A cute girl just like Red described. I couldn’t tell when we were traveling together.”

“I don’t know anything about Yarandorara so it is natural that Yarandorara doesn’t know anything about me.”

“I am a florist working in the Imperial Capital. A friend of Red when he first came to the Imperial Capital as a child. A 『Tree Singer』 who was angry that my Hero companion Red was chased out of the party and left, and now a person who came in search of her missing important friend.”

Yarandorara glanced in my direction for a moment.

“Ruti, let’s talk about all kinds of things from now on. About myself, about you, about what kinds of food you like, what songs you like, what flowers you like. All kinds of topics.”

“Yup, I don’t mind being friends with Yarandorara.”

Ruti had changed.

In the past, she was constrained by 『Hero』 and could not make friends freely.

Now it was different. She had Tise, Lit, and Yarandorara.

In Zoltan, she also had Oparara and her board game kid friends.

There were people in town who would greet Ruti in a friendly manner when they see her.

I believe the gods were mistaken when they created the 『Hero』 divine protection.

When Ruti was alone in the past, she probably didn’t think of protecting the world.

She was only forced to save the world.

“By the way, Tise.”

“What is it Red-san?”

“What are you hiding in a corner today?”

I had been curious the entire time as Tise didn’t seem her usual self.

Ugeuge-san was also anxiously moving its legs.

“Erm, that’s because ...”

“Oh that.”

Yarandorara cut into our conversation.

“It’s because in the past Tise and I tried to kill each other.”


Lit and I blurted out in shock.

Cupcake spilled from the spoon in my hand from the shock and Ruti caught it from mid-air without a moment’s delay.

“Onii-chan, ahhn~”

“Ah, thank you.”

As expected from a cupcake I made.

It was perfectly sweet and delicious.

“Wait wait, what do you mean by tried to killed each other!?”

Lit caught hold of herself and asked.

Tise placed the cup with café au lait down and answered.

“It isn’t a complicated story ... at that time, I took on the job to assassinate a slave merchant.”

“Fumu fumu.”

“So I tried to assassinate him at the place where he was staying.”

Ugeuge-san leaped up with a pyon.

“Yes, Ugeuge-san was with me too.”

Tise is an assassin from the Assassins Guild.

Tise rarely spoke about her work but naturally, she must have done a lot of jobs until now.

“And what about Yarandorara? Was she guarding the slave merchant?”

“I, guard a slave merchant? No way! At that time I was working as a bouncer in that inn to earn my lodgings.”

“Ah~ I see.”

Murderous intent that usually would be unnoticeable.

But Yarandorara noticed it.

“As a bouncer, I had to stop any fight that happens in the inn. Furthermore, I didn’t know at that time that the customer staying there was a slave merchant.”

“Since I was noticed, I tried to withdraw but Yarandorara-san was persistent.”

“It’s a good memory as I remember breaking the road a little due to my momentum.”

Ugeuge-san raised both its front legs in protest.

“It wasn’t just a little, because of the ancient flower spirits you summoned in the middle of town, the roads were messed up, the buildings were tilted and Yarandorara was chased out of town.”

“The same for you too. An assassin getting chased out of town was so hilarious that I ended up laughing at the person I was fighting with.”

“No, it wasn’t a laughing matter. I was ended up gathering so much attention when I was supposed to perform my work in the shadows that my reputation in the guild dropped just because of that one case.”

It seemed that quite a lot happened between the two.

“ ... Not just ordinary matters, but spectacular happenings.”

Tise laughed bitterly at my words.

“That’s why I took some distance to survey the situation.”

“I didn’t expect the Swordsman who flew around that time using a spider would become Ruti’s friend.”

“I was also very surprised to find out that the High-Elf at that time was Yarandorara.”

Yarandorara extended her right hand to Tise.

“That time we fought because of our jobs so I hope we can put it in the past.”

“Of course, I am an assassin who can separate my work and private matters.”

Tise took Yarandorara’s extended right hand and exchanged a handshake.

“Nice to meet you, Tise.”

“The same goes for me, I’ll be in your care, Yarandorara-san.”

“Nice to meet you too, Ugeuge-san.”

Ugeuge-san who was called out to offer its small front leg to Yarandorara.

Yarandorara shook hands with Ugeuge-san with her fingertips.

“Now then, we’ve finished our meals and everyone had finished their greetings.”

“Yeah, that seems to be the case.”

The lunch box I brought was empty.

We were immersed in the feeling of content as we enjoyed the pleasant forest air.

“Now, I’ll take about my aim.”


What was this about?

“Hey Gideon, Lit, Ruti, and Tise and Ugeuge-san.”

Yarandorara looked at us.

Her silver hair wayed.

“I want to bring you guys to the High-Elf country, Kiramin Kingdom. There, nobody will betray you and you can live in peace.”

“Migrate to the Kiramin Kingdom!?”

Yarandorara’s suggestion was something completely outside our expectations.


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