I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible
Chapter 672 - 672 Test Of Strength (Part 1)

Chapter 672 - 672 Test Of Strength (Part 1)

672 Test Of Strength (Part 1)

Chu Xuan looked at the lively situation and chuckled.

These experts were doing their own filtering to decide who could and could not enter the Divine World.

Of course, in the end, it was really for naught.

If he did not allow it, who could come in?


The monster ancestor was a bit special. He was an innate lifeform from the beginning of the nine zones, and the one who had enlightened the monster race.

He had awakened the intelligence of the demonic beasts of the nine zones and turned them into demons.

Chu Xuan was also curious. Why did this monster ancestor suddenly disappear?

He was older than the three ancestors, and even slightly stronger.

Among the former powerful figures of the nine zones, only the monster ancestor was on par with the three Ancient Chaos Gods who were on the verge of reaching the chaos supreme realm.

There were a total of thirty-five rings of light that had appeared so far, and more than half of them would be eliminated.

The four divine beasts of the world did not appear. It was as if they had disappeared.

Chu Xuan could not help but think of the system’s reward back then, the Four Spirits Stars Chariot.

The four divine beasts could not have become the four protector beasts for his chariot, right?

Thinking about this closely, this was entirely possible.

Chu Xuan had not used the Four Spirits Stars Chariot since he obtained it.

Starlight as the path, and four spirits as its protector.

How awe-inspiring!

There probably was not a second person in the entire chaos who could travel in such a manner, right?

He was really looking forward to the day that he left the courtyard.

At this moment, the monster ancestor had already made his move and launched an attack.

It did not shatter the layers of space in the chaos, nor did it create a huge commotion, but it simply traveled directly into the ring of light.

Then, the ring of light started to collapse.

The Ancient Chaos God behind it roared in anger and a terrifying power swept over in an attempt to stabilize the ring of light and offset the power of the monster ancestor.

However, his efforts only lasted for about three breaths of time.

With a bang, the ring of light exploded.

The pawn that had spawned the ring of light also crumbled instantly, his Dao path and world dispersing into the chaos.

This was a person who had transcended the World Creator realm, so he was not truly dead.

Perhaps the monster ancestor had shown mercy and deliberately spared his life.

However, it would take a long time for that person’s Dao path and world to recover, after which, he would be free from his fate as a pawn.

It could be said that the monster ancestor had saved him.

The monster ancestor shook his head and sighed.

“That guy’s strength was lacking. Next please.”

The group of experts felt a chill run down their spines as they watched the ring of light collapse.

That Ancient Chaos God had lost the right to enter the Divine World.

As for whether the other party would come personally, that was not important. After all, those who qualified would work together to ensure their own benefits, keeping the others out.

The three ancestors all had solemn expressions.

The strength of the monster ancestor was beyond their expectations.

He had disappeared for countless years, but the moment he reappeared, he had put on a show of unparalleled strength.

“Demon Ancestor,” an Ancient Chaos God said as a ring of light solidified, “You and I fought in the past. Today, I’ll have a taste of your skills again.”

He had no confidence in handling the monster ancestor, so he challenged the demon ancestor instead, as he had fought the latter before.

The monster ancestor did not say anything.

He had eliminated the previous person in one move, so no one in their right mind would choose him.

“As you wish,” the demon ancestor said coldly.


Demonic power filled the sky, and space shattered layer by layer.

The demon ancestor’s aura was extremely shocking.

He raised his hand and threw a punch at the ring of light.

This punch was even more overbearing than when he had killed Qin.

The ring of light trembled and swayed, as if it would be destroyed at any moment.

As for the pawn that was bearing the ring of light circle, his body started cracking and was about to collapse.

The power of the demon ancestor was extremely domineering and destructive.

A terrifying figure loomed within the ring of light. His power surged, continuously stabilizing the space and neutralizing the power of the demon ancestor.

However, he could not protect his pawn in time, and the pawn let out a blood-curdling screech as before crumbling and vanishing.

Without an anchor point, the ring of light was far more fragile, and crumbled as well.

The Ancient Chaos God clearly had not expected the demon ancestor to be so powerful.

Another person was eliminated.

The other Ancient Chaos Gods turned solemn at this sight.

The strength of the four ancestors had exceeded their expectations.

The immortal ancestor’s sleeves fluttered as he looked at the Ancient Chaos God that was using an immortal race expert as a pawn.

“If you can take one of my attacks, I will forget about this matter.”

“Come, I also want to know how strong you are.”


The Ancient Chaos God snorted.

The ring of light instantly solidified.

One could vaguely see a spatial passage that led to a distant place.

A terrifying figure appeared at the other end of the tunnel.

Furthermore, this expert had taken the initiative to transmit a wave of energy over to protect the pawn and prevent a repeat of what had happened to the other Ancient Chaos God earlier.

At the same time, a red curved saber appeared in his hand, which was his supreme treasure.

The first two Ancient Chaos Gods had not used their supreme treasures out of carelessness and were eliminated.

The strength of the immortal ancestor was no weaker than that of the demon ancestor.

Therefore, this Ancient Chaos God was not taking any chances.

He was actually very confident that he could block an attack and keep the spatial passage from collapsing.

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I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible Chapter 672 - 672 Test Of Strength (Part 1)