I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible
Chapter 6 - Dust Assimilation Technique and Spirit Severing Sabre

Chapter 6: Dust Assimilation Technique and Spirit Severing Sabre

On the eleventh day, Chu Xuan’s wish came true.

“You’ve been a shut-in for eleven days. Comprehending the true essence of being a shut-in is to keep a low profile. You’ll now be rewarded with the dust assimilation technique.”

The dust assimilation technique was a secret technique.

It was not just a secret technique that simply concealed one’s aura and cultivation. Instead, it was a secret technique that could be used to become the same as the environment and everything in its surroundings.

For example, if one stood in front of a tree, they would be perceived as that tree.

If he stood together with rockery, he would be that rockery in his will perception.

What was even more terrifying was that if he stood together with others, he would not appear in his will perception. Instead, he would be perceived as the person beside him, or perhaps the person beside him.

Hiding his aura and concealing his cultivation was just a small trick.

Chu Xuan was pleasantly surprised. The dust assimilation technique was definitely not a secret technique at the level of the Emperor Scripture.

Without any hesitation, he immediately started cultivating the dust assimilation technique.

Due to the system’s direct comprehension process, it was not too difficult to cultivate it.

After spending half a day, the dust assimilation technique had reached the foundational stage.

After entering the foundational stage, the dust assimilation technique was constantly in operation. His cultivation showed that he was in the early Mortal Realm and had entered the Qi gathering stage.

At this moment, Chu Xuan, who was lying on the recliner, could only see the recliner if he used his will to sense, but he could not see himself.

This was the power of the dust assimilation technique.

After practising the dust assimilation technique, Chu Xuan’s residence became more comfortable. As for the matter of the Chu family investigating the spies, he did not pay too much attention to it.

From the mouth of the food delivery servant, he knew that the Chu family had organized a competition to select highly qualified servants to be specially trained.

The food delivery servant was lucky enough to obtain a training spot. He could be seen that the other party was very excited by this.

His eldest cousin, Chu Qing, was in charge of this conference.

Chu Xuan immediately understood that the Chu family was going to use this conference to pick out the hidden spies. They were even going to use the spies they captured to take down the hidden forces of the cult in Chu County.

At the same time, Chu Tianming was also going to use this opportunity to train Chu Qing.

Chu Xuan did not care how the Chu family dealt with the cult, nor did he want to care. He just wanted to stay at home and slowly become stronger.

As long as he became stronger, forget the cultist sect, even if the cultist king of the evil imperial court attacked, he would not need to worry.

If the king angered him, he could just slap the king to death.

The prerequisite for all of this was that he had to be strong enough.

Thus, Chu Xuan read books and cultivated at the same time. He did not waste any time.

He ate several great profound pills and spirit nurturing pills every day.

His strength soon finally broke through to the second level of the Profound Realm. If news of this cultivation speed spread out, it would definitely scare the group of geniuses to death!

Under the nourishment of the spirit nurturing pills, his spiritual will grew rapidly. At the second stage of the Profound Realm, his spiritual will was already equal to the typical fourth stage Profound Realm.

Chu Yun came once and brought many copies of books from the Scripture Pavilion for Chu Xuan. Then, she went back to the ancestral residence to enter closed-door cultivation to break through to the Profound Realm.

Chu Xuan gave her three great profound pills and spirit-nourishing pills as a reward. Since he used the excuse that her father had left them behind, Chu Yun could not refuse.

During this period, the system rewarded him with another box of great profound pills and spirit-nourishing pills. However, it did not give him any new cultivation techniques nor treasures related to the cultivation of mental will.

Instead, it rewarded a sabre technique, high-grade profound scripture.

As well as a small secret technique.

Other than the daily fixed reward, Chu Xuan did not trigger the random reward. He had never understood the rules of the system’s random reward.

In other words, the random reward had no rules at all.

Chu Yun went into seclusion for three days and successfully broke through to the Profound Realm. Her speed was beyond imagination. However, Chu Xuan knew that this was due to the effects of the great profound pills and the spirit nourishing pills.

The rest of the Chu family did not know the specific situation. Thus, they were all amazed at Chu Yun’s amazing talent.

Chu Tianming was even happier.

After breaking through to the Profound Realm, Chu Yun came to bid farewell to Chu Xuan. She wanted to leave the clan ground and go out to train.

The direct descendants of the Chu family would only be allowed to leave the clan ground and go out to train after breaking through to the Profound Realm. Chu Xuan was very envious of this as had never left the clan ground before.

Forget the Qin Kingdom, he had never even seen the rest of Chu County that was controlled by the Chu family.

Now, he had to stay at home and slowly become stronger. No matter how envious he was, he would not leave. He would not even take a step out of the courtyard.

After Chu Yun left, there was no one to accompany him.

If he wanted to stay at home comfortably, he had to stabilize his state of mind. As for closed-door cultivation, such a thing did not exist in his mind.

His cultivation had been soaring, and there was no need for closed-door cultivation right now. It was possible that this was also what the system intended.

If he went into closed-door cultivation for a few months or a few years at a time, then it would be meaningless to stay at home.

Before Chu Yun left, she originally wanted to ask Chu Tianming for mercy and to allow Chu Xuan to return to the ancestral residence.

However, Chu Xuan refused. He said that he had just angered his grandfather, Chu Tianming, so it would definitely be difficult for him to return to the ancestral residence. If she were to punish him after she left, no one would help him plead for mercy.

Upon hearing Chu Xuan’s words, Chu Yun temporarily dismissed the idea of pleading for mercy. However, she promised that when she returned from her experiential learning, she would definitely plead on his behalf.

Moreover, she encouraged Chu Xuan to break through to the profound realm as soon as possible so that he would not have to stay in the clan land and be restricted.

Under Chu Xuan’s request, Chu Yun brought a lot of copied books over.

Time passed quickly. Soon, it was the 20th day that Chu Xuan had stayed in the courtyard.

It had been another 10 days. Chu Xuan was really looking forward to what rewards he would receive.

Currently, his cultivation was already at the sixth level of the Profound realm. He still had two full boxes of great profound pills and spirit nurturing pills. Other than the system’s fixed daily rewards, one of the boxes was a random reward that had been triggered.

The Chu family’s servant competition had ended and the servant who was responsible for delivering his meals and cleaning had thus been replaced.

Chu Xuan did not know how many cultist spies had been caught in the process

However, the Chu family was about to take action against the cultist forces hidden in Chu County.

The person in charge of clearing out the cultist forces was Chu Qing.

The day before, Chu Qing had left to make a trip to the courtyard and asked Chu Xuan if he wanted to go out with him to gain experience and broaden his horizons. He would plead with his grandfather to allow him to leave.

Chu Xuan refused.

What kind of joke was this? He was only at the Profound Realm. If he left now, the records that he had built up for so long would be wiped clean.

The Profound Realm did not guarantee safety outside. Although there were experts from the Chu family protecting him in the dark, what if something unexpected happened? Would he not lose his life?

Therefore, it was still safer to stay in the clan land and steadily become stronger.

When Chu Tianming found out that Chu Xuan was not willing to leave and was worried that he would encounter danger outside, his cowardly character made him lose his temper again.

Why did his talented third son give birth to a cowardly person?

It was all Chu Xuan’s mother’s fault!

Chu Tianming was so angry that he said, “Just let him stay there. Out of sight, out of mind!”

On the other hand, Chu Xuan was happy to be alone.

Twenty days later, the system reward arrived.

“You’ve been cooped up for twenty days. The reward is a high-grade treasure weapon, the spirit-slaying SABRE!”

High-grade treasure weapon!

Chu Xuan was pleasantly surprised. One had to know that the main weapon of the Chu family was only a middle-grade treasure weapon.

The weapons used by martial artists were divided into mortal weapons, spirit weapons, treasure weapons, and emperor weapons. They were also sub-divided into three grades: upper, middle, and lower.

As the name implied, mortal weapons were only mortal weapons. No matter how sharp they were, and no matter how hard they hit, they could only be used by martial artists in the Mortal Realm.

No matter how strong a mortal weapon was, it could not bear the spiritual power of a martial artist above the profound realm, and could not match the strength of a Profound realm martial artist.

A spiritual weapon needed special materials and special forging techniques to be created.

Not only could this weapon bear the spiritual power of a martial artist above the profound realm, but it could also enhance the martial artist’s attack power.

The higher the grade, the greater the power. Similarly, it also required a higher cultivation level to be able to display its true power.

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I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible Chapter 6 - Dust Assimilation Technique and Spirit Severing Sabre