I Heard You Like Me Too
Diary Entry 9

Diary Entry 9

Life is full of traps, I refuse to watch that variety show.

Because I already have a feeling what it will be like from what I have gathered from reading their posts.

My parents seldom post on Weibo but people in love tend to want to display their happiness out for the entire world to see.

So they both would, of course, show their sweet life for the world to see.

When I woke up the next morning, I had big dark bags under my eyes. Mother wondered, “Did you not sleep well last night?”

“Just couldn’t fall asleep,” I lightly said, not looking into her eyes. Looking into her eyes would only make me think about 《Secretly in Love for Ten Years》.

“She had the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen, like a layer of black gems…”

Has father been irritated before?

In his memory, his father had always been graceful and aloof. Even if he had been calculated against by others, he would still keep an expressionless face.

I suddenly really want to see that variety show.

Fortunately, since it is summer vacation, there is no work so, after breakfast, I climbed into bed and opened up the video player.

《Marriage March》 is already on its seventeenth season so it took a while of scrolling back till I find that season. 𝗶𝚗𝘯re𝐚d. 𝑐𝗼𝙢

I must say mom and dad looked really young back then.

There are a total of 12 guests on this variety show who will compete for points. After each episode, one couple will be eliminated. The team that wins, in the end, will have a huge mystery prize.

After watching the show introduction, I started on the first episode.

The first three couples are an onscreen CPs that I am not familiar with. Then it was time to introduce the real-life couples. The first one is my parents!

My parents look so young with their clear and elastic skin full of vitality. When they gaze at each other, it seemed as if there is no one else on earth except for them.

Their actions are very intimate. While my mom is busy chatting and laughing with the other guest, dad just silently stood by her side and remove the lint from her shoulder. Then he would softly watch as mom jibe with the other CPs.

When I opened the timed comments, the screen was completely filled with text.

“My eyes! How can you bully us single dogs!”

“Protect the single dogs! Protect the single dogs!”

“If this isn’t love, then there is no such thing as love!”

“So sweet!!!!!”


“Our Shu Shu is too amazing! Male God is too caring! So attentive!”

“Shu Shu! Male God is amazing! You two must be happy!”

“You must win!”

There were so many comments but I can only recognize these ones. There are some comments about the other couples too but most of the time it is for my mom and dad. Only now do I understand the extent of their popularity at that time.

“Dong, dong, dong.” A knock sounded from my bedroom door. I subconsciously hid my phone under the pillow, “Come in.”

Mom walked in smiling and rubbed my head. She put a glass of milk on my bedside and said, “You didn’t sleep well last night? Drink some milk to sleep peacefully.

I drank the milk and peacefully fell asleep.

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I Heard You Like Me Too Diary Entry 9