Chapter 26

Du Yu Shu opened the door and saw a refreshed-looking Ye Jing An carrying a bowl of reddish-brown soup.

Du Yu Shu let him in. Just now, an intolerable headache shot up her head. She doesn’t have the energy to fight with him and only wants to quickly send Ye Jing An away

“Is it unbearable? Your fault for drinking so much wine.” Ye Jing An dully said. Du Yu Shu just wants to kick him out.

“Do you need something? If not, get out!”

“Hangover Soup,” Ye Jing An sighed, “For you.”

“How are you going to do the reality show this afternoon in your current state?”

Looking at the reddish-brown soup with a variety of ingredients, Du Yu Shu disgustingly frowned, “Put it over there, I’ll drink it later.”

“As for the reality show, you don’t need to worry about it.”

Ye Jing An slowly smiled and moved forward. Du Yu Shu subconsciously took a step back. ‘Pah,’ the phone fell onto the ground. Ye Jing An picked it up and frowned as Du Yu Shu’s eyes suddenly widened and quickly went to retrieve her phone.

But in these few short seconds, it was enough for Ye Jing An to see what was displayed on the page.


Ye Jing An could clearly see the title and his eyes flashed.

The reason Du Yu Shu is unhappy was because of this?

Du Yu Shu immediately took the phone and turned it off. Ye Jing An slowly said, “Are you being difficult because of Xia Ning Hua?”

Du Yu Shu sneered, too lazy to speak, but that is enough to show her disdain.

Yesterday’s confession, was it real?

When Du Yu Shu opened the door, Ye Jing An saw that her eyes were cold, chilling his heart.

As expected.....

But right now, has the situation taken a new turn?

Ye Jing An handed the hangover soup to Du Yu Shu and gently said, “Drink this first, this afternoon we are going to play a high-altitude game. If you go in this state, you will feel uncomfortable.”

“High-altitude game?” Du Yu Shu took the bowl slightly stunned and then remembered the Ferris Wheel yesterday. She stared deeply at Ye Jing An, “So yesterday’s Ferris Wheel.....”

“..........” Ye Jing An turned away in embarrassment and coldly said, “Drink your soup, I made it....”

Before he finished his sentence, Ye Jing An tightly shut his mouth, his eyes showed some regret. In just a few minutes, he already revealed so much!

“You made it?.....” Du Yu Shu’s mood suddenly became better, as if the sun finally rose after days of rain, shining on the ocean, revealing a few gentle ripples. She looked at Ye Jing An in surprise and novelly said, “Did you burn down the kitchen?”

“Do you think I’m like you?” Ye Jing An snorted, and gave her the cold-shoulder “Quickly drink, it will be harder to drink it if it gets cold.”

Ye Jing An lowered his head and used his finger to fidget with his ear. He felt a bit hot.....

Du Yu Shu looked reddish-brown liquid and endured nausea as she put the bowl towards her mouth. Then she heard a cold clear voice, “Open your mouth.”

Du Yu Shu consciously opened her mouth and a solid slipped in between her teeth, making her whole mouth sweet.

Du Yu Shu pursed her lips, feeling as if the sweetness entered her heart.

Ye Jing An’s finger trembled, how long has it been since that saw quietly together?

“Xia Ning Hua, we don’t have any relation,” Ye Jing An broke the silence, “She was my older brother’s lover but they have broken up. Obviously, she wants another one so she aimed at me.”

“Oh.” Du Yu Shu wrinkled her brows. She doesn’t have much to say even though she has a lot of questions.

“I’ve only met her a few times at my brother’s place. Before my brother, she was with someone else” Ye Jing An frowned, “Later, she was with my brother. My brother is a wastrel, but he is not someone to seize by force. If she was not willing, my brother would not force her.”

What he means is, Xia Ning Hua was willing to be with his brother?

Du Yu Shu understood what he meant and lightly said, “Oh.”

So? She does not care what relationship Xia Ning Hua has with Ye Jing An’s brother. She just wants to know, what is Xia Ning Hua’s relationship with Ye Jing An.

“The last time I saw here was at ‘Blues.’ She and I do not have any contact but that day, she suddenly flew towards me and began crying,” Ye Jing An’s face distorted, looking unhappy, “Obviously, that picture was taken at that time.”

After he finished, Ye Jing An pressed his head in awkwardness. So many years, Ye Jing An felt some panic after explaining this to Du Yu Shu.

“Oh,” Du Yu Shu let out a sound.

What kind of reaction is that?

Ye Jing An pursed his lips and didn’t speak.

“And the trending topic on Weibo?” After a long time, Du Yu Shu finally spoke.

Ye Jing An’s face clearly showed his displeasure, “I’ve been with you the entire night. Do you know how difficult you are when you’re drunk? After putting you to sleep, I was as tired as a dog. I’ve only known about this situation when I woke up this morning.”

“You slept here last night?!” Du Yu Shu’s focus was not on the right matter.

“Where else would I sleep?” Ye Jing An turned and coldly said, “If I go out, I can’t lock the door. A young lady in an unlocked hotel room the entire night, how dangerous is that!”

“Besides, I slept on the sofa.” Ye Jing An awkwardly added.

“Ah?” Du Yu Shu wanted to say something. Ye Jing An’s words were logical but he simply interrupted her with ease.

“Don’t worry about this incident,” Ye Jing An took Du Yu Shu’s phone from her hand and roughly pressed her under the blanket. This afternoon’s high-altitude game, don’t throw up. You don’t look good already, if you throw up, it will be a very ugly sight.”

Du Yu Shu frowned, “Look better than you.”

Ye Jing An laughed.

Du Yu Shu struggled to get up but could not break from Ye Jing An’s strength and could only lie down awkwardly, “With you here, I can’t sleep!” 𝒊𝒏𝒏𝙧𝗲𝓪𝙙. c𝒐𝙢

Ye Jing An looked at her deeply and suddenly said, “We’re together, right?”


Du Yu Shu also wanted to ask.

She seemed as if she discovered a highly toxic poppy, big, red and beautiful, waving at her from the distance.

So enticing and beautiful?

Do you want to catch it?

Du Yu Shu could feel the intensity of his gaze as if her answer meant life or death.

Should I agree?

Du Yu Shu asked herself.

“Yes, we’re together.”

Du Yu Shu heard herself answer. Ye Jing An exposed a bright smile.

How could she reject Ye Jing An?

How could she possibly reject Ye Jing An?

How could she reject such a sincere Ye Jing An?

She couldn’t do it.

Du Yu Shu gently sighed. She knows she can’t reject him.

Maybe, this is the grievance of a crush.

The moth flew into the fire unhesitatingly. In the end, it got tragically burned to death.

So close.

“Yes, we’re together.....”

That sentence rung in his ears as fireworks burst in his mind. Ye Jing An opened and closed his mouth, not saying a word. And then, he turned and hugged Du Yu Shu.

After being suddenly embraced by Ye Jing An, Du Yu Shu could feel the blush rising to her cheeks. At first, she wanted to push him away on instinct but her fingers slowly lost strength and slowly clung onto him.

After crushing on for so many years, this is the first time they hugged in eight years.

Du Yu Shu thought, this is a really sweet dream.

At this moment, a movement came from the door and then Wang Jie scream, “Ah––––!”

Wang Jie firmly closed the door, holding the room key in her hand as she stared at Ye Jing An and Du Yu Shu dumbstruck.

Flustered, the two people let go of each other like primary school students who were caught by their parents in a romantic relationship.

“You two!” After closing the door, Wang Jie couldn’t suppress her anger any longer, “Du Yu Shu! Ye Jing An! You two! You two!”

Du Yu Shu’s heart dropped. Wang Jie is her agent, even more, her friend. She doesn’t want her to be sad.

Ye Jing An turned to look at Du Yu Shu and saw her nervous expression. Her fingernails dug into the palm of her hands causing her to slightly twitch her eyebrows.

Ye Jing An felt a touch of pity and distress.

He held her hand, wanting to give her strength.

Soft and slightly cold which could only belong to Du Yu Shu’s hand.

Ye Jing An was slightly drunk.

I am with you. Whatever the situation, we will get through it together.

Ye Jing An thought, settling his worried heart.

Slender, tough and warm fingers slowly wrapped around her hand.

At that moment, Du Yu Shu’s heart settled down. No matter what, there is still someone to accompany her right?

“You two actually don’t want the company to report your romance!”

“You two should have said it earlier! The company wouldn’t break you up!”

“Do you know how much of my hair has fallen because of your matter!”

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