Chapter 22

“No need,” Du Yu Shu felt her heart wavered a bit when she saw Ye Jing An’s curved lips. She pushed the popcorn towards him and awkwardly say, “Eat some popcorn, it will make the fear go away.”

“En,” Ye Jing An’s smile couldn’t help but get bigger. When Ye Jing An reached into the bucket to get the popcorn, Du Yu Shu’s hand was still in there. Panicking, Du Yu Shu quickly took out her hand and turned to look at the screen. She gave an unsettled laugh, “The location of the dagger is not right. It’s not even inserted in the artery, how can there be so much bleeding. Also, the dagger is crooked, tut.”

Ye Jing An’s finger froze and he lightly coughed, “Never thought that Leading Actress Du is well rounded in this aspect, really worthy of being Leading Actress Du.”

Although the sentence was meant to be a praise, Du Yu Shu felt awkward hearing it and subconsciously said, “How can I compare to Emperor Ye.”

“Ye Jing An is the one that is well-rounded,” Du Yu Shu delightfully laughed, “Even fond of horror movies. Specially invited me to see a horror movie together and then loudly screaming; it really is....refined ah.”

Ye Jing An indifferently popped the popcorn into his mouth and slowly revealed an ambiguous smile, “Don’t I have you for this?”

“Leading Actress Du is very knowledgeable and can easily defeat the devil. With Leading Actress Du here, what is there to be afraid of?”

Ye Jing An casually laughed.

Du Yu Shu, “.....hehe.”

Du Yu Shu expressionlessly turns to face him and flippantly hooked her finger at his chin, “Let me inspect the goods first.

“Give your Lord a smile,” Du Yu Shu’s index finger lightly grazed over Ye Jing An’s chin making him shudder. Du Yu Shu’s breath sprayed against his face, making the atmosphere ambiguous.

Ye Jing An exposed a smile, his throat burning. He made a shy expression and said in a low voice, “...Lord, are you satisfied with what you see?”

Du Yu Shu almost forgot to react.

“Ugly,” Du Yu Shu expressionlessly said.

“Trouble you to go to South Korea to get plastic surgery, Thailand to change your build, Europe to learn to dress fashionably, and to the US to learn how to make money.”

“Then I will consider it.”

Ye Jing An, “......”

“If I do these thing, then you’ll marry me?” Ye Jing An asked in a modest tone.

“Of course,” Du Yu Shu replied noncommittally then revealed a sinister smile, “Remember to first go to Thailand to get surgery.”

“Lord like soft and fragrant girls.”

Ye Jing An, “......”

“Then there’s no other way,” Ye Jing An sadly sighed, “Leading Actress Du, let’s go?”

“Hmm?” Du Yu Shu sounded, “Let’s go.”

Although it failed, there are still some unexpected gains.

Ye Jing An narrowed his eyes and casually walked out.

Because they did not finish the movie, it is still early. Ye Jing An originally arranged to eat dinner at 7 but it is only half past six.

When they came out of the cinema, although it is half past six, the August weather in Z City is still pretty hot, but it wasn’t as bad as it was in the woods.

When the two entered the car, Ye Jing An turned on the air conditioner and hesitated; it is better to consult with Du Yu Shu first. He whispered, “Hungry?”

“Not hungry.” Du Yu Shu shook her head. Today was a hot day add on to the fact that she ate lunch very late and haven’t sleep, although she does not feel exhausted, she has no appetite at all.

“Then we’ll eat at a later time,” Ye Jing An started the engine, “I’ll take you somewhere first.”

New Century Amusement Park

“So this is the place you want to take me?” Du Yu Shu looked at the pamphlet of Mickey and Minnie Mouse that is scattered all over the place, finding the situation hard to believe, “Are you thirteen?”

“I will always be a child at heart,” Ye Jing An said nonchalantly.

“So you have arrived at the age to preserve your childhood innocence ah,” Du Yu Shu exclaimed, “In an instant, you’re already so old ah.”

Ye Jing An, “......” 𝒊n𝓃𝗿e𝚊𝒅. Co𝚖

I am only older than you by two-three years!

Am I really that old?

Ye Jing An clenched his teeth as he bought the tickets. After thinking for a while, he bought two bottles of water and said to Du Yu Shu, “Let’s go.”

When he caught a glimpse of Du Yu Shu, he didn’t miss seeing a flash in her eyes. Ye Jing An’s heart instantly settled; clearly, she wants to go to the amusement park but why speak such poisonous words?

Not the least bit cute, heng.

Du Yu Shu is already so big but has never been to an amusement park before.

It’s not that she wasn’t interested in it, at a young age, she had been very curious and enthusiastic about the amusement park especially since it is something to be done with the entire family. But Du Yu Shu’s parents only appear once or twice a year so she has never had a chance to go. One day, when her parents came back, she proposed the idea of going to the amusement park at the dinner table. This led to her father to reprimand her at the spot and then escalated to her parents fighting. Helpless and confused, Du Yu Shu sat there and began to cry.

Du Yan Su silently picked up his sister and took her away. Du Yu Shu already doesn’t want to go to the amusement park anymore. The little her at that time thought that the reason her parents are fighting was because of the amusement park. She was crying so hard that she couldn’t breathe so in the end, Du Yan Su dragged her to the amusement park.

However, it was not open.

After that, Du Yu Shu would avoid the amusement parks until she got older and realized that her parents fighting were unavoidable.

By then, her view of the amusement park has been tainted.

She never expected that she would come with Ye Jing An today.

Ye Jing An took the tickets and walked over to Du Yu Shu to enter together. Then, a few girls came over and surrounded them, looking shy and expectant, “......Are you Ye Jing An?”

Du Yu Shu’s brows jumped.

“I am,” Ye Jing An’s expression didn’t change, “Do you want a photo? Autograph? 500 RMB for each.”

Du Yu Shu, “.......”

The girl’s face fell and one of the tall girls laughed, “What did I say? He couldn’t be Ye bao (treasure). Ye bao is filming at B City, how could he be here?”

“Yes ah, he is obviously shorter than Ye bao, he doesn’t even have Ye bao’s long legs.”

“How could Ye bao be like this, Ye bao is so cool and tall.....”

“Sorry, we’ve mistaken you for someone else.” The girls apologized and then turned, wanting to leave.

Ye Jing An beamed, “I really am him, how about I give you a discount?”

The tall girl looked back and grimaced before walking away.

Although they have walked quite far, they could still hear the girls chattering.

“So shameless, how is he like Ye bao at all?”

“His eyes is not as charming as Ye bao’s, his nose is not as good as Ye bao’s, his lips are not as thin as Ye bao’s, and his body isn’t that good. It also seems that he is older than Ye bao, how could you say that he resembles Ye bao, this is clearly an insult to Ye bao!”

When Du Yu Shu heard this, she doesn’t know what to say. She slowly turned to look at Ye Jing An and turn to this topic in interest, “They really can see through you....”

“Impressed by my cleverness?” Ye Jing An laughed.

“So you’re a rogue ah....” Du Yu Shu exclaimed.

Ye Jing An, “......”

Ye Jing An seriously looked at her, “Leading Actress Du, has anyone ever told you, girls with poisonous tongues are not the least bit cute.”

“Girls who are not cute will not have anyone to love them.”

Du Yu Shu’s heart ached; she turned and sneered at Ye Jing An, “I don’t need your love.”

Du Yu Shu coldly laughed, there was no warmth in her eyes. It seemed like those warm scenes of them interacting with each other was just a dream and he has just woken up. The reality is hideous.

Although Du Yu Shu is shorter than Ye Jing An, when she has that stubborn and arrogant look in her eyes, it seemed like Du Yu Shu is the one looking down at him.

“There’s a lot of people who loves me, without you, it wouldn’t make that big of a difference.”

Not true, not true....

Du Yu Shu yelled in her heart, that is not true.....

“I also don’t need someone,” Du Yu Shu paused and disdainfully swept a glance at Ye Jing An, “who is appraised so much by the fans to like me.”

But I really, really like you, really like you.....

Du Yu Shu felt as if she could hear her crying voice.

Du Yu Shu sneered at him as Ye Jing An quietly assessed her.

After a while, Ye Jing An frivolously smiled and absent-mindedly said, “Even if you look down on me, don’t want to be together with me, hate me, or loathe me, you have no choice but to go on the date with me.”

Ye Jing An smiled, his eyes set ablaze, “I like seeing you like this, unwilling and wanting to complain but have no other choice to follow me.”

“Every time I see it, I feel very happy.”

Ye Jing An felt like a hole was torn in his heart, but he managed to keep a smile on his face when he heard Du Yu Shu said three words.

“Mentally. Retarded. Person.”

A mentally retarded person?

Did you know that I have become a sick ever since I started liking you?

Ye Jing An’s lips curved up revealing a pleasant smile. He knows that whatever he says, this girl would never believe him.

“Du Yu Shu, do you know,” Ye Jing An wickedly smile, “You look really cute when you bare your fangs and brandish your claws.”

“I really like seeing you baring fangs and brandishing claws with no way out.”

There weren’t that many people at the entrance of the amusement park. Ye Jing An spend a long time online searching for a amusement park that does not have many people. In order for them not to be recognized, Ye Jing An came up with many precautionary measures. Besides the group of girls from earlier, they didn’t encounter anyone else.

There was no wind at this time, the trees stood still as the two quietly stood opposite of each other, not moving at all.

Unparalleled silence, it could also make people flustered,

Deep down, Ye Jing An knew, underneath the intention of this sentence, Du Yu Shu would not accept it.

Or, it could be that she doesn’t want to accept it.

She really really hates

Ye Jing An smiled at Du Yu Shu, revealing the ridicule in his eyes. It took a while for Du Yu Shu to react. She smiled and maliciously said, “Ye Jing An, you are really inferior.”

“Your inferiority is abnormal. It must be tough on Wei Meng who has to deal with an artist like you.”


However, the me that loves you counts as what?

【Small Theater】

What are these two people who are too proud to confess to each other like.....?

Du Yu Shu, “He doesn’t like me. He doesn’t like me. He doesn’t like me. He doesn’t like me. QAQ”

Ye Jing An, “She doesn’t like me. She doesn’t like me. She doesn’t like me. She doesn’t like me. QAQ”

Du Yu Shu, “......Carefully test out the water【Cautiously reveal claws】”

Ye Jing An, “......Carefully test out the water【Cautiously reveal claws】”

Du Yu Shu, “Dammit!”

Ye Jing An, “Dammit!”

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