Chapter 18: Soup

Ji Zhao thought for a moment and divided the seven taels of silver on the table into three portions.

She handed five taels of silver to Zhao Lanhua and one tael of silver to Eldest Sister-in-law Shen. She only kept one tael of silver for herself.

“Mother, you already spent a tael of silver to bring me to see a doctor just now. Moreover, you and Eldest Sister-in-law helped to deal with these wild chickens. In the end, it was Eldest Sister-in-law who helped to sell it, so we’ll split the silver like this.” Ji Zhao smiled and said firmly.

Previously, the Host had stolen the Shen family’s silver. However, when the Host unfortunately rolled down the hill, the silver was gone.

Ji Zhao felt that she owed the Shen family a lot.

“I don’t want it.” Eldest Sister-in-law Shen hurriedly put the tael of silver back. “I didn’t put in much effort. Besides, I only helped because of Mother.”

“Eldest wife, since Ah Tao gave it to you, you can keep it.” At this moment, Zhao Lanhua suddenly said, “It’s getting late. Ah Tao and I will go back first. You guys don’t have to send us off.”

In the end, Shen Dalang and his wife still sent them out of the city.

When Zhao Lanhua brought Ji Zhao back to the Shen family’s courtyard in Shanghe Village, the sky was about to turn dark.

Ji Zhao stood outside the courtyard with a hesitant expression, and her footsteps were uncertain.

“What’s wrong?”

“Mother, why don’t I return to the Earth Temple first?” Ji Zhao smiled lightly.

“What time is it? Don’t just stand there!” Zhao Lanhua looked at her indifferently.

Ji Zhao hurriedly chased after her.

Now that her relationship with her mother-in-law had finally eased a little, it would not be worth it if there was another misunderstanding!

Ji Zhao obediently followed Zhao Lanhua into the kitchen.

At that moment, Second Sister-in-law Shen was washing the dishes. When she heard footsteps, she hurriedly wiped her hands and called out with a smile, “Mother, you’re back? I saved a bowl of rice for you in the pot.”

“Thank you for your hard work.” Zhao Lanhua smiled, her eyes filled with warmth.

Although her second daughter-in-law was usually a little greedy, she was not vague when it came to important matters.

She came back late today. Her second daughter-in-law was very obedient to be willing to cook with a big belly.

“Leave the kitchen to me. Go back to your room and rest,” Zhao Lanhua said with a smile. “By the way, I brought some snacks. Bring a bag back to your room later.”

“Thank you, Mother!” Second Sister-in-law Shen narrowed her eyes and replied happily.

She knew it!

As long as she performed well tonight, with her mother-in-law’s personality, she would definitely not mistreat her!

She loved pastries the most!

“Ah Tao, help me add some firewood.” Zhao Lanhua glanced at Ji Zhao and chuckled.


Zhao Lanhua immediately put on her apron, rolled up her sleeves, and lifted the lid of the pot.

There was only one bowl of rice left in the pot. It was definitely not enough for two people.

“Mother? Why don’t I go back first?” Ji Zhao whispered when she saw her thoughtful expression.

“Add firewood!” Zhao Lanhua said without looking up. Then, she turned around and scooped a small bowl of flour from the cabinet.

She quickly added water and noodles and extravagantly added two eggs.

Fifteen minutes later, Ji Zhao couldn’t help but gulp when she smelled the fragrance. “Mother? What are you making? Why is it so fragrant?”

“Dough drop soup.” Zhao Lanhua kept stirring the pot with a big spoon. Finally, she added a pinch of white sugar to the soup.

In the end, she filled a bowl with the soup and handed it to Ji Zhao. “Be careful of the heat. Blow on it before you eat it!”

“Thank you, Mother!” Ji Zhao held the bowl of soup and smiled brightly.

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