Chapter 16: Treatment

Ji Zhao listened to Zhao Lanhua’s introduction with relish. She swore in her heart that when she saved enough money in the future, she would definitely come to the county city to settle down!

Zhao Lanhua led Ji Zhao to the right street for fifteen minutes before they finally stopped.

Benevolent Medicine Hall.

Ji Zhao blinked and looked seriously at the triangular banner hanging on the eaves.

“Treatment or medicine?” The shopkeeper, who was checking the accounts at the counter, heard footsteps and hurriedly looked up to ask.

“Doctor, we’re here for treatment.” Zhao Lanhua pointed at Ji Zhao’s head. “My little daughter-in-law accidentally rolled down the hill when she was collecting pigweed and fell on her head. Please take a look.”

“Alright, come and sit down!”

Ji Zhao subconsciously glanced at Zhao Lanhua. Under her gaze, she obediently sat down.

The doctor carefully removed the bandage on her head and carefully examined the wound on her forehead. “Why did you fall so badly? The wound already has a little pus. We need to remove the pus first, then sprinkle some powder on it and bandage it again.”

“Thank you, doctor,” Zhao Lanhua said with a smile.

An hour later, the wound on Ji Zhao’s head was finally treated.

However, Zhao Lanhua had spent another tael of silver.

“Mother, don’t worry. I’ll definitely return this silver to you in the future.” After walking out of the pharmacy, Ji Zhao suddenly stopped in her tracks and said seriously.

Zhao Lanhua smiled at her. “There’s no hurry. Come with me somewhere else now.”

“Alright!” Ji Zhao replied obediently.

Half an hour later, Ji Zhao stood on the green brick road and looked at the two pastry shops in front of him. She looked at Zhao Lanhua in confusion.

“Mother?” Shen Dalang, who was helping to entertain the customers in the shop, inadvertently caught a glimpse of that familiar figure and hurriedly went out to welcome her.

A dark red figure hurriedly walked in front of the two of them.

“No hurry, no hurry. Walk slowly!” Zhao Lanhua patted her eldest son’s hand and asked happily, “How’s business in the shop recently?”

“Pretty good!”

Shen Dalang had a fair round face and was slightly chubby.

His bright eyes looked very smart, and his facial features were quite similar to Shen Yao’s.

However, Shen Yao’s facial features were well-defined and looked better.

“This must be Third Sister-in-law, right?” Shen Dalang glanced at Ji Zhao and asked with a smile.

Brother Shen only returned for the wedding banquet on the day of Shen Yao and Ji Zhao’s wedding. Hence, he did not know about the scandal that Ji Zhao had caused after that, so his attitude towards Ji Zhao was very pleasant.

“Greetings, Big Brother.” Ji Zhao smiled and called out softly.

“Mother, Third Sister-in-law, come in and sit!” Shen Dalang immediately invited them into the shop.

Only then did Ji Zhao have the time to size up this pastry shop.

The shop was not big, about 50 to 60 square meters, but it was very clean.

All kinds of pastries were clearly placed on the counter. They looked pleasing to the eye and made one drool.

“Mother, Third Sister-in-law, quickly drink the sugar water.” After a while, Shen Dalang brought over two large bowls of sugar water with a smile. “The sugar water that was brewed an hour ago has already cooled. It’s just right for you to drink it now.”


Zhao Lanhua nodded. She picked up the big bowl in her hand and drank it in one gulp. “It’s very sweet!”

“As long as Mother likes it!” Shen Dalang scratched his head and smiled foolishly.

“By the way, your wife just came, right?”

“Yes, Chunyan accompanied her to the Hongxing Restaurant down the street,” Shen Dalang quickly said. “The Second Manager of Hongxing Restaurant often comes to our shop to buy pastries, so he should give more money on account of me.”

“Eldest son, I’m very happy that you’re successful,” Zhao Lanhua said happily.

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