Chapter 565: Sample room_3

Of course, Tang Wen was even happier. It was better to have no furniture. Otherwise, he would have to move out if he had furniture.

This guy immediately took action and set up his new home.

He took out a new type of sofa from the void Bag, set up a tea table, a tea table, installed a computer ... He also set up a Simmons bed.

However, there was a problem when it came to installing the mobile bathroom.

This thing needed to be connected to the water distribution tower and the sewer, and finally, to the already-formed septic tank.

Tang Wen checked the surroundings of the house and found that the sewer behind the house was wide and deep.

And it was all sealed up, and there seemed to be a small ditch inside.

The water was constantly flowing, and the depth was about one meter, which was not bad.

In this case, the feces wouldn’t stink even if they were discharged. So, Tang Wen took out a hoe, a shovel, and began to dig the ditch ...

Don’t underestimate these hoes, shovels, and shovels. They were all refined by blacksmiths, and their grades were comparable to upper-grade swords. Digging ditches was like digging tofu.

He had to install pipes, water pumps, and electricity ...

“Senior Sister Cao, what do you think Tang Wen, that country boy, is doing?” Liu Qianqian opened the window and looked out for a while before asking,”Tang Wen, what are you doing?”

“Country bumpkins are country bumpkins, what can they do?


I saw it just now. It seemed to be digging the ground with a hoe and a shovel.

Are you planning to plant vegetables around the house?” At this time, another woman named ‘Luo Yu’, who was sitting around ‘fishing on a horse’, said.

Cao Lulu was the big sister of the nameless class. There was never a lack of visitors at her house, and there were always people fishing.

Of course, Luo Yu was also from the nameless class, although the students from other classes would occasionally try to fish for money.

But very few. Most of them were drawing talismans diligently, hoping to improve their skills.

“You’re such a fool. Why do you want to grow vegetables? if you want vegetables, you’re afraid that there’s no food. You can go to the academy to take them at any time. It’s not like it costs money. ” Since there were four people in MA Diao, there was naturally one more person. This person was called ‘Fan Zhen’, a male student from the nameless class.

His father, fan Fenggang, was the assistant Minister of the Ministry of War, the second generation of an official.

Of course, people like Cao Lulu were the second or third generation of officials, or the second or third generation of rich people. They naturally disdained to play with the poor. These rich men and women had their own circles.

Among the four of them, Luo Yu’s family background was slightly worse. However, her father, Luo dongqiang, was a rank three first-class guard.

Furthermore, the first-rank guards were all protecting members of the imperial family.

She often came into contact with high-ranking officials and nobles, even possibly the Emperor. Therefore, Cao Lulu allowed her to enter the circle.

Otherwise, an official rank-3 was still a little lacking and would be rejected by Cao Lulu and the others.

The next day, Tang Wen didn’t go to school. He hid at home and continued to work, laying tiles, painting walls, and installing small mobile water cleaning equipment ...

He was very busy because Tang Wen wanted to build his own dormitory into a model room.

At that time, if her classmates came to play, they would definitely be attracted.

At that time, he would be able to sell his products and make money.

It was too difficult to find a few hundred mu of land in the capital to build the Tang enterprise, so Tang Wen decided to start with the college and earn the College’s money first.

This was because those who could enter the three major Academies were all rich people with financial ability. The poor could not go to school.

As for cultivation, the teachers and instructors of the nameless class would not care if you came or not. In any case, it was a relationship class, a lousy class, and the Academy had long given up on it.

Keeping it was nothing more than to balance the relationships between all parties and to use it as a money-making tool.

Of course, there were nameless classes like this in all the major sub-courtyards, including the human, earth, and heaven courtyards. They were all targeted at students of different levels to make money.

Of course, the Academy’s bottom line was that each major sub-academy had a minimum ‘admission line’.

For example, the minimum requirement for the Xuan house was the intent proficiency realm, while the heaven house dropped to the element gathering realm. As for the human house, you were a fool who could enter as long as you paid the money ...

Therefore, he was already used to it.

It took Tang Wen three days to settle everything.

After lying on the bed and resting for half a day, Tang Wen began to wander around in the afternoon.

Of course, he wasn’t wandering around blindly. Instead, he poked at the talismans on the ground or the walls with his psyche power.

In the beginning, some of the runes couldn’t be inserted, and the resistance was greater.

A few days passed, and Tang Wen finally found some clues.

These talismans were actually miniature spiritual formations. To make talismans, to put it bluntly, was to use a brush, a finger, or a knife to directly draw or carve a spiritual formation on paper, sheepskin, animal skin, or stone.

These materials were the coal mustard that carried the spiritual array. For example, why the spirit explosion talisman could explode and hurt people after being activated.

The principle behind it was similar to that of a grenade. A grenade was made of alloy and then filled with gunpowder.

The spirit explosion talisman was nothing more than paper, sheepskin, and other materials that were alloys, while gunpowder was replaced by talisman formations and true Qi.

After thinking through all these, he understood everything.

Tang Wen first used the telekinesis thread to find the array eye of the spiritual array. As long as he found the array eye, he could find a way to control it or directly break it, and he could obtain the talisman array and obtain the inheritance.

Moreover, Tang Wen discovered that he could obtain an inheritance after cracking a high-level spirit talisman diagram. This inheritance wasn’t just about the creation of spirit talismans.

There was also the true essence of the talisman maker contained in the talisman, and even a trace of residual mental energy would be constantly devoured and refined by Tang Wen, making it his own.

Every time he deciphered a talisman, Tang Wen would directly imprint the talisman with a telekinetic thread, so he didn’t have to draw it himself.

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