Chapter 575: Luo Daimei (1)

“Sigh ... The main problem is that the nameless class is a class that relies on money to enter. They don’t have much talent in martial arts and talisman making, so it’s too difficult for them to improve. Yang xiongliang isn’t the only one who can do it, no one else can. ” Yang Chaoran sighed with a distressed expression.

“Moreover, this group of people is too difficult to manage. We can’t beat or scold them. Once we manage them, they get angry. They even called dad, mom, first uncle, and second uncle to support them. How do you expect us to teach them?” Ding Jingzong sighed.

“That’s why we have to be prepared for the class to be disbanded.

Especially the nameless class in the Xuan house, it was a mess.

You see, I went to school to play horse fishing, and I played with a ball when I was practicing. When I saw other classes drawing talismans, I actually went to cause trouble. If this goes on, the entire Xuan house will be doomed. ” Lin Yifeng said.

“That’s indeed the case. But principal, if we remove the nameless class, how are we going to earn money in the future?

Even though the nameless classes in the bigger courtyards only had a few dozen or two to three hundred students, their annual school fees alone were worth more than a hundred million taels.

Especially the nameless class of the Xuan courtyard, which was the most expensive. They took up about 30% of the income.

The other three courtyards only have a total of 70% of the income. If the Academy is short of this 100 million taels, then it will be quite troublesome. ” Ding Jingzong’s face was full of worry.

“I only said prepare. Of course, I’ll drag it out as long as I can.” Lin Yifeng said.

“If Tang Wen wants to make a fuss, let him be. Who knows what miracles will happen?” Ding Jingzong said.

“Miracle, sigh ... Go and announce it.” Lin Yifeng waved his hand, his face helpless.

In the afternoon, the 200 students, a dozen instructors, and Masters of the Xuan house gathered in the square in front of the gate.


“Today, I’ve gathered everyone here to talk about a few things. The first thing is that the students of the Xuan courtyard and the teachers ‘dormitories and schools should be installed with toilets and electric lights.

The Academy will pay half of the fees, and you will pay the other half. We’ve already discussed this with the teacher and the students, and no one has any objections.

Of course, the academies for special geniuses would not have to pay for it. The academies would pay for it themselves.

If you have the ability to step into the human realm or the earth realm, the Academy will also take care of you. ” Yang Wen, the Senior Manager of Xuan house, stepped forward and said.

“Manager yang, the Academy will have to return 250000 taels of silver to me.” Chu Hanyu said.

“I’ll return the money to you. I don’t understand what you mean, Princess. ” Yang Wen asked in confusion.

“Tang Wen said that if I complete the task, he will give me a full set for free. That’s why he didn’t charge me for my room. As such, the Academy’s money should be mine. ” Chu Hanyu said.

“Yes, yes, I’ve also completed my mission. Tang Wen also said that he would give me a complete set for free, and the Academy would have to refund me 250000 taels.” Cao Lulu also said.

“Mission? what is Tang Wen’s mission?” Yang Wen asked in confusion.

“It means that I bought him 100 full sets, so I’m giving him a full set as a gift.” Cao Lulu said.

“Tang Wen, is there such a rule?” Yang Wen asked immediately.

“There are! Not only the princess and Senior Sister Cao, but I will also give one full set to anyone who can bring me a hundred full sets for free. This rule applies to everyone.

In fact, if you can bring me 50 million taels of business in one go when I buy spirit stones and spirit pills in the future, I’ll give you 500 thousand taels of similar goods in return.

“Of course, please remember that the reward is similar goods. For example, if the big customer you brought bought spirit stones and spirit pills, your reward can be spirit stones and spirit pills.

Of course, it can also be wine, three-striped fish slices, or a bathroom of the same value for you. ” Tang Wen replied loudly.

At this moment, all the disciples of the Xuan house were there, so it was the best time to advertise.

“That’s fine. Our black grade Academy has packed more than two hundred sets this time. Shouldn’t you give us two complete sets in return?” Yang Wen asked.

“You’re a little slow. I already have more than 100 orders for the students.

The Viscountess got it. Of course, if you take away the 100-odd complete sets, there are only about 100-odd complete sets left. I can give one complete set to you for free.

“Of course, if the Academy feels that it’s unreasonable, you can discuss it with the Viscountess. I’ll give you two sets anyway.

Cao Lulu’s side will take up 15 spots, and the rest are all customers from outside and have nothing to do with the Academy. ” Tang Wen replied.

“Of course it’s hers if the princess took it first. However, you’ll have to give us a full set of the Academy’s rules.” Yang Wen said.

“Don’t worry, I’ll tell my boss. He was the one who set the rules, so there shouldn’t be a problem. ” Tang Wen nodded.

“Who’s your boss?” A student asked.

“It’s not convenient for me to disclose this at the moment. My boss is very low-key, so he gave me and Wen Jinyuan full authority to handle this.” Tang Wen shook his head slightly.

“You’re paid quite a lot, aren’t you?” Cao Lulu said with a smile.

“Hehe, actually, the pay isn’t much. I can just get some spirit pills and spirit stones for cultivation.” Tang Wen smiled.

“The second thing is that yang xiongliang from the nameless class has left our Academy.” Yang Chaoran announced.

“Why did elder yang, who was teaching well, leave?” Chu Hanyu asked in dissatisfaction.

“That’s right, elder yang is not bad. He is always thinking about our nameless class. Why did he leave just like that?” Cao Lulu also asked quickly.

Yang xiongliang had always been obedient to them, so they were naturally happy.

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