Chapter 462: Chapter 401 son of King Nan (3 p.m., 16000 words in total)_2

These were all experts, and their throwing abilities were not weak. They could throw things a few miles away.

If we don’t fly up now, I’m afraid we’ll be caught unprepared. ” Wen Jinyuan was a little anxious.

For example, great Chu’s military could also make those clay bombs, which were wrapped in gunpowder.

Many years ago, many people liked to use these bombs to blow up fish. If the pack of gunpowder was big enough, the power would not be small.

“Let’s take off,” Tang Wen waved his hand.

Immediately, the Tang family’s flying beast Army flapped its wings and flew up from the ship to meet the enemy. Yi Weilong’s group also noticed the movement of the Tang family’s Army.

“Don’t worry, they don’t have many Eagles, but we have more than 500.

There are only a hundred of them, four against one. Everyone, let’s fire at this batch of Eagles first.

This is the first time our sect has been so brilliant since the start of the competition. ” Yi Weilong said with confidence.

However, what Yi Weilong didn’t know was that Tang Wen’s Flying Eagles were all flying beasts brought back from the Xuanwu region.

The flying beast’s combat ability alone had already reached the element gathering tier, and it was even capable of telepathy and spirit focus.

Although there were not many of them, they were more agile than the Eagles.

In addition, the Tang family had also given them bulletproof vests, which made their defense stronger. Ordinary bullets couldn’t kill them.


In addition to the shooting ability of the AK gun, it was comparable to the fighter jets of World War 2. It would be very terrifying.

The distance between the two sides continued to shrink. However, the effective range of the AK gun was only about 800 meters. The Tang family’s people were more skilled, so they could kill The Enemy Within a range of about two miles at most.

Therefore, they had to get closer by about two miles.

However, the flying beast Army was also equipped with a few heavy machine guns, and these big guys had a range of seven to eight li.

They were even equipped with more than a dozen powerful sniper rifles, which made their shooting accuracy even higher. 𝘪𝑛𝒏r𝘦𝚊𝐝. 𝒄o𝐦

“Everyone, let’s get closer before throwing fireballs. At that time, the enemy will be blasted to the point where they’ll be rolling their farts and crying for their parents. ” Yi Weilong laughed.

“Of course. We each have a bundle of fireballs, so that’s more than 500 bundles.

At that time, he might be able to blow up all their warships.

Haha, we don’t even need the reinforcements from behind, we’ll just destroy them ourselves. ” Mizuki Murakami laughed.

“Master, six miles away ... Five miles, they seem to be throwing fireballs.” Wen Jinyuan sat on the flying beast and kept counting.

“Heavy machine guns, fire! Assault!” Tang Wen shouted.

Tap tap tap tap ...

A few heavy machine guns fired at Yi Weilong and his men like arrows of death.

Those guys were preparing to throw fireballs and were thrown into a panic.

They had not expected the other party’s falling fire to be able to hit so far.

“Return fire, return fire!” Yi Weilong shouted and the enemy shot arrows at him.

However, the accuracy of the arrows was not good. Moreover, they were too far away. Even if some of the arrows were shot, they would be shattered by the close-range AK gun.

In addition, the wind in the air was very strong, so the arrow was shot in a different direction. The Tang family’s subordinates were all strong, and each of them had sharp eyes.

In an instant, under the cover of the heavy machine gun, Tang Wen’s flying beast Army was already more than two li away.

At this time, the AK guns opened fire. More than a hundred tongues of fire spewed out, and the remaining 60% of the enemies were instantly shot to pieces.

The flying Eagles screamed as they fell to the ground, their feathers flying in the air. With broken limbs, the sky was dyed red with blood.

Yi Weilong was indeed powerful. With one shot, two members of the Tang family were immediately shot and turned into a mist of blood.

“Kill!” Tang Wen was furious. At this moment, AK guns and heavy machine guns were no longer useful. They engaged in close combat and entered a melee battle.

There were only a few dozen people left on Yi Weilong’s side. Tang Wen took out his pistol and fired.

Yi Weilong dodged all of them, while ye Qian and Zhuge cangxiao dealt with Miki Murakami and the other experts.

However, Tang Wen wasn’t in a hurry. Although Yi Weilong dodged it, the heavenly worm had already flown to Yi Weilong.

The poisonous mist was released and Yi Weilong’s head started to spin, his reaction slowed down.

Bu bu bu bu ...

Tang Wen fired a few more shots and finally hit Yi Weilong’s thigh. The guy screamed and was furious.

He glared and roared, swinging his sword. A small sun the size of a ping pong ball was thrown out of the sword and exploded toward Tang Wen.

This was the vital essence ball that Yi Weilong’s father had stored in his sword, and its power was no less than the combined explosion of a few grenades.

The sky worm had returned long ago and became one with Tang Wen. Tang Wen was the sky worm.

With a turn of his body, little sun was thrown off.

With a loud bang, a few members of the Tang family were blown into pieces, and their flesh and blood flew in the air. It was a terrible sight.


Tang Wen was furious.

Yi Weilong’s vision was blurry and his body went limp. He couldn’t Dodge the seven or eight shots.

He was instantly shot a few times, and blood splattered everywhere.

“Save the prince!” Miki Murakami shouted with bloodshot eyes.

However, Tang Wen flapped his wings and flew over like an arrow. The sky worm extended its sharp claws and grabbed Yi Weilong.

Tang Wen injected cold spirit Qi into Yi Weilong’s acupuncture points and immediately froze him. He was thrown to the back by Tang Wen, and the Warriors on the ship flew up to help him.

Bu bu bu bu ...

Tang Wen turned the gun and fired a few shots at Miki Murakami, who fell to the sea while spewing blood.

Zhuge Cang Xiao took up his machine gun and fired. With a loud bang, the fire soared into the sky, and Mizuki Murakami was blown into pieces, scattered on the sea.

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