Chapter 459: Boosting other people’s morale while destroying one’s own prestige (3)

Those who had borrowed money but had no money to return it were willing to sell themselves to the Tang family to pay off their debts.

In such a short period of time, thousands of people had actually paid off the debt. Even Tang Wen was a little dumbfounded.

This seemed to be much better than when he was shouting everywhere to buy people.

As for the people, they were willing to pay the bill and did not need to be forced.

Moreover, all the people who paid the debt were young men and women, so the Tang family, who had lost their labor force, certainly did not want them.

As for the rainbow on Tang Wen’s body, it was naturally caused by the sound, light, and electricity of the star fantasy empire.

He only needed to install a hidden launcher on his body. The Chu people didn’t know about it, so naturally, they all worshipped Tang Wen as a God.

“MA Qian, go with this vice commander.” Tang Wen said after he was done.

“As the Vice-commander commands!” MA Qian’s heart was beating like a drum. Was this vice Commander-in-Chief Tang going to find a place with no one around to beat him half to death?

Tang Wen ignored him and walked forward by himself with MA Qian carefully following behind.

Soon, he followed her into the half-level of the cultivation Pagoda.

“MA Qian, do you know your crime?” Tang Wen suddenly turned around and stared at him with a cold look.

“MA Qian knows his crime! Vice Commander-in-Chief, please give MA Qian a chance to redeem himself. I will have no complaints even if I die in battle. ” It’s over, a beating was inevitable, but he didn’t know if he would be crippled. MA Qian was so scared that he knelt down.


“I’m sure you know about Zhou kuohai and Chu Tiangong?” Tang Wen said with a cold face.

“This subordinate knows that this subordinate was wrong. Vice Commander-in-Chief, please show mercy and don’t cripple me. Leave MA Qian’s rotten life to make a contribution on the battlefield to repay vice Commander-in-Chief’s kindness.” MA Qian said.

“You obey on the surface but disobey on the inside, so you should be executed according to the law. Today, even if I kill you on the spot, you deserve it. ” Tang Wen said.

“Yes, yes, yes, it’s all my fault.” MA Qian nodded his head.

“I’ll give you two choices now. ” Tang Wen said.

“Vice Commander-in-Chief, please speak.” MA Qian hastily said.

“MA Qian, you’re only the Deputy commander of the ocean Saint black cavalry’s main camp, a secondary second rank. If you want to become a commander, you’ll have to be promoted to vice domain chief. ” Tang Wen said.

“Yes, that’s natural. However, MA qiani knew that he wasn’t strong enough.

A vice domain chief had to be at least at the Great Perfection of the divine sense realm, while MA qianwo had only just entered the mid-stage of the divine sense realm.

It would take at least five years to reach the great circle. Sigh ...

Many thanks for vice Commander-in-Chief’s concern. It’s MA Qian’s fault for not being able to live up to expectations. ” MA Qian nodded.

“I can help you to the position of vice domain chief.” Tang Wen said.

“Vice Commander-in-Chief, you ...” MA Qian was stunned and looked at Tang Wen with a dazed expression.

“Tonight, I’ll give you ten years” worth of power, and you’ll at least be able to step into the perfect divine sense realm.

You’ve passed the power assessment, so this is your position.

Let me ask you, who’s in charge of ocean Saint City?” Tang Wen said.

“Of course it’s up to Your Highness.” MA Qian replied.

“That’s enough. ” Tang Wen nodded.

“Vice commander! Can you really help me reach the great circle state in a single night?” MA Qian’s breathing was somewhat hurried.

“Absolutely!” Tang Wen said.

“I heard that Zhuang Qiyang and the rest are the Vice Commander-in-Chief’s students?” MA Qian asked.

“You’re well-informed. Not only them, but even the sons of the Duke and his Highness are my students. ” Tang Wen said. He thought to himself, there’s still the seventh Prince ...

“Vice ... Vice Commander-in-Chief, can you allow MA Qian to return to your sect?” MA Qian asked.

“Hehe, it all depends on your performance.” Tang Wen said with a smile.

“MA Qian swears to follow teacher to the death. Teacher, please accept me.” MA Qian didn’t hesitate and knelt down.

It was mainly because Chu Cong and Chu zhuangxiong were quite powerful. Even the Prince’s son had become Tang Wen’s student, so it was not embarrassing for her to take him as her master.

Moreover, there was still Zhuang Qiyang in front of them.

“You have to remember that you will lose something if you gain something. What you lose is that you have to listen to me sometimes. However, you’re usually free, so I’ll have to say this first. ” Tang Wen said.

“MA Qian is willing!” MA Qian said with determination.

“I’ll teach you the Tianyu three-Dragon manual first. It’s a yellow-level upper-grade martial art. It’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s as good as the great Chu royal family’s martial art ...” Tang Wen said. 𝙞𝙣𝗻𝒓𝗲𝓪d. c𝘰m

Six hours later, the flow of Qi was finally under control. Tang Wen began to absorb the human qi, and MA Qian naturally enjoyed the benefits of the human qi.

It had to be said that Tang Wen had created another miracle. He had actually sent MA Qian straight into the early stage of the mortal realm.

On the other hand, Tang Wen himself had only reached the perfection of the divine sense.

This guy couldn’t help but feel a little depressed ...

Other people advanced by two or three small realms on their own, as if the system had stipulated that they should advance step by step.

It seemed that the system liked to serve others.

MA Qian took the void Bag and a batch of spirit pills and spirit stones and went back.

Eldest brother Tang couldn’t help but curse,”what kind of broken system is this?!”

Glancing at the big screen, the data had indeed been updated:

Popularity index: 521428500

[Bird and beast index: 1120000]

Slave index: 149850

[Land area: 10570922 hectares

[Wealth index: 1521900 tons of gold]

[Martial arts realm: divine sense perfection]

[Carrying capacity: 400000 tons]

[Luggage storage: 23 days]

Time travel: 360 days.

[Wife Index: 4.0]

[Earth-type system: 7.0]

[Intelligence level: 148]

Time ratio: 1:10

[Spirit energy: 450 thousand Jin, 3000 meters]

However, Tang Wen suddenly froze.

That was because he realized that the capacity of the Earth-based landlord space had increased from 250000 tons to 400000 tons. The rapid growth was a pleasant surprise.

This meant that he would be able to make more money in the future, because he could bring more goods to travel between the major dimensions.

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