Chapter 453: Kicking the Governor-General (3)

I’ve already ordered Linghai to send 50000 troops to the North as reinforcements. All soldiers, hear my order!” Tang Wen hit the gavel.

This was great. All the officials stood up. No one dared to sit. They said in unison,”listen to the Deputy Commander-in-Chief’s orders!”

“Wu Zhaoyang, immediately transfer 70000 troops to join the 50000 troops from the ridge sea to reinforce thunderflame Island.” Tang Wen said.

“As the Vice-commander commands!” Wu Zhaoyang no longer dared to resist.

“Tang Wen, you B * stard, you think you can show off just because you have the emperor’s Tiger Token?

I’m not afraid. If you have the guts, kill me!

Otherwise, I’ll kill nine of your families, nine of your families!” At this time, Zhou kuohai caught his breath and began to curse again.

“Execute nine generations? you’re the Emperor?” Chu luoxiang said sarcastically.

“In the two seas, I am the heavens! So what if he was in Beijing? Who dares to hit me, you bastard, bastard, I’m not done with you!” Zhou kuohai cursed.

“I’ll F * cking kill you first!” Chu luoxiang exploded. She raised her hand and gave Zhou kuohai another round of slaps, causing his head to swell up.

“B * stard, how dare you hit me? you’re a b*stard’s child. Your entire family is a B * stard. I’ll exterminate your entire family ...” Zhou kuohai had been beaten until he cowered. He pointed at Chu luoxiang and scolded her.

“Bang, bang, bang ...” Chu luoxiang exploded. After a few stomps, Zhou kuohai screamed and rolled on the ground.

“This young master will kill you today! What can your Zhou family do?” Chu luoxiang went crazy. She rushed forward and kicked him again. Zhou kuohai screamed like a pig being slaughtered.


“Alright, he can’t be killed. Back down!” Tang Wen said. However, Chu luoxiang had gone crazy and refused to listen.

Ye Qian, Chu Zhao, and Chu Cong hurriedly stepped forward, pulled and hugged, and forcefully pulled him back.

“Bring them to the medicine Hall and apply the medicine. Wait for Zhuang Qiyang to come and take them away.” Tang Wen waved his hand.

The Empress limped out of the Yamen with the help of her men.”Let’s rush back to somi Island and prepare for battle.”

“Teacher, it’s more important for you to treat your injuries first.” Chu luoxiang said with a face full of concern.

“That’s right, teacher. It’ll be troublesome if there are any side effects.” Chu Cong also said.

“Sigh ... How can I still lie down at this time? It’s fine, I can still hold on. We’ll talk about it after the war. ” Tang Wen acted as if he cared for the country and the people, which touched Chu luoxiang and Chu Cong so much that their eyes teared up.

“Teacher, you are the pillar of great Chu.”

“I’m just a commoner, how would I dare to call him a pillar?

She only wanted to live a carefree life and didn’t want to fight for power.

Let’s get rid of the sun nation’s thieves first and return the peace of our great Chu to us. ” Tang Wen sighed, released the heavenly worm, and returned to somi Island.

“Old master, your acting is really amazing. If you didn’t tell me in advance, I would have believed you. ” At night, Wen Jinyuan accompanied Tang Wen for a walk and laughed as they walked.

“Hehe, Zhou kuohai is backed by consort Xue, the emperor’s favorite consort. We can’t afford to offend her. So, I can only play the trick of injuring myself. ” Tang Wen said with a smile.

“The trap you set for Chu luoxiang successfully got in and beat Zhou kuohai up. What a satisfying fight!” Wen Jinyuan laughed.

“Of course he’s the one who’s going to hit her. He’s the seventh Prince, what can he do to imperial concubine Xue?

No one else is allowed to hit you, including me.

At that time, the Emperor will punish me in front of concubine Xue.

Contributions are not worth mentioning in front of women. ” Tang Wen said.

“I believe that Chu luoxiang has already secretly reported everything that happened today to the Emperor.” Wen Jin Yuan said.

” 80%, right?” Tang Wen said.

“What’s our next step?” Wen Jinyuan asked.

“On the surface, the Tang family’s troops are heading straight for Peacock Island, but our elite troops have all turned into frogmen and sneaked onto the island.

Mei zhenhong will be able to reach the island at night. I’ll just ask him to keep an eye on Chu Qiyang.

At that time, the enemy will quietly return and our Tang family’s forces will attack the island on the surface to attract the enemy.

When the enemy has formed an encirclement on the sea, our hidden frogmen elites will begin their killing.

When the time comes, we’ll work together from the inside and defeat them. ” Tang Wen said.

“Peacock Island isn’t small. We don’t know where Chu Qiyang is hiding. How can miss Mei find him?” Wen Jin Yuan said.

“He’s already been targeted by our Ghost Drones, he can’t escape. However, Chu Qiyang is a very powerful person. ” Tang Wen said.

“What’s his strength?” Wen Jinyuan asked.

“He’s probably a mortal realm expert, we can’t even handle him. If he wants to run, no one can stop him. ” Tang Wen said.

“Then what do we do?” Wen Jinyuan was anxious.

“Hehe, I need to borrow an expert to check and balance him.” Tang Wen said with a smile.

“Borrowing experts? where can i borrow a mortal realm expert?” Wen Jinyuan looked at Tang Wen in surprise.

“Hehe, it’s far away, but it’s right in front of your eyes.” Tang Wen smiled mysteriously.

“Gongsun Wuji!” Wen Jinyuan was stunned.

“Who else could it be?” Tang Wen said with a smile.

“He’s a mortal realm expert?” Wen Jinyuan was also shocked.

“Of course he is. Furthermore, the dozens of disciples he called over are all extraordinary.

Among them, there were five or six in the spiritual sense realm, ten in the spirit focus realm, and the rest were all in the telepathic and element gathering realms.

This Gongsun family is really not simple. I’ll go talk to him later and try to get all of them to fight. ” Tang Wen said.

“The Gongsun clan is one of the great clans in great Chu, and their strength is definitely extraordinary. However, he won’t be willing to. ” Wen Jinyuan shook his head.

“We have to try. It shouldn’t be a problem.” Tang Wen said with a smile.

The sun had already set, and the hidden Dragon Lake was reflected in Xi Yang’s light. It was a beautiful sight. Tang Wen secretly went to Gongsun Wuji’s Villa.

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