Hunting for Love for 101 Times
Chapter 366 - Always Gu Jinhan

Chapter 366 Always Gu Jinhan

“Nuan, won’t you come back tonight?” Ye Sichen asked gently over there.

Xia Nuan turned to the operating room, thought for a while and said, “It depends on the situation. I will go back after Gu Jinhan’s operation is over.”

“Ansheng is sick, and he needs you.” Ye Sichen said concisely.

Hearing this, a trace of worry flashed in Xia Nuan’s eyes, “Is he okay? Is he better now?”

“Nuan, his fever is reduced now, but his throat is already inflamed.” Ye Sichen said.

“I will rush back as soon as possible.”

“Well, you’d better come back early to rest, and I really don’t want to see your haggard look...”

When talking to Ye Sichen, the door of the operating room suddenly opened. Xia Nuan forgot to talk to Ye Sichen and walked quickly towards the operating room.

“Doctor, how is he?” Xia Nuan couldn’t wait to ask the doctor in a white coat.

“Madam, his operation is already succeeded, but he is still in danger. I must tell you about this situation.”


“He needs a blood transfusion, preferably from close relatives.”

Hearing this, Gu Jinhan’s sister Gu Mei first came into Xia Nuan’s thought. It seemed that Gu Mei must know that Gu Jinhan is injured.

Xia Nuan stayed beside Gu Jinhan’s bed for a long time, and until two o’clock in the early morning did she return home thoughtfully.

Except for Ye Sichen, everyone in the family fell asleep. Ansheng also fell asleep, lying beside Ye Sichen.

Xia Nuan looked at Ansheng and gently touched him with her hand. When she felt that Ansheng was not having a fever, she could not help but breathe a sigh of relief, and then looked at Ye Sichen.

Ye Sichen closed his eyes and remained silent.

“Ye, there is something I must discuss with you.”

“What happened to Gu Jinhan? Did the operation go well?” Ye Sichen knew what she was going to say.

“It went well, but the doctor said he is not out of danger.” Xia Nuan sighed, “He needs a blood transfusion, so I think we should call Gu Mei here. The doctor said, in order to avoid rejection, it must be done by close relatives.”

Xia Nuan told Ye Sichen all about Gu Jinhan.

“Well, in order to save his life, we can only call Gu Mei over. Although she will hate us, if Gu Jinhan dies, she will hate us even more.” Ye Sichen agreed with Xia Nuan.

Xia Nuan heard that and shook Ye Sichen’s hands, “Ye, how about telling Gu Mei now? Jinhan really needs first aid.”

Ye Sichen listened to her and held Xia Nuan’s hands, “It’s already late now. I will talk to her tomorrow, otherwise we will disturb Gu Mei’s rest.”

Xia Nuan nodded, took off her coat, and was about to go to the bathroom.

Ye Sichen took her into his arms, lifted her chin, and kissed her lips, “Go ahead. I have already adjusted the water temperature for you.”

“So you didn’t fall asleep?” Xia Nuan asked with worries, touching his slightly sleepy face with her hand.

“How can I fall asleep when you didn’t come back?” Ye Sichen pinched her cheek, scanned her neck with deep eyes, and moved down, “I found that you have become plump?”

Xia Nuan flushed, “It’s probably because you’re dazzled. I’m so worried, but all you think about all day is such a thing.”

Ye Sichen patted Xia Nuan’s hip when she turned around and grinned, “I’ll wait for you.”

Watching Xia Nuan go to the bathroom, Ye Sichen slowly got out of the bed and walked out of the bedroom.

When Xia Nuan came out wearing a bathrobe, Ye Sichen was already sitting on the sofa.

Beside him, was a bowl of fragrant steaming chicken noodle soup, which arousing Xia Nuan’s taste bud.

“Come over and eat something. You must be very hungry.”

Ye Sichen said to Xia Nuan.

Xia Nuan walked over, and Ye Sichen handed her chopsticks, “I made this by myself. Have a taste and tell me how is it?”

Xia Nuan smiled slightly, took a spoonful of soup, and took a sip, “It’s so delicious. You can try it if you don’t believe me.”

“Then you can have more. Look at you, except for the bosom, there is no superfluous flesh on your body.” Ye Sichen said with worries.

“No. It’s not true. It’s you. You look thinner.”

Xia Nuan took some noodles to Ye Sichen’s mouth.

Ye Sichen wanted to kiss her, but Xia Nuan stubbornly used chopsticks crammed the noodles into his mouth.

After eating some of the noodles, Xia Nuan suddenly thought of Gu Jinhan, “Ye, Gu Jinhan probably can’t eat these foods. I think I should make liquid diet for him.”

The smile on the corners of Ye Sichen’s mouth turned slightly frozen, “Well, I will ask someone to make liquid diet for him, and don’t worry about that.”

“It’s okay, I can learn to cook.” Xia Nuan ate some noodles and felt a little bloated in her stomach, so she stopped eating.

Xia Nuan wanted to accompany Ansheng to sleep, because she wanted Ansheng to see her at the first sight when he woke up. Ye Sichen said before on the phone that Ansheng kept asking for her when he was uncomfortable.

Xia Nuan worried that they would wake up Ye Sichen, so she held Ansheng and prepared to go to the inner bedroom.

Ye Sichen got Ansheng first, and Xia Nuan followed. When Xia Nuan entered, Ye Sichen walked out of the inner room, then closed the door and locked it.

“Ye, I want to sleep with Ansheng.”

Ye Sichen held her and lifted her up, ignoring her protests. He took her back to the bed, “You sleep with me.”

“Ansheng is sick.” Xia Nuan said softly.

“I’m sick too.” Ye Sichen squeezed Xia Nuan’s hand, forcing Xia Nuan’s hand to press his lower part, “My whole body is burning, and you should extinguish this fire for me.”

After Ye Sichen finished speaking, he suppressed her and kissed her on the cheek.

Xia Nuan blushed and pushed him away, “It’s too late, and it’s early in the morning. You said that you don’t like seeing me tired.”

“Tomorrow you can get up late.” Ye Sichen said and it felt like he had an arrow that should be sent on the string. He couldn’t wait and brook no delay.

“No, I’m going to the hospital tomorrow.” Xia Nuan panted heavily, pounding his shoulder, “Please be considerate of me.”

“It doesn’t matter. I will visit Gu Jinhan tomorrow. No matter what method I need to use, I will save him and he will not die. I promise.” Ye Sichen was worried about her catching cold, so he covered her with a quilt and rolled over in the quilt.

Xia Nuan was indeed tired, “I don’t want this. I need to rest. I have to get up early tomorrow, and we have Gu Mei’s affairs to deal with.”

Ye Sichen’s look changed, and he looked a little unhappy, but he didn’t stop, “Gu Jinhan, Gu Jinhan, Always Gu Jinhan! I don’t want to hear you mention this name. Now there are just two of us at the moment.”

He forced her harder, and Xia Nuan frowned, feeling extremely uncomfortable. His strength seemed to be a punishment, and he would like to crush her to pieces. She resisted with her hands, just begging him to stop quickly.

Ye Sichen stopped and got out of the bed, put on his clothes, and slammed the door.

Xia Nuan also felt wronged.

Gu Jinhan was injured in order to save them. He didn’t even get out of the danger. How could she feel at ease? She was not in the mood to make affection with him now.

Xia Nuan lay on the bed weakly, turned her back angrily, and closed her eyes.

By the next morning, Xia Nuan got up early. Although she didn’t rest well last night, she had to get up early and rush to the hospital.

Her three children were not awake yet, she went in and kissed each of them on their foreheads and left.

Ye Sichen fiddled with the breakfast in the living room, along with Mrs. Ni.

Xia Nuan went downstairs and scanned them, “I’m going to the hospital.”

Ye Sichen looked at the food, “We will go together after having breakfast.”

“Did you call Gu Mei?” Xia Nuan paused and asked Ye Sichen.

Ye Sichen answered Xia Nuan with a blank expression, “I have already contacted her, and she is on her way.”

“Oh, thank you. You must be busy with Xiao Chi’s case and don’t have time to go to the hospital. I’ll go alone.” Xia Nuan buttoned her clothes and walked out of the living room.

At first, she thought Ye Sichen agreed with her silently, but when she walked out of the living room, Ye Sichen followed and grabbed her hand directly to the restaurant authoritatively.

“I sent people to take turns and took care of him around the clock in the hospital. You really don’t need to worry. Come over and sit down to eat.” Ye Sichen forced her to sit next to him.

Mrs. Ni saw all of this, and she just ate silently without saying anything.

Xia Nuan couldn’t disobey Ye Sichen’s order. She only absently took a few bites of food, looked at her watch, and was about to get up. Ye Sichen caught her hand again.

Ye Sichen drove the car and went to the hospital with Xia Nuan.

On the way, neither Xia Nuan nor Ye Sichen spoke, because the unpleasantness of last night made the two of them feel extremely depressed.

When they arrived at the hospital, they went to the intensive care unit where Gu Jinhan was in. Gu Jinhan was put on a ventilator to breathe the oxygen, and he was still unconscious.

Seeing this, Xia Nuan walked over with distress and guilt, sitting by Gu Jinhan all the morning, and she even didn’t know when Ye Sichen left. When it was at dusk, Gu Mei came.

She cried and came to Gu Jinhan’s hospital bed, holding Gu Jinhan’s hand tightly, “Brother, what’s wrong with you? Talk to me! Please! You were fine when you left. Why did you become like this?”

Seeing her keep shaking Gu Jinhan, Xia Nuan said worriedly, “His operation has gone well, but he has not been out of danger. He needs blood transfusion. Gu Mei, don’t shake him like this.”

Gu Mei was startled and turned to look at Xia Nuan, with an angry look on her face, “Tell me! Is that you who make my brother like this?”

Xia Nuan looked at Gu Mei guiltily, “Yes, it’s all my fault. Your brother was hit by Xiao Chi’s car in order to save me...”

“Xia Nuan, if anything bad happens to my brother, I will show you no mercy!” Gu Mei pulled on Xia Nuan’s collar and gritted her teeth.

“Stop it.” A low and majestic voice rang from outside the door, and Gu Mei’s hand trembled, releasing Xia Nuan.

Xia Nuan and Gu Mei looked over there at the same time, only to see Ye Sichen walk in carrying an insulation barrel with his chilly face.

Gu Mei was afraid of Ye Sichen and took a step back subconsciously.

“We are also very sad that Gu Jinhan was injured. We don’t want this to happen. However, it was not caused by Xia Nuan. It was caused by Gu Jinhan himself. If he obediently handed Xiao Chi to me smoothly, these things would not happen.”

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Hunting for Love for 101 Times Chapter 366 - Always Gu Jinhan