Hunting for Love for 101 Times
Chapter 27 - Leaving once getting a fortune

Chapter 27 Leaving once getting a fortune

What Susan and Hui said was filled with contempt and ridicule.

“By the way, we must not let Mr. Ye find out what we did last time.”

“Rest assured. Those cameras were black. He won’t find a thing. But Mrs. Ye told us to make a push...”

They lowered their voice at that time.

Her face changed suddenly. She froze and held her breath.

She stood behind the glass door in silence.

Xia Nuan suspected the stroller event was Susan and Hui’s doing, because she found long blond hairs on the curtain in the bedroom of Wuyou and Nianci.

Only Susan’s hair was golden in the villa. However, hair was far from sufficient to be an evidence.

Xia Nuan overheard their conversation and confirmed that it was done by them indeed. Besides, it sounded like there was someone behind this. And that person seemed to be the mother of Wuyou and Nianci...

How could a biological mother treat her babies like this!

Xia Nuan was reluctant to believe it.

As she pinched her clothes and tightened it slowly, she felt hurt.

Whether or not Luo Dai’er was behind this, it was definitely the two nannies who hurt the two babies. Xia Nuan was very angry, holding clothes hangers and turning around to the bathroom.

After a while, she took a full basin of water to the balcony. 𝑖𝗻𝙣𝐫e𝙖𝗱. 𝚌𝗼𝓂

Xia Nuan faintly heard that Hui and Susan were still whispering. Then she poured the full basin of water down with no mercy.



A splash of water was sprinkled on them, and they suddenly screamed and tried to escape like drenched chickens.

“Who’s so blind up there? How dare you sprinkle on us?”

“Who is up there, come out!”

Susan and Hui looked up, shouting at the balcony.

Xia Nuan sneered and left quietly. However, seeing the two women going upstairs, she put a basin of water on the top of the glass door before she left.

After Hui and Susan reached the balcony, they were teased once again.

The two women were wet and asked Coade to find out who did this, with no results. After all, the balcony was in a hidden corner without any surveillance.

Xia Nuan felt very satisfied for what she did for the babies.

That night, Susan and Hui went to the hospital for getting cold and did not come back.

When the two babies were asleep, Xia Nuan went to sleep in her bedroom.

After the stroller event, Xia Nuan was not allowed to sleep in the bedroom of Wuyou and Nianci. She could only not go to sleep until they fell asleep. A bell was installed in her room. Once the babies were awake or hungry, she had to come here in a hurry.

In the middle of the night, Xia Nuan, a light sleeper, was easily awakened by the ringing bell. She got up and went to the bedroom of Wuyou and Nianci hastily.

She opened the door only to find that Ye Sichen came back.

He had been away from home for several days, and was still covered in a travel-stained sense at the moment.

Xia Nuan rubbed her sleepy eyes to see if the two babies were awake. She was relieved since they slept soundly.

“Mr. Ye, the bell in my room just rang.”

“I know. It was me.” Ye Sichen walked over and poured a glass of orange juice, “I need to talk to you.”

“What’s up?” Xia Nuan was not used to staying alone with him in a room, so she had been standing by the door and did not want to take a step forward.

“Close the door and come over.” Ye Sichen looked at her and said in a low voice.

Xia Nuan was stunned for a moment. Then she closed the door and took a step forward.

“The old lady passed away last night. I went to the hospital to visit her. But I won’t be able to attend her funeral tomorrow. You go there on behalf of me.” Ye Sichen said with a little sadness.

Xia Nuan also felt sad to hear the news. After a moment of silence, she nodded, “Well, I’ll go.”

Ye Sichen just returned from the hospital. He appeased Xiu Lin and wanted to return the heritage of the old lady to her, but Xiu Lin refused.

Because that’s what the old lady left for them.

Ye Sichen had been thinking whether to tell Xia Nuan or not.

“If you have a fortune, what will you do?” Ye Sichen asked out of the blue.

Xia Nuan was very surprised for his question. But she still replied honestly, “I will pay Mr. Ye’s debt, properly compensate Mr. Ye’s liquidated damages, and then resign to do fashion design that I’ve always expected.”

She would leave once she got a fortune. That’s for sure.

Although it was a little reluctant for her to leave, Xia Nuan still felt that she should leave.

Xia Nuan felt nervous whenever she faced Ye Sichen. She did everything carefully because she was afraid of pissing him off, and causing a liquidated damages deduction afterwards.

Although Ye Sichen was a kind man, his identity and status made him solitary and suspicious...

Hearing this, Ye Sichen held the will and tightened his fingers gradually.

Finally, Ye Sichen did not tell Xia Nuan anything about the will.

Because the woman would leave once she got the money.

Moreover, he decided to keep the old lady’s heritage and used it in meaningful things in the future. He was thinking if it was appropriate to build a rehabilitation center for the seniors.

“Mr. Ye, I will go to sleep first if there is nothing.” Xia Nuan saw Ye Sichen staring at her. Her heart was beating hastily.

“Fine.” Ye Sichen came to his mind and shifted his gaze faintly.

Xia Nuan turned around and left the bedroom. When she lay down, her heart still beat hastily.

The next day, Xia Nuan went to attend the funeral of the old lady. The sad atmosphere reminded her of her father who died that year.

She stood in front of the grave with Xiu Lin and some relatives in silent tribute.

The cenotaph of her son, Wei Shi, was in front of the old lady’s grave. Xiu Lin told Xia Nuan that Wei Shi was blown into pieces that year with no whole remains. When someone was sent to look for him, there were only some clothes he wore and his daily necessities.

After the funeral, Xia Nuan went to the nursing home where Zeng Guihua stayed, with a grief.

Her mother looked better. But her face changed the moment she saw Xia Nuan.

“What about your sister? Where did she go?” Zeng Guihua asked Xia Nuan.

Xia Nuan stopped peeling an apple, “She is at work.”

She had been looking for Xia Yan all the time, but Xia Yan would never be found once she had money.

That day, she got through to Xia Yan, but Xia Yan only said a few words with her and hung up impatiently.

“You’re hiding something!” Zeng Guihua stretched out her hand and brutally knocked out the apple in Xia Nuan’s hand. The fruit knife fell and cut Xia Nuan’s hand.

Xia Nuan ignored her injured hand, frowning at Zeng Guihua, “Mom, I didn’t mean to hide it from you.”

Xia Yan was of great self-abandonment. Xia Nuan did not want her mother to worry about Xia Yan.

“You got a million yuan of donation, so you drove Xia Yan away. You take me as a fool? You wicked girl, you don’t acknowledge your sister. You monster!” Zeng Guihua roared sharply.

Xia Nuan was so wronged by her mother that she felt unhappy, “The fact is that she disappeared after she took away one million. I have not found her for a long time. Mom, you don’t know the truth.”

“Yeah, I just don’t know about you. If I knew you were so ungrateful before, I would never raise you up. Your sister worked hard to earn money for me to see a doctor. Now she’s penniless and afraid to go back home. But you speak evil of her! I’m telling you. She has already owed a lot of debt in order to pay for my medical fee. You must pay off the fees for her!”

“Mom, why do you always trust her so much? The things she did outside are unbearable for me! She has been gambling. If she wins, she will squander it. If she loses, she will come back and ask for money. It’s not good to spoil her!” Xia Nuan’s attitude was tough this time, and she told Zeng Guihua all the things Xia Yan had done outside.

“I know exactly who’s treating me well! How many times have you visited me since I was ill? You think I don’t know what you’ve done? You stayed with these rich villains and did the shameless things! Do you want to piss me off?!”

Undoubtedly, this was also what Xia Yan told Zeng Guihua.

Zeng Guihua did not believe Xia Nuan. Since they were kids, she only preferred Xia Yan and believed all the things she said. Besides, her husband died in the mudslide, so, she always resented her little daughter.

“I didn’t! I’ve been working as a babysitter and your medical fee was paid by my employer! Xia Yan had paid nothing!” Xia Nuan never realized that she was so unbearable to her mother.

If it was not for the confidentiality of working for Ye Sichen, she had already taken the list paid by Ye Sichen!

“Who’s buying your nonsense?” Zeng Guihua sniffed. A bit resentment flashed through her eyes, “If it was not for you, your father would still be alive. In order to save you, your father left me and Xiaoyan behind. Xiaoyan was crushed and left with an incompletely cured illness. She would never give birth to a baby, do you know that! You must pay for her! This is what you owe her!”

With a hum of her head, Xia Nuan’s tears rolled off.

She knew that her mother resented her.

Yes, everything was caused by her! In order to pay off the debts of Xia Yan, Xia Nuan even gave up her dignity to accept the surrogate pregnancy. Now she still had to pay for Xia Yan because she owed Xia Yan!

“How much does she owe?” After a long time, Xia Nuan was finally able to ask her mother weakly.

“Five million yuan.”

Zeng Guihua replied indifferently.

Xia Nuan left the hospital in a despondent mood. With wind drying the tears on her face, she walked in a daze, feeling that the world was gray.

How could she get so much money? Should she ask for an advance of wages from Ye Sichen?

No, she still owed so much that she could not roll her debt like a snowball.

She must figure it out.

She swore that this was the last time to pay off debts for Xia Yan.

Xia Nuan tried to cheer up. She looked at the busy city that merged into the prosperity.

Xia Nuan wandered through Times Square in Feicheng City. It seemed that there was a fan auction being held. She saw a boy holding up several photos in his hand, standing on the auction stage and raising his voice to the girls in the crowd, “The latest signature of Ye Sichen! Look! Here are my photos with him. All the signatures on the photos are his autographs!”

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Hunting for Love for 101 Times Chapter 27 - Leaving once getting a fortune