Hikaru ga Chikyuu ni Itakoro……
DramaCD, Chapter 5 - The Sleeping Beauty’s memories

DramaCD, Chapter 5: The Sleeping Beauty’s memories.

Koremitsu: Here now, Asa, the handkerchief’s here…she’s sleeping.

Hikaru: It feels like the tense nerves snapped the moment she sat on the bench. I suppose she really overworked herself…Koremitsu, wipe the sweat off Asa.

Koremitsu: Seriously, you leave me with no choice…this good enough?

Hikaru: Yes, thanks. I suppose Asa feels a lot better now.

Koremitsu: But what do I do with her?

Hikaru: Just let her continue to sleep this this. I am a little worried that that Asa would fall asleep in front of you so defenselessly.

Koremitsu: Well, yeah. I can’t leave a sleeping girl on a park bench…’kay.

Hikaru: How kind of you, to nonchalantly sit by Asa’s side to block the sun.

Koremitsu: You idiot, who would think for the sake of this cold-blooded woman? It’s just that this side’s a little wider.

Hikaru: You are right. I shall assume it to be the case then.

Koremitsu: Tch, more importantly, does this girl here collapse suddenly like this often?

Hikaru: Asa always pushes herself to the limits, and never ever showed her fragile side to others. Back when we were younger, Asa pushed herself too much and fell asleep in the storage room; it caused quite a commotion when the adults could not find her.

Koremitsu: Are you serious?

Hikaru: Yes. There was also once when she fell asleep in the bathroom and nearly drowned. The housemaid was worried that she did not come out after a long time, and when they opened the bathroom, Asa was floating on the surface; it scared the housemaid so much she shrieked.

Koremitsu: That was a horror flick, right?

Hikaru: Asa is easily misunderstood, but she really is someone who works really hard.

Koremitsu: Well, whether Asa’s a hard worker or a klutz, that Hikaru has such a gentle face looking at Hikaru. I see that though she’s a cold-blooded woman to me, she’s a precious cousin and childhood friend to Hikaru.

Hikaru: I wonder how many years has it been since I last saw Asa’s sleeping face. Life is short, and since young, she had a lot of things she wanted to do. Oh yes, her summer vacation plans are filled to the second.

Koremitsu: To the second? She can finish that much?

Hikaru: If it is Asa, it is possible. When she was halfway through however, she was worn out, and she did faint twice during summer vacation.

Koremitsu: Such a troublesome brat. Anyway, what’s that Saiga rushing about, doing all that stuff?

Hikaru: For example, she tried to hatch eggs.

Koremitsu: Eggs?

Hikaru: Hey, Asa, why do you have so many eggs on the table?

Aoi: I am curious about that too. The eggs have words and spells all over them.

Asai: You two, do not touch those eggs. I am now doing an important experiment.

Hikaru: “Experiment? What kind?”

Asai: “About the secrets of life.”

Hikaru: “The secrets of lie?”

Asai: “It is the secrets, of, life. I want to see a new life born.”

Aoi: “How are you going to do it?”

Asai: “Through these eggs. I have been shining a lamp to keep these eggs warm. Eggs that get heated up will hatch, no?”

Hikaru: “Oh, I saw it on television before.”

Asai: “But my experiment will not end here.”

Aoi: “What will you do?”

Asai: “To hatch healthy chicks, I will have to give them a proper amount of emotions. That is why I named these eggs, and every morning and night, I will call them by their names once.”

Aoi: “Are the words written on the eggs their names?”

Asai: “Yes. From left, their names are, ‘Tarou’, ‘Jirou’, ‘Saburou’, ‘Shirou’, ‘Gorou’, ‘Mutsumi’, ‘Nanami’, ‘Yae’, ‘Kokonoha’, ‘Tooko’.”

Hikaru: “Amazing! In that case, this means ‘Tarou’ will be born soon, right? That is amazing, Asa.”

Aoi: “I too want to see ‘Mutsumi’ born soon.”

Asai: “Do you want to call for them along with me?”

Aoi & Hikaru: “Yes!”

Asai: “Then, let us call them out politely ‘Please hurry and be born soon’”

Hikaru: “Understood! Then, now,”

All: “’Please hurry and be born soon!’”

Hikaru: Of course, the eggs were never hatched. It would have been bad if the eggs bought in the supermarket were to hatch.

Koremitsu: Isn’t that common sense? Why did Saiga do such a stupid thing?

Hikaru: That is because she really is interested. The emotions of her desire to see the chicks hatch seemed real.

Koremitsu: That girl should be rather smart, right?

Hikaru: Very. Asa is very curious about the unknown.

Koremitsu: Unknown? You’re talking about the eggs sold at 98 Yen special price>

Hikaru: Do you not think that it is strange how a soft chick would be hatched from a sturdy egg?

Koremitsu: …Well, I guess those kinds of people would think that way.

Hikaru: Asa’s interests are not just limited to eggs alone.

Koremitsu: There’s more!?

Hikaru: “Asa, do you not have too much for your summer plans?”

Asai: “This is after I excluded quite a bit. Life is tragically short; there are many things to do.”

Hikaru: “But it looks it will be tiring to carry out tomorrow’s plan. Look for Tsuchinokos at 9am, find kappas at the nearest river at 9.30am, continue moving while eating lunch at noon, make contact with UFOs on Mount Takao.”

Asai: “But even so, I did reduce a lot of my plans. I intended to excavate an ancient grave to look for a Snowman, but if I am to collapse due to over-exhaustion, I will lose my ability to learn.”

Koremitsu: Tsuchinokos and kappas…was she serious?

Hikaru: Yes, Asa was very serious. She is a girl who is very naive and interested in the unknown.

Koremitsu: Naive, you say.

Hikaru: In regards to Santa Claus too. Even in 3rd grade, she believed in him and wrote letters to him every year.

Koremitsu: 3rd grade? Isn’t that about the same age is Shiiko? She never had any doubts about that?

Hikaru: Yes. I just felt that Asa stubbornly believed in them. Miss Aoi and I could not bring ourselves to say it to her.

Koremitsu: So you and Aoi already knew about it?

Hikaru: Yes. The one who gave me presents on Christmas Eve was not Santa Claus, but female relatives and the pretty big sister neighbors.

Koremitsu: Ah, I see…what about Aoi?

Hikaru: It seemed Miss Aoi already knew about it since kindergarten. According to her, she could see her father cosplay as Santa Claus every Christmas Eve, laughing ‘hohoho, this is Santa Claus, little Aoi. Merry Christmas’, and give her a present.

Koremitsu: That stupid father. But Saiga actually firmly believed in that. Looking at her current cold-blooded self, it’s hard to believe such foolishness happened before.

Hikaru: Asa really is a girl who admires the unknown, and is very free-spirited. She can observe everything with coolness, intelligence and wisdom, and has the enthusiasm to move even the stars in the sky.

Koremitsu: …Some stars they are. That’s amazing.

Hikaru: At that time, Asa dreamed of becoming an archaeologist when she grew up, but she gave up on that dream.

Koremitsu: She realized it’s impossible?

Hikaru: No. The term ‘impossible’ does not exist for Asa. Asa has the ability to do anything, but she decided to focus it on something else.

Koremitsu: Something else?

Hikaru: Yes. For Asa is gentle.

Koremitsu: What do you mean?

Asai: Uu…unn…

Koremitsu: Ugh…

Hikaru: So cute! Asa actually placed her head on you, Koremitsu.

Koremitsu: You idiot, how can this be cute? Just troubling, right?

Hikaru: Why? Asa is light even if she leans over, right? It is nothing much for you to lend Asa your shoulder, no? Koremitsu?”

Koremitsu: Though you say that…

Hikaru: There are not many chances where you see see Asa’s sleeping face from up close. Do the long, pretty eyebrows curling up not resemble the cuteness of the Fringed Orchid?

Koremitsu: How can I possibly see that? It’ll be too perverted to peek from up close.

Hikaru: Eh? Too bad. It is a rare chance. Try having a look.

Koremitsu: Shut up, you perverted ghost…but it is the first time I have been with Saiga for this long. I thought she’s just a cold-blooded woman, but I do find her a little cuter after hearing Hikaru’s words

Asai: Unn…this is?

Hikaru: The sleeping princess has awakened.

Koremitsu: Yo! You awake?

Asai: Huh…? Wha…!

Koremitsu! Ow! What the? There’s no need to push me off immediately, right?

Asai: Why are you here?

Koremitsu: Isn’t it because you fell asleep?

Asai: Why did you not wake me up immediately? Such a useless man.

Koremitsu: There’s no need to be so harsh, right? You really aren’t a cure woman.

Asai: What would a mere dog like you know?

Koremitsu: …I heard that you still believed in Santa Claus when you were in 3rd grade?

Asai: Wha…!

Hikaru: Koremitsu? Are you going to talk about that now?

Koremitsu: And you wrote to Santa Claus every year on Christmas Eve. How did you write your address?

Asai: I do not remember what happened when I was young.

Koremitsu: Really? You did not write anything about looking for kappas in your summer plans?

Asai: I do not remember what happened when I was young.

Koremitsu: And what about giving names to the chicken eggs to hatch?

Asai: I do not remember what happened when I was young.

Koremitsu: Don’t just forget about everything here. Even you have your own cute points.

Asai: What…!!!!


Koremitsu: What was that for!?

Hikaru: Wow~! You got a perfect handprint on you face, Koremitsu!

Asai: Humph!

Policeman: What happened?

Koremitsu: A cop…

Asai: This dog is a pervert.

Koremitsu: What!?

Policeman: Come along with me for a while.

Koremitsu: N-no! I’m not a pervert!

Policeman: All perverts say that. Enough yapping and come along now.

Hikaru: Mr Policeman, Koremitsu is not a pervert! I can testify!

Koremitsu: He can’t hear even if a ghost tries to testify here! It’s useless!!

Policeman: What are you yelling? Say your excuses when you are there. Now then, come along with me.

Koremitsu: Hey!

Asai: Go cool that head of yours. Of yes, you may cover yourself in ice from head to toe.

Koremitsu: Damn it!! You’re my enemy after all!!!

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Hikaru ga Chikyuu ni Itakoro…… DramaCD, Chapter 5 - The Sleeping Beauty’s memories