Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto's twin sister
Chapter 80 - How To Deal With A Tanuki

Chapter 80 - How To Deal With A Tanuki

Hiruzen was currently sitting in his office while lazily smoking his pipe. He was truly grateful for Yuna's idea. Over the last few months, he managed to clear away all of his paperwork. Even the massive backlog that has accumulated over the years was gone. For some reason, even Danzo has calmed down considerably. He rarely even came to the Hokage's office anymore. He hasn't felt this relaxed in years.

Moments later, someone jumped through the window and into his office. Hiruzen didn't even twitch. He gave the intruder a glance and when he saw that it was Naruto, took another deep breath from his pipe.

'Could be worse. It could have been Yuna.'

"Yo, old man. I have something to report."

Hiruzen nodded his head and signaled Naruto to continue.

"First of all, you are aware that Suna's Jinchuuriki is currently strolling through Konoha, right?"

Hiruzen frowned when he heard that. He knew that the Jinchuuriki was coming to Konoha for the chunin exams, but he wasn't informed that he was already here. There is no way he would let another nation's Jinchuuriki stroll through Konoha unsupervised, after all.

He pushed a button under his desk and seconds later an ANBU appeared inside his office.

"Suna's Jinchuuriki has appeared, take two people with you and observe his movements."

"Yes, Hokage-sama."

The ANBU was just about to leave when Naruto stopped him.

"Wait a moment. If you are to observe Gaara then you should hear my report as well."

The ANBU looked at Hiruzen, who signaled him to wait for now.

"What do you have to report, Naruto."

"Gaara is veeery unstable."

Hiruzen's face fell when he heard that.

"How unstable exactly are we talking about?"

"Psychotic killer unstable, with a seal that can barely hold the One-Tailed back."

Hiruzen groaned and held his head when he heard that.

'Should I just kick him out of the village? Urgh, I can't deny the Kazakage's son from participating in the exams. Even if they pulled a move like this, they are still our allies.'

While pondering, Hiruzen realized something else.

'From what I heard; Naruto has reached a very high level of mastery in sealing. I might as well ask him what he thinks.'

"From the reports, I read, I understood that you have a high mastery of seals. What do you think about his seal, Naruto?"

Naruto, however, only shrugged his shoulders.

"If you want me to slap a proper seal on him, I can do that right now, but I don't think Suna will like it if someone fiddles around with their Jinchuuriki's seal."

Hiruzen nodded his head.

'That is good. Maybe he can do it during the chunin exams. The second exam inside the Forest of Death is perfect for something like this. We will see how this goes.'

"What if the One-Tailed breaks out of the seal?"

A sneer appeared on Naruto's face. 𝙞𝚗𝓷𝗿𝚎аd. 𝙘𝒐𝚖

"Then I will seal him inside a chamber pot before it knows what's going on."

[BWAHAHA. That would be hilarious.]

Hiruzen, though, almost choked when he heard that.

'This damn brat. Couldn't he have said that at the start of the conversation? I was worrying over nothing. Since Jiraiya isn't back yet, I will give the task to Naruto for now.'

"Very good. Then, in case something happens, you will be responsible for the sealing process, Naruto."

"Haha, alright, old man. No problem."

"Does that conclude your report, Naruto?"

"Yeah, that's all I got."

"Good, you may leave."

"Got it. See ya, old man."

Next, Hiruzen looked towards the ANBU.

"Take four instead of two. If the target is about to lose control, one of you will go and fetch Naruto. Also, send a messenger in here. I will write a letter to Jiraiya. Naruto has already shown a few times that he, despite his attitude, is reliable, but I prefer to give a job this important to Jiraiya instead of a young teenager like Naruto. Dismissed."

"Yes, Hokage-sama."

When he was alone, again, Hiruzen couldn't help but sigh.

'Just what is Suna planning? I'm getting too old for all of this.'

While Hiruzen was still contemplating the situation, Naruto arrived home. As soon as he entered the shared living room on the ground floor, Haku greeted him with a small smile on her face.

"Welcome home, Naruto."

"Haha, I'm home, Haku. Is nee-san upstairs?"

Haku thought for a moment and then nodded her head.

"Yuna-sama should be upstairs together with Anko-san and Hinata-san."

"Got it, Haku. Let's talk for a bit when I come back down. I had a rather interesting encounter today."

Haku's smile widened a bit more before she answered.

"Interesting encounter, huh? Now you got me curious."

"Haha, alright. You will be surprised."

After saying that, Naruto went upstairs to meet Yuna. Haku, meanwhile, had a happy smile on her face. In the last few months, she has become good friends with Naruto and she enjoyed chatting with him quite a lot. It felt totally different from the sparse conversation she had with Zabuza. No matter how insignificant the things they were talking about were, Haku felt like Naruto was giving her his full attention and didn't mind listening to her even if she didn't say anything important.

Yuna and Hinata, meanwhile, tried to "torture" information about the chunin exams out of Anko. Anko wanted to boast about being one of the instructors, but that completely backfired on her. Instead of envy, she received an endless chain of questions which she wasn't allowed to answer.

When Yuna and Hinata noticed that Anko had some answers, but wasn't willing to tell them, they decided to get the information out of Anko using a different method.

That is why Yuna was currently wrestling to hold Anko down, while Hinata was tickling and interrogating her.

A few moments later, the door opened and Naruto walked inside…

"Nee-san you wo…"

… and immediately froze up. Yuna was currently restraining Anko's arms, while Hinata was sitting on her legs with both of her hands inside Anko's clothing.



Naruto's face became crimson red. He immediately apologized, turned around, and ran out of the room.

Hinata's face had a similar color to Naruto's just now. Although Anko was blushing a little she didn't seem to be too bothered by Naruto seeing her like that. It's not like she was naked, after all. Yuna, however, was completely unbothered.

"Anyway, let's continue. Her hips are her weak point, go for them, Hinata."

Hinata and Anko, simultaneously, looked at Yuna completely gobsmacked. Even their thoughts were perfectly in sync.

'Just how shameless is she?'

Seeing that neither Hinata nor Anko were moving, Yuna shook her head.

"Guess you want to know why Naruto burst in here like that, huh. Oh well, we can continue at another time."

'She has to be acting, right? She can't be THAT shameless.'

Yet again the duo's thoughts were in sync.

If, however, the duo could hear Yuna's current thoughts, their opinion would change rather quickly.

'A pity Hinata isn't strong enough to hold Anko down. If I was the one doing the tickling, I could accidentally cop a feel in a few places.'

The trio stood up and got their clothes in order and then followed Naruto downstairs. They had to tell him and Haku about the chunin exams as well, so they might as well do everything at once.

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Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto's twin sister Chapter 80 - How To Deal With A Tanuki