Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto's twin sister
Chapter 74 - Getting Pushed Down By Hinata!?

Chapter 74 - Getting Pushed Down By Hinata!?

It took the two about an hour to hash out all the details and after the negotiations were done, they parted ways with satisfied smiles.

Yuna made her way towards Ichiraku, where she knew she would find Naruto. Just when she arrived, she could see Naruto and Haku exit the restaurant with happy smiles.

"Naruto, Haku, negotiations are done. As expected, no problems popped out."

"Haha, that is good, nee-san. Do you want to eat something as well or should we go home now?"

"Let's go home for now. Hinata must have been lonely without us and I bet Haku wants to see her new home. Now that I think about it, we probably should move to a bigger house sooner rather than later. The old flat is getting rather full."

"I am indeed curious about my new home, Yuna-sama."

For some reason, Haku insists on speaking to Yuna politely. At first, Yuna wanted Haku to speak to her more casually, but she noticed that Haku was rather insistent on it, so Yuna let it go. It is not like Yuna wasn't used to people talking to her politely, so she doesn't mind all that much.

After walking a bit longer and reaching their flat, Yuna immediately noticed that the atmosphere inside was a little bit weird.

'How unusual. I can only feel Hinata, yet something feels different.'

After contemplating the matter a bit longer, a slight smirk appeared on her face.

"You two wait here for a moment. I'll call you when you can come in."

Although Naruto and Haku didn't understand the situation, they still nodded their heads in agreement.

Yuna silently opened the door and snuck inside the living room without making a sound. Inside the living room, Hinata was sitting on the couch with her nose buried deep inside a rather familiar-looking book. Her head was flushed in a deep red color, her breath was slightly strained and she would occasionally rub her thighs together.

A smirk appeared on Yuna's face as she stealthily approached Hinata. Without Hinata noticing anything, Yuna sat down next to her on the couch, hugged Hinata's hips, and put her head on Hinata's shoulder.


A weird-sounding scream escaped Hinata's mouth, but Yuna ignored it.

"Yo, Hinata! I am back. What are you reading?"

Yuna pushed her right cheek against Hinata's left one to "take a look at the book she was reading".

Another weird scream escaped Hinata's lips as she closed the book she was reading with lightning speed and stored it in her pouch.

"Y-Y-Yuna, welcome back. H-How was your trip."

'Haha, trying to change the topic, huh? It is not that easy.'

"Garden of Lilies, huh? I thought you weren't that interested in gardening."

Hinata completely froze up when she heard that Yuna actually read the title.

'Damn, what am I supposed to do now? Won't she think I am weird for reading something like that? No, it's fine, I was just curious, after all. This definitely wasn't my third read-through. It was the best-selling book after all. How can I not get curious about it? I should just tell her honestly what the book was about.'

"I-I suddenly got a bit more curious about gardening so I wanted to read more about it."

'LIKE HELL!!! As if I can just tell her I was reading porn!'

"Oh? If it can awaken your interest in gardening then give it to me after you are done reading it, okay?"


'It is not okay at all! What am I supposed to do, now!?'

Yuna separated from Hinata's cheek, and as soon as Hinata felt that Yuna was no longer glued to her, she stiffly moved her head sideways to look at Yuna. She had to convince her to not bother about the book anymore, no matter what. Plan after plan was created and discarded at a quick pace in her mind, but all of that came to an abrupt standstill when Hinata saw Yuna's face.

Yuna's eyes were full of mischief and amusement, while her mouth formed a teasing smirk. Hinata, immediately, understood what was going on.

'She was teasing me all this time! She knows exactly what kind of book that was! I am so stupid, it is Konoha's most sold book! There is no way Yuna doesn't know about it!'

A weird combination of embarrassment and anger overwhelmed Hinata. She glared at Yuna and tackled her, resulting in both of them falling onto the couch on top of each other.

"Y-Yuna, y-you…"

Hinata didn't even know what to say in her anger and embarrassment anymore. She was certain Yuna would scorn her when she found out about the book, but that didn't seem to be the case. Was she supposed to be angry for being pranked, happy for not being scorned, or embarrassed because she was found out?

Yuna, however, decided to intervene.

"Oh my, what are we going to do on the couch like this, Hinata? Do you, perhaps, want to reenact that scene from chapter 5 in the book?"

At first, Hinata was rather confused about what Yuna was talking about, but after jogging her memory a bit, she remembered the scene Yuna was talking about. It certainly resembled what just happened rather well.

One person got angry at the other person and pushed her down on a couch. Their bodies pressed into each other and their faces were only a few centimeters apart and then they would kiss.

Hinata unconsciously licked her lips while staring at Yuna's mouth when another realization hit her.

'Yuna has read the book as well! How else would she know about that scene! Of course, she has read it. With Yuna's personality, there is no way she wouldn't. But that means it's fine, right? She knows about it, right? So she knows what comes next, right? Should I just do it? I will do it!'

At this point in time, Hinata's brain had completely short-circuited. She pushed her lips forward with all her strength towards Yuna's lips. This would probably end rather painfully, but Yuna used some of her chakra to slow Hinata down a bit which resulted in their lips touching softly.

Hinata moaned in pleasure when her lips touched Yuna's, but moments later, when she realized what just happened, her eyes widened in surprise. Hinata, immediately, stood up and, with another weird scream, ran out of the room with a crimson red face.

Yuna licked her lips and chuckled a little.

'I wasn't expecting her to actually kiss me. Guess I pushed a little too hard. Oh well, I regret nothing. Guess I have to talk with her about all of this sooner rather than later.'

[I can already see your first bingo book entry:

Yuna Uzumaki: Defiler of Young Girls.

Hide your daughters, because she will seduce them. Followed by a list of people whose daughters you have corrupted.]

'Now, that is just rude.'


'No "but". It is just rude to say it like that. Instead of "daughters you have corrupted", you could have said: "daughters that were shown the light by me". You need to learn to wrap the ugly truth into nicer wrappings.'

[Is that a human thing?]

'It is! After all, "defending our homeland" sounds much better than "invading our enemies because we thought they might invade us someday, so we decided to slaughter them preemptively"."


'Anyway, guess it is time to call Naruto and Haku inside. Can't have them waiting in front of the door forever, after all.'

"You two can enter now!"

Moments later, Naruto and Haku walked inside the living room.

"Nee-san, where is Hinata?"

"Don't worry about her, Naruto. She just got an epiphany about her new jutsu and wants to be left alone."

Naruto's eyes immediately shone in excitement.

"Haha, I see. So that is why you didn't want us to enter all at once. You didn't want us to disturb Hinata's focus."

Yuna gave Naruto a sagely nod.

"That was indeed the case. I am not sure if she will come out of her room today, so let's give her some space for now."

"Okay, nee-san."

"Although I don't really understand the situation, I will do as Yuna-sama commands."

Yuna only nodded her head in acknowledgment.

'Guess I will go and speak with Hinata tonight. I will let her mull over her feelings a bit longer and see what she decides to do.'

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Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto's twin sister Chapter 74 - Getting Pushed Down By Hinata!?