Chapter 9: A Bunch of Trash Being Beaten Up

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She knew that it was a trap, yet she still wanted to jump in. It was not that Qin Pan was stupid, but she had enough confidence.

Under Qin Yajuan’s performance, the people from the Medical University came over to watch. She had secretly observed that many doctors could not figure out a way to treat this elderly, even though they had come before. She wanted to see how Qin Pan would embarrass herself.

“Professor Li.”

When Qin Pan heard the voice, she realized that Professor Li had also come over. However, Professor Li just stood outside and did not show any intention of participating.

“Okay, so who’s going first?” Chu Mianmian said meaningfully. “If we watch first, I’m afraid someone will say the same thing.”

“It’s very simple.” Qin Pan knew that they were targeting her so she just smiled. “Everyone can be around to check. As long as you treat the patient before me, I lose.”

“Really?” Chu Mianmian smiled viciously. “Do you keep your word?”

“Of course.” Qin Pan nodded and looked at the people around her. “Everyone here can testify.”

Since they wanted to make a scene, she did not mind making it an even bigger deal.

“Cousin, isn’t this a bad idea?” Qin Yajuan quickly stood up to defend her. “Now is not the time to throw a tantrum. Can you calm down? You…”

“What about me?” Qin Pan glanced at her coldly. “Are you trying to say that I’m just putting on a show and that I’m actually a bad-tempered lady?”

“No, Cousin, what are you talking about?” Qin Yajuan looked anxious.

Qin Pan sneered, “Isn’t that what you said?”

“No, did you misunderstand something?” Qin Yajuan felt a little embarrassed. 𝑖𝓃𝓃r𝒆𝘢d. c𝘰m

A free medical consultation. The few of them said something to the family members and they agreed.

They had been treating illnesses for a long time, but the conditions kept coming back. Recently, it was even more serious. It would relapse immediately after it had been relieved. Obviously, they had not found the root cause.

“My wife has been suffering from this illness for many years. Recently, it has been acting up very quickly. In the past two days, she has been taking medicine repeatedly and seeing a doctor. It’s just that the time for the relapse is very fast. One minute, she’s suppressing it, and the next minute, it might act up.” The patient’s family started to explain the patient’s condition. “There’s nothing wrong with her body. Her appetite is usually good, and there are no problems with her physical examination. She just has a stomachache, and she feels stuffy. She even feels nauseous and wants to vomit…”

After hearing this, the students’ faces were filled with confidence. Qin Yajuan was even more confident. This was very similar to a case she had seen before.

She looked at Qin Pan without any expression and didn’t know if she knew.

At this moment, Qin Pan had already used the system to scan the patient’s body. She wanted to ensure that nothing went wrong.

As time passed, all the students came forward to treat the patient. Strangely, the patient’s condition had just stabilized for less than five minutes before it acted up again.

Qin Pan could clearly see that most of the students were treating her stomach. The cause of the illness was not found.

They could not be blamed for this. The patient’s condition was very complicated. Not only were these students inexperienced, but even some experienced elders could fail.

Only after Qin Yajuan’s treatment did the symptoms not flare up after five minutes. Chu Mianmian looked at Qin Pan with contempt.

“I think the patient has heart problems, and these are all complications.” Qin Yajuan confidently explained her diagnosis. “The patient has chest tightness, nausea, and a series of other…”

Qin Pan glanced at Qin Yajuan intentionally. She was the only one who revealed the diagnosis.

She wanted to cut off her escape route. If the answer was the same, it would be considered plagiarism. No matter whether Qin Pan was right or wrong, she would lose in the end. It was indeed a good plan.

Unfortunately, Qin Yajuan was too smart for her own good.

“It’s already over now. Shouldn’t some people admit that they are trash and have been going around treating illnesses anyhow?” Chu Mianmian shouted when she saw that it was about time.

Before Qin Pan could say anything, the patient fell ill again and started vomiting non-stop. Her expression was even uglier than before. Her yellow wax skin didn’t have any luster and no one dared to go forward.

Qin Yajuan was already frightened because the other party had already coughed out blood.

Professor Li was about to go forward, but Qin Pan walked in front of him. She took out acupuncture needles from the medicine box she brought along and quickly inserted a few needles into the old woman’s body.

Then, she began to massage her acupuncture points. The old woman’s complexion began to recover and her breathing stabilized.

“Thank you, Doctor. I don’t feel so bad anymore.” The old woman’s weak voice could be heard. “I felt terrible just now.”

“Tell me about the patient’s condition,” Professor Li said for the first time.

Qin Pan nodded. “A viral bubble appeared in the patient’s lungs. This caused complications…”

After Qin Pan finished speaking, Professor Li nodded and praised, “Very good, very good. Your observation is very meticulous. Even the other illnesses have been diagnosed. The treatment method used is also very good.”

“Qin Pan’s best skill isn’t that. It’s her Chinese medicine acupuncture. Even if ordinary people knew about her illness, they wouldn’t be able to treat it in time without any equipment.” Professor Li didn’t waste any time praising her. “And for someone who is so proficient in using acupuncture, I don’t think you need to say much about her medical skills.”

Some people’s faces really hurt.

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