Chapter 36: The Excitement of the fitting room

Qin Yajuan did not expect that she would be made even more unhappy later on.

“Brother Cheng, do you think this dress looks good?” Qin Yajuan asked Cheng Gang after picking one and trying it on.

The moment Cheng Gang came into contact with her, his eyes could not help but be filled with surprise. He knew that Qin Yajuan looked pretty good, but he did not expect her to change into a low-cut dress. She looked even more feminine and different from her usual innocent look.

Hence, without even thinking, he said, “Yes.”

However, now was not the time to flirt. Cheng Gang spoke a bit with her, but once he saw Qin Pan changing into her outfit, he immediately looked at Qin Pan, making Qin Yajuan beside him furious.

Jealousy and indignance made Qin Yajuan’s expression look sinister and scary. Her gaze suddenly landed on a piece of clothing and she had an idea.

While Cheng Gang was surprised to see Qin Yajuan, now that he saw Qin Pan who had changed his clothes, his eyes were filled with shock.

He had always known that Qin Pan was extremely beautiful and had a great figure. However, he didn’t expect Qin Pan to change so much after changing an outfit. The light blue dress wasn’t something anyone could pull off, but Qin Pan exuded an immortal aura and her aura was so noble.

“Pan’er, this dress really suits your skin. You look good too, just like a little fairy.” Cheng Gang praised her and said gently, “You’re my little fairy.”

Qin Pan looked at herself in the mirror. She was originally quite satisfied but now, she suddenly felt that this dress was not suitable.

“Is that so?” Qin Pan looked around and looked at the clothes seriously. She was in a dilemma. “I still don’t think it looks good. Let me look at the other.”

“Mm, okay. I’ll go and choose one for you. I’ll definitely choose the best one for Pan’er. When the time comes, you will stun everyone at the tea party.” Cheng Gang teased. “Pan’er is so beautiful. Brother Cheng really can’t bear to let everyone see you. I want to hide you like this.”

“Aiya, Brother Cheng, what are you talking about? I’m ignoring you.” Qin Pan acted coquettishly and turned to enter the fitting room.

In Cheng Gang’s opinion, Qin Pan must have been shy and forgiven him. Just as he was feeling pleased with himself, he was pulled into the fitting room by Qin Yajuan, who had walked up to him.

“Brother Cheng, it’s not convenient for me to tie the belt behind my clothes. Please help me tie it.”


Cheng Gang, who wanted to question her angrily, was greeted with a stunning sight when he entered the fitting room. He didn’t care about being angry anymore. His eyes never left Qin Yajuan, so he naturally agreed. Anyway, it would take a long time for Qin Pan to change her clothes, so he didn’t mind playing with Qin Yajuan for a while.

If he rejected what was offered to him, he wouldn’t be called Cheng Gang.

Qin Yajuan saw that his gaze was fixated on her. His burning gaze was directed at her, and she was very satisfied. This man’s gaze could only stay on her.

“Brother Cheng, please help me.” Qin Yajuan blushed shyly. Her eyes were watery from embarrassment, as if she had been bullied.

Cheng Gang was so agitated by her behavior that he wanted to bully her. As he thought about it, he decided to do so. He went forward and hugged her in his arms. He leaned over and kissed her, stopping Qin Yajuan’s words.

She did not know if it was because of Cheng Gang’s skills or something else, but Qin Yajuan only pushed him a few times shyly before she ended up responding enthusiastically and threw herself into the kiss, completely forgetting that this was a fitting room.

Qin Pan was just outside the fitting room. When she heard the excited voices inside, her eyes were filled with disdain. They were really an adulterous couple. They didn’t care about the occasion and were just trash.

Qin Pan took out her phone and wanted to contact Xi Ce to see what he was doing.

She switched on her phone and saw the group chat messages in their circle. She glanced at it and saw Xi Ce’s name. Qin Pan casually flipped through the chat records.

A moment later, Qin Pan was so angry she laughed. Xi Ce was actually called to the nightclub to have fun.

What could these rich second-generation heirs do in a nightclub? What else could they do?

This made Qin Pan very unhappy. He actually dared to look for other women behind her back. Good job.

“Xi Ce, if I catch you finding a woman, you’re finished.” Qin Pan turned off her phone angrily and said fiercely.

Ignoring the people in the fitting room, she walked away. Now she was going to the nightclub to catch the adulterers. She didn’t bother to ask about this pair of dogs, so she let them continue their thrill here.

Of course, when Qin Pan left, she indirectly hinted to a certain gossipy waiter about something regarding the fitting room. Whether the adulterous couple would be discovered afterwards had nothing to do with her..

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