Chapter 4

‘However, I have heard not heard of such job as Poison Earth.’

Is that right?

I mean, I’ve played a few videogames before, but that’s a job title I’m not familiar with.

‘Aye. To my knowledge, “Earth” is a first job for humans. Once a certain level and conditions are fulfilled, you will advance to a second job.’

So, Earths are first jobs.

Might be pretty similar to the jobs that frequently appear in MMOs.

Like how you’d go from novice to warrior, mage, priest, or ranger.

But the stupid “Poison” bit has really caught my attention.

“Poison” is just poison, right?

Besides Spirit Link, other usable skills that I have are Poison Absorption (Weak) and Poison Release.

If “Earth” means “human” in this world, then what am I? A poisonous person?

Why the hell poison? What, am I toxic or something? I’ve never even trolled or griefed before.

‘Aye... perhaps it is due to my influence.’

“What do you mean?”

I inquired Veno.

He replied in a slightly troubled tone.

‘It is because I was born a poison-type dragon.’

There are lots of different types of dragons too, huh?

It’s not exactly rare to find dragons described as red, blue, white, or black either.

In this case, would he be green? It would be quite kinda tricky to put him in a game.

Because I’m linked with him, I’m a poison human... a Poison Earth.

Is this an effect of Forced Possession Summoning?

Hmm? Hey, didn’t I see you breathe fire and cast lightning?

‘If I had used my most powerful magic, there would be nothing but death for my opponents. It would be more troublesome that way. Rarely do I use poison now.’

Ah. He had been holding back in the fight so that he wouldn’t kill anyone.

He would rather let them go rather than to deal them serious damage.

‘The swamp that you fell into was a poisonous swamp. That would be the reason why the girl gave you an antidote, is it not?’

That’s right, isn’t it?

It must’ve been because I was in the poison that I was feeling great.

Maybe it was actually dangerous though. Who knows.

I don’t know, but it doesn’t seem like a pleasant job class.

How do you put it? It just doesn’t seem like it’s very strong and it doesn’t seem like it’ll get stronger either.

From what I’ve experienced in JRPGs, poison is never useful in a big battle.

Most bosses are resistant or immune to poison, so it never does anything.

‘That is not true. Do not make light of poison.’

That’s only because you’re on the boss monster’s side.

In a JRPG, it’s not very effective on your opponent but super effective on you. That kind of bullshit happens all the time.

‘Aye, then you are wondering what you should do?’

... in a place without computers, there’s not much an SE can do.

No, there’s practically nothing I can do.

Like I said early, the life I lived was far removed from things like combat or exercise.

If you think about it normally, you can’t level up your job unless you actually use its powers.

“Well, not much of a choice but to use my job, huh?”

The problem is how much power does a Poison Earth have.

They had to resort to Forced Possession Summoning—an outrageous measure, might I add—to defeat Veno. What if I had picked up some of his powers too? Maybe I could use it to my favour as well.

But honestly speaking, in JRPGs, abnormal statuses are usually bad news for the player. But in Western games, that’s not always the case.

It depends on the game too, but I’ve completely shutout a last boss before with poison and paralysis. 𝒾n𝘯𝒓𝙚а𝑑. 𝓬𝑜𝙢

But who knows which one it is in this alternate world. Might be possible too that neither is true.

Whichever it is though, I’ve got to know what a Poison Earth can do in order to survive from now on.

To go down the list, Spirit Link is probably a skill related to Veno.

‘Yes, that is perhaps correct. It is most likely that you were forced to learn the skill because of your link with me.’

Can skills be activated by focusing on the desired outcome?

‘Ah, there too exists skills that have to be acquired through proper training.’

Seems like there are learned skills as well.

While thinking about nothing in particular, I focused on Spirit Link to try to activate the skill.

... nothing especially seemed to happen.

‘I believe the ability to communicate through our thoughts while linked together is the desired effect of Spirit Link.’

So that means it’s a passive skill.

Alright, next up is Poison Absorption (Weak).

I try to focus on it, but there weren’t any changes.

‘Certainly, you realize that I was watching when this skill activated.’

What? When was that?

‘It was when you fell into the poisonous swamp and was floating on your back. You seemed to be in great comfort if I am not mistaken.’

... must’ve been right before Arleaf saved me, when I was still half-asleep.

It was because of this skill that I felt fantastic, like I was soaking in an onsen.

That just doesn’t sit well with me though.

I guess it does exactly what it says on the tin and absorbs poison...

Next up is Poison Release.

I focus on it and then get the feeling that words lit up.

Swamp Toxin

Some other icon appeared.

... guess I’ll just select “confirm”.

Two lumps of purple liquid were created in my palms as soon as I did that.

‘Hmm... you are able to attack with the toxins you had absorbed. It would appear that you are able to cast beginner-level poison magic.’

Do I sling this at my opponent? Hmm... might have lucked out getting magical abilities.

But I’m not really excited or anything about being able to use magic so easily.

‘Oh, but it is not magic. You will need learn quite difficult spells to cast magic. I shall offer you the chance to learn. First, you have to—’

Veno conveniently draws these charts and formulas in my field of vision, but it doesn’t get through to me.

Ugh, it hurts to fuckin’ look at. Show it to me later!

‘Hmm... as one would expect, the translation skill does not activate for matters like this. At a later time, then, I shall simplify it for you so that even you can understand it.’

Though it’s so that I can survive, to so kindly and thoroughly teach me would be a great help... but that’s not the problem.

‘I have time to spare for I am currently merely watching. Would it not be fine for me to kill time this way?’

He has the nerve to be so carefree...

I thought it’d be cool to ride a dragon into battle, but right now, it seems like it’s the other way around. Feels like he’s a dragon riding on my shoulders, ordering me what to do.

‘Is there some reason that you should be making fun me?’

I’m having a conversation with dragon in my head who’s nothing but talk.

‘Scoundrel! How dare you ridicule me?’

And that’s why I’m not scared. He gets all thirsty for blood but I don’t see him making a single attack at me.

But still, it’d be a pain if he keeps getting pissed off like this. Literally and figuratively.

‘It seems like we have been sidetracked. You were wanting to begin with confirming of what you are capable, correct?’

We’ve pretty much wrapped up with this confirmation, haven’t we?

To be frank, I don’t think I have what’s needed to do what Veno wants—defeating a monster and levelling up.

Firstly, I don’t have any weapons or armor. Secondly, food.

Moreover, I’m feeling kinda hungry but I don’t have any of this world’s currency.

How the hell am I supposed to live like this?

... speaking of money, Arleaf told me to go to the town hall.

There might be a way to earn money there.

‘Aye. If it is like how it is in the past, there is a chance that something like a bulletin board with methods of acquiring money existing. You should try going there. Perhaps it is that building.’

With that said, we left the square and headed towards the rather large building that looks different than the houses around it.

The building is deserted, but there’s a bulletin board by the entrance.

I’ll just check it out first.

Though I’ve never seen this writing before, it’s translated in a way so that even I understand.

No, maybe it would be more accurate to say the meaning gets transmitted into my head.

However the translation may work, I can assume it’s thanks to Veno that it does.

It would be absolutely tragic if I came to this world and didn’t understand anything said or written.

It’s easy to see if you think of the situation when I was saved by Arleaf.

After being spoken to in a language I’ve never heard before, I was fed some mysterious medicine.

Then she was pointing and gesturing, somehow trying to figure out my condition. Even with all that said and done, I get to the village and kept hearing a dragon’s voice in my head.

... yup. If you think of it like that, you could say I’ve been blessed.

‘You brood upon strange thoughts. Well, at least you are giving me thanks.’

Oh, think about it the other way.

Imagine if the Forced Possession Summoning transferred your magic to me too.

‘What?! To have my feats and prowess stolen by humans?! Take your words back at once!’

Right?! It’s more convenient for me this way!

‘To dare steal my powers is but villainy! Remember that!’

I go to take a gander at the bulletin board while I brush off Veno’s rage.

Generally, most of the posts are calls for assistance and trade requests.

I wonder if there’s a specific time to post. It doesn’t seem like you can just stick a note up whenever you want.

Oh, there’s a request with a recommended level for adventurers.

Defeat tiger plants growing in the plains

Recommended: four or more party members; basic job lv 20 or higher

There are a few posts like that printed on the board.

However, for a lv 1 novice like me, it’s not a job that I can handle.

‘About that commission you are currently reading, it seems like the reason why no one has accepted it is because the reward is not befitting the work.’

Half of this stuff is pretty simple to understand, but it’s mixed in with requests that seem closer to scams

It’s not too much different than back home, huh?

Hell, this town hall is less of an adventurers’ guild and more of a public employment service center.

Like, this is all day labor work postings.

Guildhalls in tabletop RPGs and videogames are always so grand and full of adventurous spirit, but right now, the romance is withering away in front of me.

Is it really like this in reality?

Or is it only because this village is so dead that this place looks shabby?

... I feel like this’ll have do since I’m pressed for time.

But usually I’ll need to present a license or something for this.

‘Are you perhaps speaking of adventurer registration? That is performed at the church. You will also need to be put through something called a baptism.’

At the church?

‘If possible, I suggest you to avoid using the church. They pose quite a danger.’

Yeah, I hear religions can be dangerous sometimes.

Is it because the guys who tried to kill you were from the church?

‘They were crusaders of a chivalric order sent by the kingdom. They’re related to the church, I suppose.’

I see. That’s what he means by dangerous.

‘About the jobs on the bulletin board... I suggest the request that is by your right-hand.’

I read the writing on the request that Veno suggested.

Harvest marphina

Recommended: poison-curing magic; lv 25 or higher

It seems like I would be rewarded for each gram of marphina collected.

The requester is this village’s tool dealer and apothecary.

It says harvest, so it’s a plant, right?

But since I’m not at the recommended level yet, wouldn’t this be really tough for me?

‘What are you saying? If my memory serves me right, this plant grows in the poisonous swamp that—as if falling in were not enough already—you were swimming in? You are able to absorb poison, correct?’

Ah. I just have to go back the way Arleaf showed me, eh?

What’s more, I don’t even need any purification magic, thanks to my Poison Absorption (Weak).

Normally one would need an antidote, but it might not be worth it to use one just to do this request.

This request would only be worth it for those who can cast magic that cures poison—that way, it would cost nothing.

The recommended level of 25 might indicate how difficult it is.

Maybe you can only cure the poison at that level.

In any case, Poison Absorption (Weak) can likely handle it somehow.

This might just turn out to be an easy job.

I wonder if Arleaf harvests like this too.

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