Chapter 20: Chapter 20 turned out to be the third brother


“Mom, hurry up and pass me my breakfast. I’m going to be late. ”

A young man ran in from outside the door and rushed to the dining table in a hurry. He stretched out his hand to take two egg rolls and two steamed buns and was about to leave.

“Ah Jun, look at you. You don’t have any rules at all. ”

Dongfang Mei glared at her son and then passed him a cup of fresh milk lovingly

“You only leave after drinking a cup of milk. How can eating only egg rolls and steamed buns be nutritious enough? ”

“Oh. ”

The young man called Ah Jun hurriedly put down the steamed bun in his hand and took the glass of milk. Just as he was about to drink it, he saw mu Ru. He was slightly stunned and immediately asked with a smile,

“You’re sister-in-law, right? What’s wrong with your face? ”

Mu Ru was still holding the porridge spoon in her hand. She lowered her head and did not make a sound. Dongfang Mei, on the other hand, took over the conversation and said to Mu Ru intimately,

“Mu Ru, this is ah Jun, my child. His full name is Dongfang Jun. he is the youngest among us. You can call him third brother. ”

Mu Ru did not understand why Dongfang Mei’s child had the surname Dongfang, nor did she understand why she had a child. Didn’t she say that she had never been married?

Although she was very confused, she still remembered Dongfang Mo’s words. She should not be curious about things that she should not know, so she immediately suppressed her curiosity.

Mu Ru looked up with a smile and looked at the handsome, Sunny Dongfang Jun. she nodded naturally

“So it’s third brother. I’m also in Binda. I’m a freshman. My name is Xi Muru. ”

“Wow, you’re Xi Muru? The city scholar? ”

Dongfang Jun shouted at once, then looked at her in confusion

“Are you really Xi Muru? Isn’t my sister-in-law Xi Muxue? ”

Mu Ru bit the corner of her lips lightly. Before she could say anything, Dongfang Mei, who was beside her, pulled Dongfang Jun’s hand and reprimanded him softly

“Ah Jun, you’re talking to your sister-in-law. Don’t be rude. If Mu ru is your sister-in-law, remember to call her sister-in-law in the future. ”

“But… ”

Dongfang Jun looked at Dongfang Mei and frowned. Then, he continued to ask,

“Mom, didn’t you say yesterday that brother Married Xi Muxue? ”

“Xi Muxue and I are twin sisters. ”

Mu Ru stood up to explain. Then, seeing that he was still standing there, she quickly asked again,

“Are you going to school now? ”

“Yes, I have to hurry. Otherwise, I’m afraid I’ll be late. ”

Dongfang Jun nodded. Then, he thought of something and asked,

“sister-in-law, you mean… ”

“Wait for me, I’ll go with you. ”

Mu Ru nodded and was about to go upstairs.

“sister-in-law, where are you going? ”

Dongfang Yu just happened to come down from upstairs. He had an elegant smile on his face and was wearing a white casual suit. He looked handsome and elegant, like a prince.

“To school. ”

Mu Ru answered in a bad mood. She thought of the illusion he gave her at the wedding yesterday and the rough and deceitful way he treated her last night. She still felt very uncomfortable.


Dongfang Yu could not help but laugh out loud. He came to Mu Ru’s side and warned her in a low voice,

“sister-in-law, don’t blame me for not reminding you. Big Brother’s temper is not as good as mine. You married him yesterday and are going to school today. Did you apply to him? Did he agree to it? ”

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