Chapter 16: Chapter 16 the real groom and the fake groom took turns to appear


“since you’re willing to marry Dongfang Mo, then I’ll invite my brother down. ”

Dongfang Yu obviously wasn’t in the mood to continue listening to Xi Muxue’s nagging. He looked meaningfully at Xi Muru before his gaze finally stopped on Xi Yuancheng

“CEO Xi, I’m sorry, but I’m afraid I’ll have to trouble you to bring your eldest daughter, Xi Muru back. My brother told her to get lost last night, but she actually shamelessly stayed here for the night. ”

Xi Muxue was a little puzzled when she heard Dongfang Yu’s words. She only reacted when she saw him turn around and walk upstairs, so she quickly asked,

“You… you’re not Dongfang Mo? ”

“Of course I’m not Dongfang Mo. ”

Dongfang Yu shrugged his shoulders and made a helpless expression. His Gaze stopped on Xi Muxue’s face, and he said teasingly,

“sister-in-law is so beautiful, Yu is also very moved. But there’s an old saying, you can’t bully a friend’s wife, let alone your own sister-in-law. ”

Xi Muxue was no longer in the mood to listen to Dongfang Yu’s teasing. She only asked nervously,

“then… then where is Dongfang Mo? I remember, a year ago, the Dongfang Mo I saw was just like you? ”

“My brother and I are twin brothers. ”

Dongfang Yu explained as he walked up the stairs

“Just like how you and Xi Muru are twin sisters. ”

Xi Muxue was completely confused. At the same time, she had a bad premonition. Seeing that Dongfang Yu’s figure had disappeared, she quickly chased up to Mu Ru. She raised her hand and slapped her face again

“Say, what exactly is Dongfang Mo like? Did you see Dongfang Mo last night? ”

Xi Muru took another step back and raised her head slightly. When she met Nanny Liu’s sympathetic and caring gaze, her nose turned sour. Nanny Liu had just met her last night, and she actually sympathized with her and cared about her.

And this so-called biological sister, the biological sister of the same mother as her, other than beating her, scolding her, and using her as a scapegoat to vent her anger, she had no other feelings.

“Mu Ru, Mu Xue is asking you a question. ”

Xi Yuancheng saw his ugly daughter lowering her head and not saying a word, so he could not help but berate her

“quickly tell Mu Xue, have you seen Dongfang Mo at all? ”

“Yes, I have. ”

Mu Ru resisted the dissatisfaction in her heart: 𝓲𝚗𝑛r𝗲a𝒅. 𝓬𝗼m

“He’s actually… ”

“Don’t ask her. I’m right here. ”

With an old and hoarse voice, the elevator door has a wheelchair slowly turned over, and the people in the wheelchair… …

“AH… Ghost! ”

Xi muxue shouted and immediately ran to the door, only thinking of using the fastest speed to escape from this place.

Unfortunately, just as she reached the door, she was immediately grabbed by the hand that quickly reached out from the wheelchair. Dongfang Mo’s hand was tightly clutched onto her shoulder, and his twisted and ferocious face swayed on her face

“honey, since you’re here, you actually still want to run. What do you mean by this? Do you dislike me? ”

Xi muxue looked at the hand that grabbed her. That skin was like the bark of a tree that was crawling with countless insects, so she did not dare to look at Dongfang Mo’s face. She just closed her eyes and shook her head. Mengdi felt that it was inappropriate again, and then quickly nodded.

“Tell me, do you dislike me or not? ”

Dongfang Mo’s hoarse voice sounded like a wolf’s howl because of the sudden growl. It was so scary.

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