Fantasy: God-level Store Manager
Chapter 2645: Is it wrong to have a garden underground?

No one knows how many secrets are buried under the earth, the traces of history are covered with layers of earth and stones, forgotten by people, and finally even the traces completely disappear from the world.

The dwarves of the Iron City have been digging underground for generations, and these things that should have disappeared will be more or less dug up by them.

It may be just a useless tombstone, or it may bring a devastating disaster.

Of course, it is basically the former, and the probability of the latter is very small.

However, the probability is not zero.

Obviously, the dwarves of the Iron City are a little out of luck.

"...I remember that the entire city of steel was turned upside down, the mines came to the ground, and the buildings went underground."

The giant axe told the story of the city of steel falling into the gap between the virtual and the real hundreds of years ago. He said with emotion, "The spatial structure has also changed, and no one knows where each mine leads to."

Oxia listened with interest.

"I heard from others that you finally solved this matter?" Yao Ziyan asked curiously.


Oxia nodded, "Those visions are actually caused by the power of gods, and they do not follow the common sense in reality. It is easy to solve the problem by finding the source of the power."

"It seems that the source of power is a...silver-white metal ring?" Luo Chuan interjected, "It's still at the tide now? Have a chance to see it."

He has always been very curious about such items related to gods.

Contrary to his expectations, Oxia shook her head gently: "It's not with us now."

"Hey, did you lose it? Or was it stolen?" Luo Chuan asked subconsciously.

Yao Ziyan covered Luo Chuan's mouth and pulled him aside, and couldn't help but give him a blank look.

"Cough, sometimes Luo Chuan's words are always out of his head, so don't take it to heart." Yao Ziyan waved her hand and was silent for a while, "You won't really lose it, right?"

Oxia smiled dumbly: "You two are really interesting."

Perhaps because of this, the two will live together.

"Really lost?"

The giant axe looked at Oxia suspiciously, and he was a little convinced by what Luo Chuan and Yao Ziyan said.

"Of course not, it's here now." Oxia shook her head with a smile.

"What do you mean?" The giant axe didn't understand.

"Do you remember the previous Annihilation Cultists? They wanted to wake up the core of the underground creatures below the Steel City from their slumber, but they were finally stopped by the life crystals given by the boss." Oxia said.

Of course Luo Chuan remembered this.

At that time, after the World Tree condensed the crystal of life, it slumped for a long time.

"And then?" Yao Ziyan asked, she took what Oxia told as a story.

"The metal ring was also placed in the area of ??the biological core, which played a suppressing role." Oxia said the final answer.

The three were stunned.

Since it is a **** item dug out of the steel city, and the underground creature is the elder brother of all living beings, it is reasonable for the two to have a connection.

Walk while talking.

The giant axe talked about all kinds of strange things that the dwarves encountered when they were mining, so the journey was not too boring.

As he went deeper, Luo Chuan noticed that the figures of the dwarves were getting fewer and fewer, and they disappeared completely at some point.

The mine is much narrower than it was at the beginning, and the stone walls on both sides are no longer in a polished state. The engraved solidification magic is the same as before, which shows that the dwarves still attach great importance to safety in production.

"Is this a bone?"

Yao Ziyan suddenly stopped and looked at a stone wall somewhere.

On the surface of the gray-black wet rock formation, there are faint traces of special substances, like the body of some kind of creature, but a bone is larger than that of a human being.

"Oh, this, an ancient undead."

The giant axe glanced at it and said casually, "At that time, there was a lot of trouble. It was broken by my axe. That bone was left when it didn't break away from the stone wall."

Luo Chuan looked at the arm of the giant axe, which was thicker than his thigh, and gained a new understanding of the dwarf.

It seems that there is no conflict between honesty and honesty and violence.

The short interlude did not affect the speed of the few people's progress, but only allowed Luo Chuan to understand what the events encountered by the dwarves were, from a concept of nothingness to a real picture.

how to say?

He felt like he was surprisingly calm.


It may be that he has seen it a lot, and his ability to accept anomalies has already increased to an unbelievable level.

Luo Chuan quickly thought of a reasonable explanation.

"How far is it?" After moving on for a while, Luo Chuan finally couldn't help asking.

The almost endless and endless mines can easily wear down one's patience, even the extraordinary powerhouse is no exception.

From the very beginning, they talked and laughed, and now they haven't spoken for a while, and all they can hear is rustling footsteps.

The giant axe thought about it seriously, and carefully looked at the surrounding rock walls.

"We're almost a quarter of the way through the journey."

At first, it was a short-distance teleportation magic, but it completely turned into walking in the back.

"So far?" Luo Chuan frowned.

"There's no way." The giant axe sighed, "Since the Annihilation Cultist matter was resolved, the influence on the supernatural power around the underground creatures has not changed. Ordinary extraordinary items are useless."

He also didn't want to go on foot if he could.

"never mind."

Luo Chuan sighed, regretting that he didn't ask this question earlier, "Is there a specific map?"

He looked at the great axe.

"Map, I don't need that thing." The giant axe pointed to his head, "I remember the location of every mine."

"But I need it." Luo Chuan sighed helplessly.

The giant axe was a little embarrassed, coughed, took a stone and began to draw on the ground.

The mine cave twists and turns, like cobwebs crisscrossing, and like some indescribable thing with countless tentacles growing all over its body, wantonly expanding its body toward the surroundings.

The map was drawn quickly, and it seemed that the axe was just stating a fact.

"Boss, what do you want the map here for?" Oxia was curious.

Like Yao Ziyan, her curiosity is equally strong, and she always wants to know the answer when facing questions.

Luo Chuan just shook his head and did not answer for the time being. He pointed to a certain area circled on the map: "Is it here?"

"Well." The giant axe nodded, and he also had the same problem as Oxia in his heart.

"be ready."

Luo Chuan suddenly said something thoughtless.

When Oxia and Huge Axe were still thinking about the meaning of this sentence, they saw Luo Chuan raised his arm and snapped his fingers lightly.

Light and shadow changed, and their perception exceeded the limit of mortals at this moment, reached an unknown field, saw endless brilliance, endless knowledge...

As if it was just an illusory illusion for a moment, the peculiar feeling quickly disappeared, and it was impossible to describe or remember what happened.

Yao Ziyan shook her head and smelled the elegant fragrance of flowers.

She found herself in a garden.

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Fantasy: God-level Store Manager Chapter 2645: Is it wrong to have a garden underground?