Fantastic Beasts of Records: Lecherous Prince Of The Sea
Chapter 8 Mercy Is Sometimes Less Favourable

He had also noticed that they didn't even listen to his voice when he ordered them to take Clara and her crew to the brig and had only acted when mad John had talked.

Hmm! That would have to change.

If he wants to survive in this world, then he needed people who were willing to protect him or sacrifice their lives for him.

What he needed was loyalty!

What he needed was loyalty similar to those of the Spartiate society.

Although it wouldn't be easy, he placed his bet on them being simple-minded men who only knew the difference between alcohol and pleasure. And most of all, they were pirates otherwise known as the thieves of the seas.

And since he was a man from the 24th century, wouldn't it be easy for him to coarse or influence the minds of such men?

It might be easy. It might be hard. But he wouldn't know until he tried.

And the least that he could fear was his death if he failed. After all the former Prince Wyatt had fallen into the ocean and died, so who is to say that the same won't happen to him?

"So what are you suggesting? Are you saying that I should throw you off board right now to your deaths" I said, finally understanding what her words implied

"Yes. If you had gone through all this effort just to attack us and kill half of my crew members, the least that you could do is kill me as their captain and the remaining of my crew so that we would die knowing that we don't have to forever bear the shame of being at your mercy" She replied, and at that moment, every one of the women and men that were tied up and held in bondage with her looked at me with vengeful eyes.

Their actions were making it clear to me that if I spare their lives, they would go through any means to kill me and have their revenge.

I have just arrived in this world and I already have people who are after my life.

I frowned.

"So at least, grant us an honourable death even if you don't have the honour or dignity of a pirate. At least let me die with the remaining pride I have as a pirate. And if my father asks about my death tell me that I died at the sea together with my ship. He would understand" She said as her face softened up at the mention of her father.

This is getting too problematic.

Either she dies here and I risk getting the wrath of the father 'Captain Davy', the supposedly second largest vessel under 'Captain Silver tongue', while I also have to survive against the latter.

Or, I let her live and gain a 50 per cent chance of surviving her father's wrath. While I watch my back at every minute in case she comes back for revenge.

It was a problematic decision to make because, on the other hand, I had just arrived in this world and wasn't yet ready to have blood on my hand after all I wasn't a serial killer.

And on the other hand, if I get rid of her now, I would be eliminating one of my potential future enemies in advance.

The answer on which decision was most profitable to me was clear, but what made it difficult wasn't the issue of whether she died or not, but it was about me and my morals.

And ultimately, my morals won, thus reminding me of my nature and limitations as a human being and how outlandish it was to suddenly become a blood-thirsty pirate in less than a day.

Shaking my head as I eventually came to a decision, I looked at Clara who seems to have seen through my response even though I haven't said anything yet.


And just when I hadn't expected it, she spat on my face.

Her actions were too fast and unexpected for me to think or react to what had happened until I felt a warm wet fluid on my face.

"Let today forever be a reminder to you of the moment that you forever became a coward. And when the time is right, I will offer you the same just humiliation that you have given me" She said, uttering every sentence with hostility and loathing.

Yet I didn't pay any attention to what she was saying as I used my hands to wipe away the fluid from my face.

"You will…"


I ran my right palm right through her face as a loud resounding smack echoed through the ship. settling with the waves of the seas as they quieted down.

"Shut up" I said as I stared at the woman who seems to magnify her hatred for me the more she looked at me.

I didn't know if all this hate was just something that had come from the surprise attack the former Prince Wyatt had ordered or if it was something more than that goes way back to these two having some bad blood between them.

But I didn't care to know or bother finding out.

Because at the moment, I was furious.

I looked at her, and I saw mixed expressions flashing through her eyes from anger, shame and disbelief, to bitterness.

But then again, I didn't care how she was feeling as I walked up to her and grabbed her hair.

Sinking my hands into her long blonde hair that seems to be reflecting together with the sun, pulling her up until my actions forced her to look into my eyes and lock her gaze with mine.

"You will never be a great man like your father Emperor Brewer the 3rd. You will forever be weak. You will forever be a lesser man. Lesser than even your brothers" She said, not giving me the chance to even utter a word as she spoke with a loathing smile on her face.

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Fantastic Beasts of Records: Lecherous Prince Of The Sea Chapter 8 Mercy Is Sometimes Less Favourable