Fantastic Beasts of Records: Lecherous Prince Of The Sea
Chapter 222 A Pirate’s Diplomacy

A realization struck her that he was unknowingly releasing his magical energy into the air, slowly increasing the pressure around him. "And by the time they realize what is going on, I will look down from above my throne and watch as their brains kick-start, reality dawning on them of what had just happened."

The pressure increased, and the ship rocked from side to side, causing a small ripple of waves to stretch out from below the ship into the sea. "But then, I will no longer be... the Banished First Prince of the Endossa Empire. I will be... Captain Wyatt. I will be... the Prince of the Sea."

Edna felt every functioning part of her brain halt. He was both a demon and a madman, she knew. However, it seemed that she had underestimated his ability to supersede the very image he possessed in her mind. She should have expected it and saved herself from the shock and emotional ups and downs. Regardless --

She sighed heavily. "I hope that you are aware of the fact that you have just declared war against every pirate in the world," she pointed out, "including rogue pirates who, I am sure, will turn against you the moment they receive a substantial reward to do so."

"Yes, I am aware."

"I see. So that means you have already decided to take the Cryptic Sea as your own territory, right?"

He nodded. "Yes."

At his response, she couldn't help but smile. "And do you think Queen Mavena and the rest of the fallen royals will sit back and watch you take control of a territory that they have been longing to take back?" she asked.

He paused momentarily, and somehow Edna felt that she shouldn't have uttered those words.

"Then…' he spoke, then paused. Suddenly, a smile lit up on his lips. "Then, I might as well conquer their lands if they allow themselves to be a hindrance in my way."

"You are insane," Edna declared. Without another word, she carried her bucket and poured the water that she had fetched back into the sea.

"What are you doing?" The demon prince questioned with a raised brow, waiting for an explanation.

Without a moment's hesitation, she spoke, "The wager was that nothing you say will ever shock me again." As she put down the bucket, she held it tightly in her hand and looked at him, locking her eyes on his "But then, you went ahead and declared war on an entire legion of pirates and every other pirate in the world, while also declaring your intentions to seize the kingdoms of the royalties that oppose you. If that wasn't enough to surprise me, then I might as well consider myself a madwoman just like you."

In response, he exhaled deeply. "But it's just words. There's no saying if I might go through with it."

"Although I haven't been with you for a long time, I have seen the way you talk and react just to brush off such heavy words easily," she said. Knowing that she couldn't stay there any longer, as every second that ticked away made her nauseously uncertain about her future, she bowed. "Sorry that I won't be accompanying you for the night. I have to go to sleep now, Master Wyatt." She turned around. "See you tomorrow." And walked away with the bucket in her hand.


As I observed Edna's figure retreat into the distance, a serene wave of relief swept over me. After enduring a nightmarish ordeal, I stepped outside to inhale the crisp sea breeze and allow it to carry away the sense of despair and defeat that had overwhelmed every fibre of my being.

But now...

Now, I feel as though no being or man can impede my path. In response to the crippling sense of hopelessness and defeat that once plagued me, a newfound sense of strength and resolution coursed through my veins, purging my body like a detox eliminating unknown toxins and granting me the relief and solace I so desperately craved.

"Captain Wyatt, the prince of the sea" A smile crept up my face as I whispered those words again, relishing in the sense of authority and power they brought. The sea breeze wrapped around me like a cloak, as if acknowledging my new status and welcoming me into its domain.


I like it.

Firstly, I plan to wage war on an entire legion of pirates led by Captain Silver Tongue and his captains, along with their numerous fleets, and seize their territory. Secondly, I intend to wage war on pirates all over the world. My lips thinned as I contemplated this daunting task. Nevertheless, I must be prepared for any unexpected challenges that may arise on this route I have chosen.

And lastly…..

I turned and made my way towards my room to rest and prepare for tomorrow's meeting. While I hope that the diplomacy between Queen Mavena alongside the other fallen royals succeeds. However, if a call for reason doesn't work --

Well, let's just hope that it does!


"Are you seeing it clearly, my queen?" Gideon asked as he held up a blade of grass that he had plucked from the ground.

Queen Mavena nodded, stretching her gaze across the bridge to take in the numerous blades of grass that were pushing their heads out of the thick snow. 'He did it,' Queen Mavena thought to herself, her eyes closing in happiness and joy before she opened them once more to look at the other fallen royals in the vicinity.

"It seems that I wasn't wrong to put my trust in this pirate," Queen Mavena uttered with a small smile.

"Indeed, a rational move it was to make him our ally," declared Grand Duke Liam. Despite his efforts to remain vigilant of the Queen following the defeat of their common adversary, he remained attuned to the importance of showing gratitude where it was due. "Furthermore, with his invaluable assistance in the battle against Ag'na, we were able to not only minimize the harm inflicted upon our lands but also unleash our full might."

"Indeed, Grand Duke Liam's assessment is accurate," agreed Prince Beck. "Although it was my first time experiencing the well-known 'Terrain creation', I was pleasantly surprised to see that the impact on our surroundings was minimal. Additionally, it appears that our ally has already fulfilled his promise to rid us of the curse inflicted upon us by the sleepy behemoth, so we don't need to worry any longer. With time, our lands will once again flourish." Despite the current presence of mutated beasts roaming their lands, Prince Beck held onto hope that some of them may revert to their original state or adapt to their new environment, now that the beast responsible for the devastation was no longer a threat.

'I seriously can't wait even though it has been years since I last consumed meat,' He thought to himself, exhaling a deep sigh. Suddenly, he turned his attention towards the towering knight standing beside him. "What are your thoughts on this matter, Knight Boris?" he inquired. "Considering that the last remaining members of the Eser Kingdom were slain by the sleepy behemoth, do you still hold any animosity towards him, especially now that the behemoth is no longer a threat and our lands are being restored to their natural state?"

His question was intended to ascertain the inner workings of the Knight's mind, in order to determine the most effective approach for conversing with the pirate, without enraging the Knight into a fit of insanity and fury.

However, to his dismay, he received nothing but a fierce, unyielding stare from the Knight. "I wouldn't like it if you keep your questions to yourself," Knight Boris retorted, his words suffused with an overt threat. "Otherwise, I won't hesitate to direct my anger towards you."

Nonetheless, the supposed chilling moment was abruptly shattered by a burst of boisterous, raucous laughter that filled the air. Prince Beck swivelled his head towards the source of the commotion and saw his half-brother, Prince Marla, the current leader of the fallen Brlen kingdom and a fifth-tier ranger ranked ascendant. Without any hint of fear or trepidation in his eyes, Prince Merla sauntered towards Knight Boris, a broad grin etched across his face, and enveloped the vengeful armoured knight's shoulders in a firm embrace.

"Remove your hand..." Knight Boris uttered, his tone frigid and devoid of emotion. His right hand delicately clasped the hilt of his sword, which was sheathed at his waist. "Otherwise, you might find yourself without one any longer."

Prince Marla laughed once more in response to the Knight's threat. Without any sign of apprehension, he leaned in towards Knight Boris's ear and whispered. However, what he assumed was a soft murmur reverberated loudly throughout the atmosphere, making his words audible to everyone present. "Come on, have you forgotten that I can see the future? If you had any intention of harming or killing me, wouldn't I have already foreseen such a life-threatening event?" Prince Beck could see the madness in his half-brother's eyes - the same eyes that had once stripped him of his throne, thanks to Marla's ability to peer into the future and manipulate it to his own advantage.

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