With a mere flick of my wrist, I conjured water from the very air itself. As the water flowed forth, I ignited the flames around me, and they stirred themselves awake, roaring to life in a magnificent display of power. The heat they emitted caused the air to cloud with hot mist, which rose into the atmosphere, obscuring everything in its path. And as the guards approached, I unleashed a torrent of water upon them, the over pouring streams of cascading water hissed and crackled as they surged in the direction of the oncoming guards.




The night was punctuated by several screams of agony, each one like a knife piercing through the darkness

Yet, the assassins, patient and cunning, waited in the shadows, biding their time for the perfect moment to strike.

But I was not content to wait for them to make the first move. With a surge of magical energy, I scanned the entire building, searching for a particular magical signature.

My body stopped moving. I found her!

She is alive.

I coursed my magical energy through my body and go---




Blades flashed past me with lethal precision, each one aimed at a vital organ, but my heightened perception allowed me to anticipate and dodge them with lightning-fast reflexes. With my body ablaze with magical energy, I charged at the assassins who had emerged from the shadows, ready to face them head-on.

However, it wasn't an easy battle because I was currently fighting a group of cockroaches who were capable of jumping like rabbits from one location to another, in the blink of an eye.

And so…..

I detonated the flames that had been building up around my body, unleashing a searing inferno that consumed everything in its path. The surrounding area was transformed into a swirling vortex of heat and flame, the once-fine wooden structure reduced to nothing but a blackened, scorched surface.

As I opened my eyes, I exhaled a deep breath, allowing my body to relax and my breathing to steady. And then, with renewed focus, I launched forward, a gale of wind swirling around me and enhancing my speed to an unimaginable degree. Nothing could stand in my way as I hurtled through the air, repelling anything and anyone who dared to approach without my permission.

Humph! If this is what I could do by myself, then I wonder what would happen once I get my hands on a proper magic technique.

Hah! I would probably become genie Jafar when that happens.

As I ventured forward, my heartbeat played a wild symphony of unsteady thrums, creating a pulsing rhythm that echoed throughout my entire being. Despite my nerves, I continued tracking down the familiar magical signature, feeling an inexplicable draw towards the unknown depths of the building's cellar. As I descended further into the building, a sense of scepticism crept into my mind, urging me to question whether this magical signature truly belonged to Nina or not.

But then, without warning, the air was rent by a harsh, commanding voice. "INTRUDE----"

In a matter of mere seconds, my eyes zeroed in on the looming figure of another guard. Instantly, I conjured up a miniature tsunami, sending it crashing towards the guard with a force that threatened to overwhelm him completely. The flames that surrounded me flickered and danced as they met the water, creating a hissing symphony that would have been enough to create a scene that would alert the presence of Mystery Inc. cooperation




Nonetheless, the number of bodies that drowned and were boiled to their death was none of my concern as I finally arrived at the door.

I emerged from the steamy fog, my flames extinguished and the elements once again under nature's control, I delivered a forceful blow with my left foot that shattered the door into countless fragments, scattering them haphazardly across the room.

With firm and precise steps, I strode into the chamber, the steam trailing behind me like a loyal servant, dominating the enclosed space.

My eyes were immediately drawn to a bizarre sight - an assassin was holding the body of an old and fierce man, pressing him towards a gaping hole beneath the man's head.

Needless to say, I knew who was who and who should shoulder the weight of my anger.

And so, I spoke.

"I must say, I'm rather surprised…."


The assassin asked. "Who are you?".

Although he knew the man was his enemy, he was still unsure of what to make of him. Whether the man belonged to Queen Mavena or the fallen kingdom royals, the fact that he had broken into their compound meant that he was strong.

The magical energy in the air grew denser - he was very, very strong!

But Prince Wyatt turned a deaf ear to the assassin's question and posed his own "Release your hands off of my woman". Nina was still his number one priority, and although he could have rushed towards her to save her, the fact that the assassin had his hands wrapped around her neck made him restrain himself to avoid any unfortunate happenstance.

"'Huh!" The assassin feigned a perplexed expression, his eyebrows furrowing in a show of confusion. "I'm afraid I don't quite grasp your meaning. However, allow me to clarify that this man is my king, and we find ourselves in an unfortunate situation due to his stiff neck, which I am currently aiding by providing a massage".

A thick shadow was cast over Prince Wyatt's face. This might be the person with the thickest skin that he had ever met - so fucking thick...

He said. "Release the trickster".

Yet, thickest skin or not, Prince Wyatt was not here for games.

The assassin's eyes widened. He had presumed that the person in front of him was working for Queen Mavena or the fallen royals, but it seemed that he was wrong. Instead, the man was here for the woman within the assassin's grasp - the trickster they had captured during the war against the fallen Azulioth Kingdom - an asset they couldn't relinquish at the moment.

But the man appeared to care about Nina's life, prompting him to respond. "I believe you've wasted your time coming down here to save her, as I am unable to release her at the moment" The assassin said with a smile, a feigned helplessness reflecting in his expression.

Prince Wyatt took a step forwar--

The assassin quickly interjected, tightening his grip with each passing word. "Unless you desire for none of us to have her, I suggest you refrain from interfering in my affairs. Alternatively, you may return tomorrow, and we can have a more civilized discussion as ascendants".

Unexpectedly, Nina spoke up with difficulty "H-he's lying...".

The assassin gritted his teeth and raised his hand to slam Nina's head onto the wooden floor once again.

"Hey!" Prince Wyatt interrupted his actions, his eyes becoming chilly as he stared at the assassin. He kept his hands in his coat pocket, clenching them into a fist as veins erupted from his skin.

"You should have released her when I asked nicely" He said sternly.


With a sudden surge of power, Prince Wyatt channelled the magical energy that flowed within him and expelled it from every pore of his body, a crackling force that surged towards the assassin. As the energy coursed through the air, he snapped his fingers, unleashing a powerful technique that left the room blinded by an overwhelming light.

The assassin, caught off guard by the prince's sudden display of strength, stumbled backwards, his grip on Nina loosening just enough for her to break free.

And then, he heard a voice, crisp and clear, ringing into his ears.

"Terrain creation".


I observed the assassin's anxious demeanour as he frantically searched his surroundings, trying to understand what had happened and where he was, before realizing that Nina was no longer within his grasp.

As I gazed down at Nina, who had succumbed to unconsciousness, I noticed that her once-beautiful form was now marred with bruises that covered her back and hands.

Startled by my presence a few meters away, my victim's voice echoed through the eerie silence "Where am I? What did you do?" His eyes widened as he watched me, and then with a sudden jolt, he leapt to his feet, landing on the solid-liquid ground that rippled beneath him like a disturbed sea.

As he regained his composure, he recognized which ascendant path I belonged to, and before I could even respond to his initial questions, a look of realization crossed his face. Through gritted teeth, he spoke 'Terrain creation...I didn't know that I was in the midst of such an ascendant". But it was too late for flatteries, apologies or regret. He had made a grave mistake, and he was now trapped in my world. I alone held the power to release him from it.

"Still, you should know that ou----"


I quieted him down, despite the urge I had to almost kill him from where he stood. Almost.

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