As I turned my head to the side, I caught sight of Bones, following my every move with his beady eyes. Curiosity got the better of me and I couldn't help but ask 'Can you make it?'.

With a flurry of adorable squeaks, Bones replied. 'I will try!'.

I couldn't resist patting his furry little head and encouraging him. 'Do your best, let's bring some culture to this world'.

Without missing a beat, Bones nodded his head vigorously and started to explore the intricate drawing in front of us. He traced every line with precision, until he finally arrived at the end of it.

As Bones paused, his little eyelids closed in deep concentration. I could sense something magical was about to happen. Suddenly, a wave of pale mist appeared out of thin air, enveloping Bones in a shimmering aura. I watched as the mist took shape, forming a tiny swarm of snowflakes that sparkled like diamonds under the moonlight.

As the mist grew larger and larger, I watched in wonder as it transformed into a torrent of snowflakes, swirling and dancing in the air like a winter storm.

Without warning, the snowflakes stopped some meters away from us, as though responding to an unseen force. I held my breath as I watched them take shape, forming a rough sketch of the image I had drawn on the ground earlier.

As the construction was completed, the mist began to dissipate, revealing an ice-shaped sleigh that looked like it was crafted by Jack-fucking-Frost himself.

It was glorious!

"Ahem! Can I ask what that is, Captain?" Beric's voice broke through my thoughts, his face contorted with curiosity.

I turned to him with a small smile and replied. "This...this is our ride to the Vrymath Kingdoms" gesturing to the crystallized ice sleigh before us.

Beric's face scrunched up in confusion at my words, but I didn't bother to explain further.

Instead, I turned my attention back to Bones and sent him a thought. 'Bones, are you still able to summon and control those mutated beasts that you told me about?'.

Despite Bones' earlier summary of his battle with Ag'na and the few rants that Ag'na himself had let out, I needed to know if Bones' control over those creatures was a one-time fluke or a skill he could summon at will.

Bones responded. 'Yes master'. His voice sounded confident and resolute.

As I acknowledged Bones' response with a nod, I added. 'Alright, summon four of the fastest and strongest land beasts that are nearby'.

Surprisingly, Ag'na chimed in, offering important advice to Bones. [ This time around, spread your senses and concentrate on the specific types of beasts that are nearby. You wouldn't want to disgrace yourself in front of your master, right?] He warned.

'Okay' Bones replied with a hint of determination in his voice.


Suddenly, Bones emitted a guttural growl that echoed through the air. Without waiting for any response or command, he raised his head skyward, as though beckoning to some unseen force.

I shot a sidelong glance at Beric, who was startled by the sudden, bestial noise that erupted from Bones' jaws, causing him to fall unceremoniously on his backside.

Despite my initial doubts, I waited for over four minutes, wondering whether Bones' summons had been successful. Finally, a series of resounding growls echoed in the distance, signalling that the beasts were approaching.

The snow near us began to vibrate as the beasts drew closer, and it became clear that they were indeed nearby. I didn't even need to squint my eyes to see what manner of beast Bones had summoned. In a matter of seconds, they were standing right in front of us, their paws hovering just near our frozen path, as if they were frozen in place, staring at us with intense curiosity.

Beric and Annabelle recoiled a few paces, their eyes transfixed on the four mutated beasts that Bones had summoned.

"Ha!'" I let out a wry chuckle.

I craned my neck and said "Alright....." I said, taking a step forward towards the sleigh to direct Bones to which side he should make some adjustments. "Let's get to work".


"Growl!" "Growl" "Growwl!" "Grow!"

The beasts let out a cacophony of growls, their primal voices echoing across the frozen landscape as they raced forward.

No matter what anyone else thought, to me, this was a really good idea as it brought back a lot of memories to me. Memories that I could never relive, until now ---

Suddenly, Beric's terrified scream broke through my reverie, his arms wrapped tightly around my overall coat as the sleigh hurtled through the snow at breakneck speed.

"CAPTAIN!" He yelled, his voice trembling with fear.

I responded loudly, trying to make myself heard over the wind rushing past our ears. "YES?".

"I DON'T THINK THIS... THIS SLEIGH IS SAFE!" Beric shouted, his voice rising in panic.


Despite my godlike increase in power, I remained acutely aware of the danger we faced. If I had managed to attain this level of strength, it meant that there were others who had done the same, or even surpassed me.

As such, in a kingdom teeming with fallen royals, all of whom were likely searching for the suspect who destroyed a part of their kingdom, keeping a low profile was my best and only choice.

But if there was no other way and we were forced to take the stage and fight head-on, so be it. Besides, I had no qualms with that because I wouldn't be fighting alone.

I peered down at Bones, who was nestled in my lap, while holding onto the four sturdy reins made from threads of crystallized ice that shimmered beautifully under the moonlight.

Yeah! As a beast tamer, my beasts are also a source of strength.

"BUT..... BUT.... IF YOU WERE TRYING TO AVOID SUSPICION WHY CHOOSE SUCH BEASTS?" Beric exclaimed, his gaze fixed on the two 8-meter-tall mutated blood wolves and two other 7-meter mutated blind leopards.

Annabelle was the first to identify what breeds of magical beasts they were!

"YEAH! THEY ARE QUITE HUGE, BUT I DIDN'T CHOOSE THEM…" I pointed to Bones who was resting on my lap. "…HE DID!".

Beric gulped as Bones' eyes snapped open, gazing at us with intensity.


Beric's eyes turned to the large, empty ice-sculpted cart that was attached to the sleigh before he shook his head and held me tighter, probably resigning to his fate.

As the wind blew against my face while I steered the beast in the direction I wanted, I turned my head to look at Annabelle. She was sitting with one knee on top of the other, lost in thought, her expression unreadable.

Well, I guess that I am the only one enjoying this.

Hmmm! I wonder if this is what it would feel like to be the child of Jack Frost and Santa Claus.

Suddenly, a shiver ran down my spine as I quickly dismissed the thought. Surely, some bl relationshipper had already entertained that idea..... So no need to delve into that corner of the room.


The sound of growls interrupted my thoughts, and I turned my head to see the destroyed frozen walls becoming clearer and clearer with each passing second.

We have arrived!

I shouted. "WE HAVE ARRIVED!" My words broke Annabelle out of her daze, and she joined Beric in sighing with relief at the sight of the Vrymath Kingdom

Suddenly, as I whipped the crystalized reins forward, an overwhelming urge came over me to do the shout. I couldn't resist…"HO! HO! HO! WE HAVE ARRIVED!". Apart from getting a few awkward stares from Beric and Annabelle, it was worth it.

As we passed through the broken walls and entered the city, the destruction caused by Ag'na's surprise assault was immediately evident.

With a powerful tug, I pulled back on the reins, bringing the beasts to a screeching halt.

As quickly as we stopped, I grabbed hold of Beric's collar and leapt out of the sleigh with him in my grasp. "Let's go, we don't have any time to waste!" I said to him, while also directing my words towards Annabelle.

I turned around and walked towards the direction of the brothel with Bones perched on my shoulders and Beric by my side while Annabelle followed us from behind.

In no time, we arrived at the now frozen brothel.

"BAM!" My right foot slammed into the door, causing it to fly open and shatter into a million icy particles. Without a sound, we moved forward and beheld the frozen faces before us; some revelling in their debaucheries, blissfully unaware of the impending doom that awaited them, while others wore expressions of despair that revealed their sense of impending danger, but alas, it was too late for them to avert it."

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